A World of Horror and Blood.

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  1. I have an idea that is very basic: the characters who are not bystanders will have powers that are related to blood. I'm not going to be that picky but my character will manipulate his blood into weapons (think Crona from Soul Eater) into claws or blades that stay attached to his body.

    First matter of business; I prefer that you use a First Person perspective because it's what I do (not saying you have to) and I'll be checking this at least every night if not more often.

    I'm looking for someone who wants to make a story that is dark and has the promise to become something great.

    I only have two things I don't want: going into detail on rape (it can happen, I don't want to see it happen) and always passive playing (I want the story to be just as much effected by your decisions as my own.)

    Things I'm strongly for: sexytimes, long fight scenes, slightly insane characters, eccentric villains/anti-heroes, dark imagery (like if you describe what you see) and a not always serious story style.

    Unless you have an idea where to start the story, I will just start the story in the middle of some kind of event to start it off with action.

    My Character:
    His name is Crimson Shadows and he is a bat humanoid; tail, wings, hands (not feet though) and ears. His fur is Red and Black striped except for his tail which stays red, also his torso and leg fur is white (this includes the slight fur on his face and neck.) He wears slightly formfitting pants, two belts and t-shirts (shirts tend to have a stitched section on them) he also has a nose piercing (only wears small silver or gold loops.) He also has no major personality yet so he'll start off a bit flat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.