A Zombie Apocalypse -MxM-

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  1. IDEA:
    I was thinking that this could go a bit like the video game 'The Last of Us.' I was thinking that MC could be the son of the mayor/governor or established leader in a big established zone where a couple thousand survivors live. They live under the rule of MC's father. He is a scientist, and has been working for a cure for ages.... Little did he know the cure was right there with him the whole time.

    MC happened to be immune to the virus. He found this out when sneaking out of his fathers established perimeter and had gotten bit in his little expedition outside the guarded walls. He was gone for a whole week, not wanting to turn on anyone inside but nothing happened to him... All that remained was the bite mark as proof... But he didn't turn into a flesh eating monster shockingly enough.

    My character finally returned back to his father and told him of what happened. Amazed, he immediately delved into tests and research... He knew he could find a cure.... But there was a price... His own sons life. The procedure for removing what had caused his immunity to make the cure would most likely kill my character. Even so, he was willing to do so... But he never asked my character of he was willing or not.... And my character realized what his father was going to do and did the only thing he could do to save himself... He escaped.

    This is where he met your character. On the opposite side. Your character was part of a rebellion spreading. MC's father was working for a cure, however once he found it, he was planning on only giving it to the strongest people, the people who would surely survive, who was strong, resourceful, and loyal only to him. He didn't care if the rest fell victim to disease... But the rebellion did.

    Your character was apart of this growing group of rebels fighting against the established government. Your character, and a small party of other rebels found MC. Who had made his own camp unknowingly on your characters territory.

    Now here we have, the mayors son and the rebellion leaders son(your character) meeting face to face for the first time. What could possibly go wrong in a world already going to hell?



    •What I am looking for is a partner who is willing to play the 'top' or 'dominant' when it comes to sex. I, for the most part will play the bottom.

    •I only rp on the libertine threads please! ^.^

    •1-3 paragraphs or more. Also, I only rp in third person and expect my partner to do the same.

    •Please tell me any of your triggers or kinks you don't do. I like to know my partners boundaries and I will happily tell you mine!

    •If you ever want to talk to me outside the rp, please go ahead! I don't bite, much. ;)

    •Send me a pm or comment below if interested! ^.^
  2. Still looking! ^.^
  3. Still looking! :)
  4. I think this sounds intriguing. I'd be happy to rp this with if u are still looking for a partner. I would be interested to know your limits though to be honest I am still experimenting and discovering my own so I am open to anything and I'm some things might need to be explained to me (I've seen a few terms on the site I'm unfamiliar with). I think we could have fun with this if you don't mind helping a newbie "get his sea legs" so to speak.
  5. I'd love to rp with you and don't mind helping you out in the process either! ^.^ send me a pm and we can get started with everything! ^.^
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