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Is this a good idea? Would you like to have Crazy anime/game/ dreams with others?

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  1. So, as I was sitting around, bored, waiting for this break to pass, I took the time to watch the Daicon IV opening, out of boredom... and it got me thinking... wouldn't it be amazing to have a group of people to exist within a world created by the collective dreams of the group? (uhmm, even if it was ALL anime-y...) It could be totally crazy... And I like that kind of thing, do you? Well, I've come up with a rather coherent idea out of that chaos.

    A group of friends (Or strangers, it doesn't matter, as long as they commonly meet each other every day. (probably in a school)) Have a strange disorder. They don't know they have it, and, it's never been discovered because it's quite rare, and, doesn't have much of a harmful effect...

    The disorder is one that extends sleep's REM span to encompass all of one's sleep-time. A side effect is that it's uncharacteristically easy to fall asleep, and, when it happens, the person only wakes when they force themselves to. Usually it doesn't affect one's sleep patterns, or daily life because people usually don't realize they can do this, or even act upon it.

    Well, until now, that is. The group start to remember their weird dreams, and, if they are strangers, feel drawn to the others in their dreams, or, if they are friends, discuss the dreams. In the end, they realize that they all have the same dream, and, have a strange amount of control over their actions in it.

    In such dreams, you have powers, or even look like somebody else. You can't really change other aspects of the dream besides yourself, though, and the world does have limits because of the collective limits of the dreamers.

    Don't worry about the antagonists and such, I have something ready for that too. This is just a taste.
  2. That's so cool, I'm particularly drawn to dream-related plots. (Their a great source of ideas)
    I'd like to ask though, what particular dream are they having? Or does it change each night?
    Or they complete something in that world and shizz then move to a next dream stuff?
  3. It's kind of a re-ocurring dream in the sense that the place is usually always the same (they may make progress and end up back there when they sleep again, but the world is always the same.) However, that's not to say that the world will always stay stable. If everybody collectively changes the world with their mind, it can bend a little. And things owned by you in a dream might change as well. New worlds might be entered by completing the tasks in the current one, and they could be dictated by only one person's thoughts, but there will be a sort of hub world that is the collective thoughts of everyone.
  4. This seems fun, I'm in.
  5. So basically, in a sense, it's completely independent on the thoughts of the dreamers.
    If I were to say, the current dreamer host, were have to have a panic attack/ nightmare or the like, goes without saying the world would be affected.
    But everyone else, can bend it slightly, like wanting water and finding a lake or so. Depending on the person. But only to a minor extent(?)
    The task, obviously would be find out by them, does this mean before they officially met in their dreams, they all have individual tasks?
    And how exactly, in a middle of a certain world, can they go to this hub world? I'd like to know the exact restrictions of how much each can do.
    This is sort of difficult because their powers have a high chance of being to godmod (then again, it's their thoughts/dreams)

    Sorry for all the questions ^^
  6. I understand why you are asking, and am happy to help! You're right for the most part. The hub world's connection to another dreamer's world is kind of hazy, and up to the interpretation of the dreamer. It may be a floating door somewhere, or an elevator or whatever fits... in the hub, the path to the other worlds will be hard to discover, and clues to them will be unlocked through task completion. Since there is an outside character beyond the grasp of the dreamers (who may or may not show themselves) the world is kept in check mostly by that person. They are a focal point for the dreamer's wishes. In a single dreamer's world, they can do whatever they wish, but they cannot impose limits upon the others that they themselves wouldn't have. If the main dreamer can fly, so too can the others. That is how the worlds are kept fair.
  7. Woooooooo, this is going to be a stressful, stressful job for you.
    Keeping contact with all the roleplayers, knowing exactly what they plan to do with the character (thoughts) and choosing who's dream next.
    There's gonna be a restrictor. So anything the host dreamer has, can let the other have too, depending if they figure it out.
    Another thing I notice in dreams (I'm quite aware when I'm in the middle of dreaming) is that even if you happened to be the most powerful around (By name or so)
    Sometimes it does not exactly work. You wish to conjure something, nothing happens. You want to defeat someone, you can't.
    Often times, I end up feeling very frustrated and powerless despite it being my own thoughts.
    So I guess, some of them may have better control in manipulating their thoughts while the others are still in the process.
    Dreams, in all actuality, are quite tricky, tbh.
  8. Yes, it might be very stressful if my players are unresponsive or uncooperative... I have faith that this will be fun though.

    True.... I might add a dice function for that.
  9. It will be :)
    There's a reason why a lot of people like sleep. xD
    Anyway, because dream is so broad, you can almost do anything-changing sub-plots.
    They can go historical, drama, become vampires and all that.
    This is gonna be fun to work with (hoping it stays alive. )
  10. Likewise! I think it will be loads of fun! I never rp anything I'm not passionate about!
  11. PM me when you make it ^^
  12. sure thing! If it doesn't work as a group, I can swing it 1x1, possibly, if you wish.
  13. Still searching!
  14. Buaaa! Still looking!
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