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    "Are you there new Witchers companion? Or will ye play the Witcher?"


    My name is Korra and I'm looking to see if their is interest in doing a Witcher RP. I've played the first two games to completion and am most the way through Witcher 3 and have a higher interest in doing a RP on it.

    I have a few plots in my head but I will not list them hear due to people sometimes borrowing them without permission. Some involve both having oc's some contain one of us playing as Geralt.

    Now there is a few rules like things.

    - No one liners
    - Decent spelling and grammar
    - Please be over 17 (it's due to the content of the witcher)
    - Know the witcher games (you do not have to have played them all)

    I'll add a tiny idea for one of my plots.

    The Witcher is on his search for Ciri and he takes on a Witchers contract to stop a female vampire in Novigrad. The thing is the contract is made by a noble woman for a hatred for Witches so what does Geralt do when he finds it to be a witch?. The idea is that will possibly travel together. ECT. (there is more obviously XP)

    If your interested post below or pm me ^_^ I am very hyped to do this RP.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.