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  1. Please fill out the form below, So that we may add your name to the deceased....I mean the list.


    Appearance: (Realistic but if your going to do animated then please notify me before hand.)






    Extra:(Such as the items you've brought along, or the person you decided to bring with you if you did. How are you related 'Friends, Family, Dating' To them?)

    Side note_: Please Use TekTek to create the full body of your character. So that I as well as others can fully see your character.(Or if you cant find a picture)

    link to tektek: http://tektek.org/dream_avatar

    IC link- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/abandon-all-hope.90306/

    images88LR33GF.jpg 2kQvnw.png

    Name: Alex Williams

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Personality: Funny, Flirty, Brave, rational, British humor

    Background: While working his part time job he overheard conversation on the 1million dollar pay. To confirm his suspicions he looks it up at the College he attends for Anthropology; and signs up for it. Before this he lived with his now deceased mother and crippled father in the Uk then he moved to America, His ambition is to find the detective and escape to claim the money for himself so he can pay for a proper funeral and help his father with surgery bills.

    Extra: Beretta 93R machine pistol (FULLY LOADED WITH BACKUP AMMO). Trail mix, Dorito's chips, Bottles of water and his iPhone 6. His step sister Veronica tagged along.

    imagesSM0P2I8M.jpg l1QZmm.png

    Name: Veronica Mills

    Sex: Female

    Age: 20

    Personality: Goofy, Brave, Tomboy, Stunningly Beautiful, Helpful, Generous

    Background: Her and Alex worked at the same orphanage until she moved back to France, With her mother. She had a average job but it wasn't paying her enough, coincidentally over a phone call with her stepbrother Alex he told her about the Paying job he was going to and she wanted to tag along. He'd begged her not to because it might just really be dangerous but she was to stubborn to say never mind. so she packed her bags and flew back to Alex, There she signed up and off they went.

    Extra: Pocket knife and Taser (Fully charged with charger) Food, Water, Snacks, Cell Phone.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Brandon Jones but goes by Blue

    Sex: Male

    Age: 34

    Impetuous- He does not always think things through and it's gotten him into trouble more often than not. He still always trusts his instincts.

    Charming- He's a generally nice, well behaved man and really knows how to lay the charm on thick. It doesn't always work of course.

    Hot-headed- He's easily provoked and doesn't hesitate to resort to violence.

    Confident- He is extremely sure of himself and think he's Gods gift to the world. Bordering on narcissistic

    Caring- He is very sympathetic and does what he can to help others.

    Unrelenting- He doesn't give up easily.

    Background: He's fallen on hard times having recently been fired from his position at a law firm. Starting over is incredibly hard to do for someone his age and at times he feels he can't handle the financial weight he's found himself under. Which lead him to seriously considering putting his own life in danger for a million dollar prize. He eventually decided he would do it

    Extra: Brought all the recommended items with a pistol and firemans axe as his weapons of choice. He also has nonperishable canned food and some snacks and water. Figuring he might not always have a place to sleep, he's also carrying a sleeping bag and various small camping tools such as a pocket knife, fire starter etc.​
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  3. Awesome accepted
  4. Cool, let me know when we start!
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  5. Appearance: [​IMG]hair down [​IMG]full body
    Name: Clarabelle Sorrows

    Sex: Female

    Age: 19

    Personality: She's very sweet and has a bubbly personality. Always trying to make people look on the brighter side but can be somewhat morbid around the corpses due to her past. She doesn't like leading and making difficult choices but can also be very helpful. Occasionally, she is very clumsy and sometimes, makes mistakes that have very bad repercussions.

    Background: Clarabelle's mother was an undertaker and her father was a medical examiner, who would perform autopsies during criminal investigations. This meant that a lot of the time her parents were very busy all the time, so Clarabelle would usually stay by herself. She was happy but at the age of 5 but then her mother died in a car crash, which lead to her becoming much closer with her father, sometimes actually ending up watching him perform some autopsies while she waited for him to come home. School bored her and she eventually dropped out, trying to find something better to do with her life which lead to her finding out about the 1 million dollar reward.

    Extra: , flashlight with 3 sets of spare batteries, canned/tinned food (mostly fruit), bottles of water (10x500ml), notepad, pencil, pencil sharpener, camcorder (fully charged with charger), first aid kid, A pair of hatchets, .38 Smith and Wesson revolver (fully loaded and extra ammo)
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  6. Cool only problem is I cant see the photos
  7. Can you see them now?
  8. No what might you be using PC or Cellular Device?. Also if its the Dream avi that's not working don't worry about it, its completely optional to use tektek.
  9. I'm using my computer. But I don't know why they aren't working.
  10. Try just left clicking on the images saving them and then instead of using the little box with the hill and sun on it use the button below or to the side that says upload file.
  11. Ok nevermind funny thing its working now -.- anyway accepted
  12. Okay! Glad that everything is now finally working, thanks.
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Clive Ledin






    Clive is rather observant of the things around him, taking in the details that some people seem to miss. He's blunt when speaking, often
    hurting other's feelings with the rude and non-intentional remarks he makes. He often does not take people's feelings into
    consideration, and likes/prefers to work alone, although he brought along his brother. Clive is manipulative when wanting to be,
    and a bit impulsive when it comes down to leading or taking charge. Adding on to that statement, Clive is independent and tends
    to lean towards to the leading role in a group, making the big decisions and gathering important information. Rather controlling
    as well due to the fact he likes to be in charge, and a perfectionist at that. People see him as snobbish and rude.


    Clive and his brother's mother and father were very kind people,
    his mom a nurse while his dad a detective. Clive looked up to his dad, as well
    as his older brother, and has always dreamed of becoming a detective like his father. After the death of both parents in a freak accident,
    Clive became determined to fulfill his father's dying wish to bring good to the world, and to solve the trickiest of cases. With his brother
    on his side, they moved to New York City and opened their own business, a business in which they would take up offers or jobs
    given to them that included anything from mysteries, myths, or murders.


    Clive and his brother are very close in relation and personality wise, but at times they get into heated arguments. Since both of them
    are stubborn and impulsive, they butt heads a lot and easily annoy each other. But, besides that, they get along fairly well.
    Clive brought with him his favorite Magnum Pistol his father gave to him, and a bag containing his dad's journal in which has notes
    and tips Clive has been using ever since he became a detective. The bag also contains several bottles of water, and several cans of beans and
    corn. His brother brought along the rest of the supplies.

    (( I will make the brother's character sheet soon! ))
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  14. Accepted! I'll be waiting for the brother so i'll save him a spot, Heads up to everyone we need 2 more players before we begin C:

    I'll make an advertisement for this RP until then have fun.
  15. Is there plot info somewhere in the interest check? I didn't see anything.
    Or I may just be blind.
  16. Can I reserve a spot? This sounds excellent.
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  17. Of course I'll reserve a position for you.
  18. Picking up yay
  19. if you would like somemore insight on the story (if you've already made your character or just want to know what your getting into) then visit the link below to read up on a little more about this RP.

    this is the advertisement page I said I was making. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/abandon-all-hope.92574/

    Also! this page is the creation page (this page right here lol) will stand as the OOC and question board so feel free to question me about anything or hold conversations.
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