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  1. Hello hello! This is my first time on an actual Roleplay site, though. I usually use the usual social media, but lately those have been very slow. So! I've decided to try my luck here! I'm a huge sucker for sappy stories, so maybe we'll have some fun! (^∇^)
  2. Fun won't be a problem. Just try not to run out of room for all the fun.

    Hello, and welcome aboard!
  3. Heh, I'll try my best! And thank you!
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  4. hello *bow* and welcome hope you injoy your self here and hope we could rp some time
  5. I'd love to! *curtsy*
  6. well if you up to rp now i a game ..... hehe get it your girl has arrows like on a ps3 XP i am st silly
  7. Greetings Royal, welcome to the siiiiite! :D
  8. Welcome to iwaku, I'm new here myself, maybe we can put together a story sometime.
  9. I'd like that! (⌒▽⌒)/
  10. HOLY CRAP. Where are my pokeforums at?!?

    Heyy love~ Welcome to the site, I am also new so LETS LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER enjoy the site together ^u^
  11. Hello hello, dear! I'd love to enjoy the site with you!

    {and loving each other forever sounds good too, but shhhhhh...}
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