A Witch and a King

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  1. In the land of Arvon, a place of myths, legends, and creatures of the sort from only fairy tales and imaginations, there lies a tale. A tale of the great witch, of whom people fear even in this current age. You see, this witch was named Fiora, and grew as one of the most beautiful humans in this world, rivaling elven women even with this. However, she was accursed and learned of her powers when trouble befell her. As such, the king had heard of such a beautiful woman, and demanded her hand. She, nevertheless, wanted nothing to do with him, and was forcefully taken from her parents to be his own. On their wedding night, many say she struck the king with magic, turning him to stone. From there, the legend simply states that she ran away, hiding herself from her wrongdoings in the forests, where she awaits to practice her evil magic on those unfortunate enough to linger nearby.

    Of course, this is horse shit. The woman, instead of striking the king down, simply cast a spell over the man that kept him encased in stone for 100 years. She didn't mean to, however, having no idea how she had done so. She wasn't evil, and knowing she would be killed for this, she fled into the forests, where she lived alone, away from people she may hurt. She used her magic to keep herself young, of course, after training it, and simply heals those who near her home who are in need.

    It seems they aren't the only ones in need, though. The evil king, who had so wrongly treated the woman, now broke free from his stone prison, as alive as ever. One of the castle servants, a simple maid, found him, and immediately ran to try to tell others, fearing for the worst for their current king. As she had predicted, the current king had died in the next week of an 'unknown disease', the past king reclaiming his throne. People were fearful, and news traveled fast, spreading like a wildfire. They simply bowed to their new king, in hopes that they would be able to keep their lives. Few of these people, however, began a chain of events as soon as the maid came to the streets, hoping to find others who were fearless enough to dethrone the king. Finding a group of people in a tavern, already plotting against him, she relayed the information of the witches tale, knowing the woman would be their only shot at winning. Now, with high hopes, they aim to prevail in their current endeavor, knowing it could be the difference between life and death for the rest of the land's people.

    I need people to play the witch, the king, and the ones who will fight the king^^ Reserve spots, please. I shall be playing the maid.











    Bio (optional)-
  2. I would love to play the evil king, this sounds More like a dark horror romance, then a fighting Rp, if you dont get anymore takers, Ill be glad for you to just play the witch and for me to just play the king, but I love the idea of the original as well, :)
  3. Name-King Stephen Amadeus Trancy III



    Weight-His build matches his height, im not good at math, he is Tall so about 185.

    Weapon-Mid-evil Flair, Sludge hammer, Ax

    Abilities-Close Distance fighter, Flexible

    Weaknesses-His size makes him Very slow, but he has strength. The beauty he fell for years ago that seem's to hate him,He will do anything to get her back.

    Personality-He tends to be very Rude, He is Paranoid and Has an air of Arrogance about him. He Tends to be A bit too truthful, If you Ask him what he think of someone , or something, He will answer with Brutal Honesty. He tends to Look down on most other;s. He always tends to Haggle to gets what he wants. He is quite a prankster, he thinks scaring people and playing tricks is fun he still is quite young after all. The role of king Is something he relishes in, Often not caring for other's and keeping riches and woman all for himself. He is daring and often laugh's at other;s suffering simply for entertainment. He exercises control in many things,He feels threatened when he cannot control a situation or a person, anyone Who threatens him and his throne are normally sentenced to death. He is not a very Professional style king, he tends to talk with his servants and Maids simply to mess with them or strike fear into them. He wishes for a wife, the one female he did fall in love with , rejected him and turned him to stone, him being arrogant simply took that as a small push, He is still going to go after her, After all anything he wants, he tries to get, he never gives up. He makes Jokes at all the wrong times, never takes anyone seriously and is crude often at any given time of the day. Other rulers for distant lands dislike him greatly.

    Bio (optional)-? :)
  4. Cs-

    Name- Ezra Hyrune

    Age- 20

    Height- 5'2"

    Weight- 100 lbs

    Weapon- None. Ezra works in the castle, and as a maid for the king, is not allowed near weapons.

    Abilities- Ezra is a good cook, and a clever woman, being smart enough to stay out of trouble most of the time. She can handle a dagger well, and because of her small form, she is able to dodge and move more quickly than most bulky fighters. Her speed and ability to dodge are commonly used in her travels to the inner city, where she goes for buying ingredients weekly.

    Weaknesses- Ezra is timid and fearful at times, and is very weak in general. Without a dagger, if she is snuck up on, she can easily be subdued. Along with this, the small girl is very soft-hearted and will put herself into others positions to keep them from taking the blame. Often, this leads to very unsavory situations for the girl, including a harsh lashing she got not even a few days ago for someone else dropping the king's food.

    Appearance- Ezra is small, and looks slightly emaciated, having eaten little. Her cheeks have a pale flush, and the girl has the appearance of a half-elf, being pretty, but undeniably half breed. Because of this, she risks racism against her half-breed status, which lead to her becoming a maid for the king, servitude being forced upon her at a young age by her mother. Because of her life of servitude, the girl is extremely pale, rarely going outside unless she needs something from one of the markets.

    Ezra also commonly wears the traditional maids dress, her apron being embroidered with a small rose that she had done in her spare time. On her legs, she wears simple white stockings and a pair of black flat shoes, of which are scuffed and servant-like.


    Personality-Personality- Ezra is a gentle soul, one with a heart of gold to match. She wants what is best for everyone, and often takes the blame for things that may get others in trouble, opting to take lashes for others in hopes that they won't bear the pain. Despite this, Ezra is timid and at times will resort to hiding away from others, taking up reading in her small room beside the kitchen whenever she isn't needed by the king or his counselor (the counselor is playable). The girl also has tendency to be extremely fearful of many things, and as such, will not resort to fighting or snarky comments against anyone, knowing she would end up in trouble. This is why the girl instead relies on her clever instincts to get through her days in the castle without being punished.

    Bio- (this'll be basic, until I get my laptop to write more on) Ezra grew up in the castle, the bastard daughter of a countess who had dropped her off at the gates. As a child, she began her work with the older maids, spending her time learning to cook and clean for the kindly king she served, of whom loved the little girl as a daughter nearly. Soon, she became his personal servant, growing to help the man by cooking his meals and patching his clothing. This all changed when the old king broke free from his stone prison. When the maid found him, she took to the streets in search of people who may be able to stop him, before he ruins their homelands again. After directing them toward the witch secretly, she returned to the castle with ingredients, starting on the food. In the next week, the king she had cared for as a father had 'passed away', leaving the old king to rule. Now, the girl works as his servant, doing all she can to hinder the king as she awaits the witch who can stop this madness.
  5. If we don't get anyone else, then I'll just change my cs and we can just onexone it like you said^^
  6. Cool! does this mean Im accepted!!! :D
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