A Wild Pickle Appears

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  1. Hello everyone, most people call me Pickles however majority of the rp community knows me by my allias, Unoti. I'm a combat roleplayer by trade however I do heavily participate in clan storyline Roleplaying. Like most here from my observations I'm also a multi-character roleplayer. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I'll gladly answer most things so long as they're appropriate.
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  2. Hello, and welcome... Pickles and/or Unoti. (: I'm not very familiar with combat roleplaying, but I hope you're able to satisfy some of your roleplay cravings here on Iwaku. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!
  3. Hello there :) Welcome to Iwaku! I have to ask... Why Pickles? Other than because they're the most incredible thing in the universe!
  4. Simply put its been my nickname for as long as I can remember. It was simple word play on my last name.
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  5. Welcome, Pickles. Hope you enjoy your stay for the time you are here.
  6. Greetings Pickles! Welcome to the forum!
    If you'd like a bit more help finding your way around Iwaku, may I direct you to the Newbie Care Package! (I've a link in my signature)
    There, you can request a guide to help you out.
    Anyway, take care!
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  7. Thank you! I'll be sure to go over it when I have the time.
  8. Mm, pickles... Welcome aboard! You seem to already have a handle on things, but if you ever feel the need, you're free to ask questions. Take this cookie and enjoy your stay.
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  9. Thanks for the cookie right back at you. If only we had a couple cups of milk now.
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  10. Welcome to Iwaku Pickles! Personally I like my cookies dunked in coffee, but milk would do in a crisis sort of situation. I'm not sure I know what combat RP is, but I do love to play multi character. Hopefully you'll find a lot of stories to jump into and have FUN!!
  11. Hey Pickles :3 Welcome to Iwaku!! I'm glad you decided to give this little corner of the internet a go and I hope you find the people your looking to write with here :3