A wild Ceri appears - with awfully strange requests!

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  1. (Before I begin - mxm is preferred, but not necessary. I play all ends of the spectrum, from dominant to submissive, but I'd love to roll a switch and play with someone just as varied. Also, the tags are pretty harsh, but I'm willing to include and exclude kinks as my partner prefers. Seriously, I'm totally okay if we key down the violence if that's not your cup of tea, and I promise we'll discuss things before anything happens to make sure it's agreed on - like character death, mutilation, etc. I didn't realize how hardcore it sounded till I read the tags again, and oh my word, I'm sorry.)

    Expectations first - I post at the rate of a crawl and when I'm inspired, I'll run wild into the night, giving you a few posts per day, but when the fire sinks to a slow burn, expect one every couple of days, then once a week. If you prefer high activity stories, I'm sorry, but I can't give you that.

    What I can give you is a quality dance into the night as we go through Mount Massive Asylum, ascribing to whatever code and chaos we design for ourselves. I am looking for creative individuals who don't mind foul play and blood, who have a heart for mind fucks and psychopathy, because that's what Outlast is all about.

    This is canon character only, man on man action, violent reprieves and games of chase. I am open to writing most of the characters, and we can entertain whatever pairings you have in mind. What am I looking for? I'm looking for a chance to flesh out my Waylon Park, but really I don't mind giving, say, Jeremy Blaire a chance, or Andrew, or Gluskin. We can also do some Miles/Waylon, or Miles/Walrider, or whatever our twisted hearts desire. Pre-game, post-game, during the game, it's all fine by me.

    If this somehow sings to you, hit me up in a PM to discuss details. In the end, we'll set up a thread and rock out.
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  2. However, if that finds no place in your heart (and I don't blame you at all; it's a very strange request), how about some post apocalyptic chaos in the world of Fallout? Or maybe a Bioshock inspired forray with gangsters and mayhem makers before the fall of Rapture? Unlike the preferences I have with Outlast, I'd much rather play original characters. (Really, I'm in a mood for total war looking for a reason to play with leather straps and dark intentions, and there's something fantastic about the possibilities in both of these settings.)

    Now, if that tickles your fancy, send a PM my way and we'll hash out a story and characters and party like the world's ending. ♥ Peace!