A week after Doom.

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  1. --- The stories after the end of the world. ---

    It must've been - what - just a week now after the end of the world. They didn't really know what happened but it hadn't been anything like how they thought it would be. It wasn't a fiery death, nor did it end with a bang. When the world ended, it went out with a whisper.

    For Wendy, it'd just been another day. They'd woke up one day and... everyone was gone. The boy they'd lived with - their parents and friends. Everyone. They were just gone.

    By now, they was used to it. As used to it as they could be. A week of utter silence besides different tones of your own voice does things to a person. To cope with the sudden loneliness, the girl had mentally retreated into her own head. They weren't alone to her. To her she was a group. A party. A village.
    A Family.

    "I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation~"

    It was the only sound in the sprawling metropolis. The sound of a lone girl in her own world. Singing a song from the past in a world that no longer existed. They didn't remember what from - just a melody that was left behind in her skull.

    The girl was standing atop a downed semi-truck Her feet standing firmly on the passenger side door. The girl was... quite the spectical. The only indication of her gender was due to her body figure and voice. Her head was masked with large, almost comical mask. The mask was shaped like an animal - a bear. Her torso was covered in brown jacket with a flared-out collar that covered a neon pink shirt. Her lower body was covered with form fitting jeans that reached from her hips to her ankles.

    In the girl's hand was a book of matches that she rose up and then opened. In the next moments she drew a match and struck it along the grind and started a fire in her fingers. The flame dropped in front of her and hit the asphalt before the large semi-truck in a puddle of a rainbow colored liquid that breed even more fire. The fire took in a deep breath of air and sprung to life as it began to run down the street before her. It curved along the other vehicles until it reached the next intersection, where it began to draw a picture with oil and fire.

    The picture never finished. The girl watched wide-eyed and awe-stricken from under the large spherical mask as the fire spread to another trail of oil and to another vehicle. The result was a tiny sun forming with such a boom that the girl tumbled down from the semi with a muffled squawk.

    A boom. A squawk. and Silence.
    After the two sounds the world was covered in a blanket of silence that felt like death, but it was cut through with another sound. Laughter.

    The girl's laughing removed the blanket. It was a mix of hysteria and the first encounter with another sound in days. It was a dry cackle that rang through the city like a bell from hell.

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  2. Chills crept down Aries's spine as she heard the hysterical laughter. She hadnt heard another voice for a few days except for the music on her phone. Her phone was solar powered, a gift from her dad who had worked at I-Tech before everything went to shit. Ignoring the risk Aries packed everything into her back pack and started moving. A large hunting knife was strapped to her right hip and a set of six throwing knives hung on her left. Even if she had yet to hear from another human, there was still a risk from other creatures. The laugh was proof of that. As she moved, Aries scanned her surrounding memorizing everything. Her brown eyes took in everything filing it away under 'Use' or 'useless.' Her long black hair swirled around her head in a gust of wind. A storm was coming and as she approached the fires. She hid in the shadows until she could scope out the scene. Aries gasped in surprise, a girl sat laughing maniaclly at the fires that burned around her.The bear mask made for a frightening vision and Aries couldn't help but finger her weapons in anxiety. "Hey!" Aries called, her voice loud and clear like a note from a crystal bell. She had kept her voice in use, singing her favorite songs and talking to herself like she normally did.
  3. The laughing cut off almost instantly - as soon as the second voice chimed in. Wendy slowly sat up and slowly began to pivot her head along her shoulders, left and right, searching for the origin of the noise.

    "Who's there!"

    She shouted, more in exclamation, than in question. Riddled with anxiety and suspicion, she slowly pushed her way onto her feet and upon reaching her full height, She froze upon seeing the other living, human being . Why was she still here!? Everyone else was gone. They'd just vanished and didn't even leave corpses. Under the mask her eyes thinned in a conspiring way. She was suspicious of her.

    "W-why are you her!? Are you the only one!? Who else is watching us!?"

    It seemed that the girl, was a little bit off her rocker.
  4. Aries didn't flinch, she to was suspicious of the other girl. "Your the first person I've seen since they all disappeared, " Aries answered, holding up her hands in the universal sign of peace. "I don't know what the he'll is going on, but if were both still here. Maybe there are others," Aries said hopefully. "Come down, we can help each other," she offered as a cold wind blew her hair about.
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