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  1. It's a sad, sad day for music :( Today marks the 15th anniversary of Aaliyah's death. A talented life taken too soon. Even though I was only 6 when she died, I distinctly remember loving her fashion sense and her vocals especially.

    My favorite Aaliyah song is this:

    I also loved her in Romeo Must Die as well :)

    Anyone else here an Aaliyah fan? What's your favorite song by her and what do you remember liking the most about her?
  2. Holy shit! I can't believe that it's been that long. That's crazy. I remember when she first came out and me and probably every teenage girl were using 'Age ain't nothing but a number' to pick up on older guys. We were little shits back then, I won't even lie.

    The cliche after-breakup song. I never had to deal with that, but I ended up liking the song because my friends all played it when their boyfriends were acting stupid.

    I really do not miss being a teenager now that I'm thinking about it. Yay adulthood!
  3. Teen Diana was a huuuuuge Aaliyah fan

    This one was always my favorite cause "WTF WHY THERE A BABY COO IN THERE SO WEIRD WHY DO I LIKE THIS"

  4. .....


    This song does really epitomize everything that was awesome about her. So cool, sexy, mysterious and unique like no artist before or since.

    @Kooriryu WHERE YOU AT?
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