A Wedding To Remember

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  1. Cheyenne lives with her abusive father while her mother is in the hospital, slowly dying with cancer. When her mom's best friend gets engaged, Cheyenne becomes the maid of honor and has to meet with a mysterious best man and help plan a wedding in a nine month period of time. Little does Cheyenne know that the best man in the wedding goes to the same high school as her, is her English partner, and the only male that she cannot stand. They are complete opposites, and fight about anything they can come up with. When they start to work together for the wedding and an English essay, feelings start to develop...

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Cheyenne Elizabeth Brown

    Age: 17

    Grade: Senior

    Birthday: December 12

    Height: 5'5"

    Body Type: small, fragile, weak

    Personality: Always polite and nice to everyone as long as their nice to her, but she tends to avoid being around males as much as she can. Because of the things she went through growing up, she keeps herself locked up and quiet, barely ever talking, but she is a very sweet and outgoing, ambitious girl once you get to know her. Although she has a short attention spand and always has something to do, she is very stubborn and sometimes sarcastic. She has excellent grades in school, and if she keeps it up, she will have a full scolarship by the end of her senior year. She doesnt like to be in many clubs or activities, but she is in band. Music is the things she always turns to, and she has a beautiful voice, and hands made to make music. Since she is so shy and quiet, most people don't talk to her, but she does of course have the vary few that do. She doesn't mind being alone though, it helps her relax. She takes many things seriously, especially promises. If she happens to let you in her life, you're lucky, but all you have to do is one small thing and she'll push you away like all the others.

    Hobbie: Music (instruments and singing)

    Bio: Cheyenne was always close with her mother, even after she fell sick with cancer. Her mother and father always fought, and as she grew to the age of nine, her father started to become an alcoholic. On late nights that her father and mother would fight, Cheyenne stayed away and listened, feeling as if everything was her fault. Most often the fights were about her, which made her feel even worse. When her mother sick and got sent to the hospital when Cheyenne was 11, her father became more and more of an alcoholic and instead of fighting with her mother, he began taking his anger out on her, doing anything that would hurt her. He would hit her and kick her and punch her, and anything else you could think of. When her mother passed away when she was 13, everything went from bad to worse. Her father began beating her every night. By the age of 16 she had been raped several times by her father and the only thing keeping her sane was her music. Then recently at the beginning of her senior year she finds out that her mom's best friend is having a wedding, and she has to be the maid of honor and work with some random guy to make the wedding the best thing ever.
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