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A. Y. E. S.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by kiscokids123, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. "Welcome to A. Y. E. S., or Academy for Young Educated Supers! We are excited to have you join our wonderful school, no matter your history or-"

    "That's enough of that. I'm Brow, a 12th year at A. Y. E. S. and pretty much the best person you'll ever meet. Majored in Torture, Explosions and Detonation. You can probably tell already, but if you're stupid I'm in the Villain Program. Shoot, the Dean's coming...No peace and much war!"

    "I apologize for Mr. Krueger's interruption. He will be punished accordingly, but for now, welcome new students! The A. Y. E. S. is a school of learning and wisdom. Whether you are enrolled in our Hero or Villain Programs, it is sure you will get the best possible education. Probably. Now, get to bed, it's past curfew!"


    Name: (Include first and last please)
    Nickname(s): (If not, leave blank)
    (Male or Female)
    Appearance: (If including a picture, no anime please)
    • Hair: (Colour, Length, Type....)
    • Eyes: (No unrealistic colour's please.... like pink)
    • Height: (Again, please don't be unrealistic)
    • Extra Attributes: (I'm talking smile, legs, torso... that kind of thing)
    Personality: (Are you sweet? Are you smart? Are you angry?)
    Likes: (Include a minimum of three)
    Dislikes: (Include a minimum of three)
    (Hero or Villain):
    (Anything else you'd like to add)

    [BCOLOR=#fafafa] [/BCOLOR]
  2. Name: Lucille Bloom
    Nickname(s): Lucy
    Age: 14.5
    Images (open)

    • Hair: Short, Wavy Golden-Blonde Hair
    • Eyes: gray-blue
    • Height: 5'2
    • Extra Attributes: smile, laugh and neck
    Personality: Lucy is very clumsy, but tries her hardest to be graceful. She is a sweet, innocent person, who really, really wants to be a villain. Her best quality would have to be how every insult slides off of her back, like a duck. Also, TBD.
    Likes: Bunnies, Dynamite and the color Black
    Dislikes: Tests, the Dark and Cats
    Bio: TBD
    Traps, Agility
    Not really...
  3. Name: Aryat Tarkhmeriyan
    Nickname(s): The Seer, All-Seeing Light, Desert Fox
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Scrawny and hunched, his eyes are wide and black, his hair long and darkPersonality: Reclusive and shy, doesn't understand boundaries regarding society


    Likes: Reading, quiet and sand dunes
    Dislikes: Too many people, snakes and the sea
    Bio: TBA
    Talents: Can see into the darkness of other souls and reveal their sins. Is also good with his weapon of choice, a katana
    (Hero or Villain): Hero
    (Anything else you'd like to add)
  4. Name: Alex MacArthur
    Nickname(s): Smooth Dude
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: sexy, confident, popular, bold and strong, clever
    Likes: girls, sex and himself. Preferably all together
    Dislikes: Spiders, not looking tough, people who think you can't be clever and good looking
    Bio: TBA
    Talents: very persuasive
    (Hero or Villain): Hero
    (Anything else you'd like to add)
  5. (what is this for?)