A War On Redana

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    All of the cities are locked in a civil war caused by Revna (disguised as Kyria N'kri), who convinced a previous leader of Life City (who was already racist) that the other cities are garbage and full of abominations and that, most importantly, they must be destroyed. It only took a bit of poking with the other cities to convince them to attack each other.

    The current leader of Life City, Occulta, is carrying out that same mission of destroying the other cities.

    The war MUST end, but for it to end the way the gods wish for it to, Revna must be stopped before the cities destroy each other.

    Pick a side, or dont. Every city has their secrets. Chose your path wisely.

    If your character somehow switched from their universe to Redana (for example, a scientist that opened a portal, or a magic user who created one to this particular world) that's okay too! Just be sure to mention it in the character's description! If your character came from earth then there is a story behind that. Earth tumbled into a zombie Apocalypse and still is to this day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.