A Wild Hig Appears!



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Caution: Possibly offensive.

Suddenly, a wild Hig appears from the tall grass! Glancing around himself the Hig immeadiate launches itself at you. To your suprise, it ends in a giant hug (for men), and a glomp (Big difference, for women). Trainer thinks about throwing a pokeball, but the wild Hig smiles, causing you to reconsider.

So, yah. My name is Higurashi, which is Japanese (as far as I know) for cicada. THe reason being because I have many fond memories of drinking orange slushies on my front porch to the tune of Cicada's as a kid. Otherwise, like the insect, I chatter alot, and occasionally geet underfoot :(. I'm an adult (not going to tell you how old, lol), but I tend to act way less serious than I probably should. I like to flirt with girls, and generally am putting an effort in to have a working relationship with guys. I'm not new to Rp'ing, but a word of caution: I get distracted easily. One day, I might just disappear. Not without warnning, but only a day or so in advance. Sorry bout that. It's maiunly because a new game came out, or I got busy.

To the ladies reading this. Hello there! If I may, would a hug be in order? I like hugs from pretty ladies such as yourselves. In fact, I'm looking forward to it as I type this. But, I promise, tell me to back off an I will. I'm not some sort of pervert >_>;. Well, yah, I am (sorta) pervy. But Seriously, I'm not going to take it too far. (Unless you want me too *wink*) Still, as implied, I have a code of unwritten conduct.

To men, and trans (if we have any), Welcome! I hope to get along well enough with you guys. Just don't, you know, take it upon yourself to pull me in line. Thats the admins job mkay?

So, in conclusion, if you have any questions, I am more than willing to comply.
hahaha, your introduction was silly! :]
and don't worry, its a little soon for all the silly people to be posting! they'll be here soon! you better have cookies! :D
Lol! Nu. THey are my cookies. (Speaking of which, they are super chocolaty chipper! Fresh baked! Try to get them while they're hot as I defend with a plushie banhammer!)
Hey, and welcome to Iwaku! You'll fit right in here, as there are a lot of pokemon enthusiasts on the site :D Feel free to enter the cbox and start singing the theme, someone will probably join in!

And a quick way to get started with some roleplaying is filling out your Roleplayer's Resume or even filling out a mini form in this thread.

The mods here are super friendly, smell good, can dress themselves in the morning, and are all really ridiculously good looking. If you have a question, feel free to ask them! They are the ones with the awesome coloured names!
My my, that is an interesting introduction. >:D Welcome to Iwaku!
Welcome to Iwaku. Nice Intro.
*Sits and watches the events unfold.* :3
* w*
-Runs around, tripping over plushies on the ground to collect items to bake with. As quickly as possible, bakes a small cake for Mr. Hig, places some candles in no order upon it, and lights them, crawling on knees to come closer and present.-
Welcome :) I am brand new as well, hopefully we can RP together! PM me if you would like to do an RP after you look at my resume.
Hey Rory :D

Thank you PurpleStatic~ *gingerly takes the cake and sets it on a table, hugging the baker*

Sure Aglaranna!
o.o -Is hugged. Blinks and smiles at.-
n__n Of course Mr. Man. Tis what I do.~
Thank you regardless Ms.Girl. The cake loves lovely, as do you.
Hi there!
Welcome to Iwaku, Hig.
I'm Kitti; it's good to meet you.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
The sound Cicadas make can be almost hypnotic, I think. I used to doze off listening to them, anyway.