A War On Redana

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  1. Redana is a country within a fantasy world of no name. It mostly consists of a massive forest with pink grass and pastel-blue trees. On the edges of this forest are six cities: Life City, Death City, Air City, Water City, Fire City, and Metal City.

    Life City is the home of humans, elves, orcs, and human/animal hybrid people. The city's architecture is similar to Renaissance-Italy, with 1960s style technology. These people are xenophobes, sheltered from the outside world and away from the war. They consider anyone not like them to be an "abomination". Light and colorful eyes are ordinary for Life City. Brown or black eyes are uncommon.

    The secret police of Life City are the necromancers, who also serve as the priests of the city. They worship Kyria N'Kri, the goddess of order. They also secretly kidnap citizens from Death City and use their necromancy to control them and make them slaves for Life City's mayor, Nox Occulta.

    Death City is run by Lord Victor Bibentus, a wise vampire who has taken up the mantle of leader after the original leader - and Bibentus's best friend - was murdered at the start of the war. Death city is the home of undead creatures of all sorts. Because of the war, food supplies (humanoids) are low, and many citizens are starving. To help counter this, Bibentus had his guards kidnap people and forced them to breed in an dungeon-like humanoid-farm. The citizens of Death City have a far more realistic sense of how the war is going and what their enemies are like, having been members of Life City before. They are all disillusioned from the splendor of Occulta's little kingdom. Death city's architecture is very similar to the Victorian Gothic style.They worship the god of death. Who can only be seen by the dead or dying.

    Air City is a city of clouds, ruled by no one. It is more like a beehive for vicious bird-men and women and dragons. This city is unpredictable and wild. Much of it is unknown. Theyworship nothing.

    Water City is a high-tech underwater fortress, much like a city within a bubble. Its only entrance is a single guarded elevator at the end of a dock on a beach. Its inhabitants are fish-people, all inventors and scientists. Though they mean well and only wish to preserve themselves, their labs tend to host ghastly experiments with no sense of empathy for their subjects. Under them are mines that hold a rare coral that can be ground up and turned into a powerful healing medicine. They are a democracy. They worship both the goddess of Chaos and Order.

    Fire City just wants to be left alone. Their architecture is very Arabian. Fire City burns so hot that no creature, living or dead, can enter it. Unfortunately, the people of Fire City must survive by burning wood within their city and making more fire. This means the cutting down of many trees and polluting the air with their fumes. They mainly use their army defensively.They worship the god of emotion.

    Metal City is run by High Engineer Toktis, and is inhabited by steampunk-style robots. Like Death City and Fire City, they just want to survive. They are the only city to use guns, and thus are a massive threat in the war. Their city's architecture is similar to 1920's era New York City.

    While other cities just deal with werewolves by killing them, Metal City hosts a werewolf fighting ring (very much like dog fighting), capturing werewolves and torturing them until the next full moon, when they release them into a colosseum below the city to fight other werewolves to the death.

    They worship Kyria N'Kri."

    Map Of Redana



    All of the cities are locked in a civil war caused by Revna (disguised as Kyria N'kri), who convinced a previous leader of Life City (who was already racist) that the other cities are garbage and full of abominations and that, most importantly, they must be destroyed. It only took a bit of poking with the other cities to convince them to attack each other.

    The current leader of Life City, Occulta, is carrying out that same mission of destroying the other cities.

    The war MUST end, but for it to end the way the gods wish for it to, Revna must be stopped before the cities destroy each other.

    Pick a side, or dont. Every city has their secrets. Chose your path wisely.

    If your character somehow switched from their universe to Redana (for example, a scientist that opened a portal, or a magic user who created one to this particular world) that's okay too! Just be sure to mention it in the character's description! If your character came from earth then there is a story behind that. Earth tumbled into a zombie Apocalypse and still is to this day.

    Character Sheet





    City: (or is he/she a nomad?)

    Extra Notes: (Is he/she a werewolf or any other were-creature? Worships a different god? Is an atheist?)
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