A Virus Called...Love

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"I fucking hate you!"
I love you
"Just get the hell away from me!"
Please stay, don't leave
"You just...being the worse out in me...but it's okay babe...I do the same for you"

How could two people be so wrong for each other but still complete each other? What is it about toxic relationships that make people want to stay....there is no hope for love in a situation like that, right? Well Muse A and Muse B are asking themselves the same questions as they go round and round. They hate each other one minute and then the next, their making up between the sheets with sweeting nothings and alcohol in their system. Muse A and Muse B were perfect when they became a couple. Yeah, neither one of them were saints but...the love was there, seeing them together just made you want to have what they had. Then Muse B lost the most important person to her and Muse A found out that her parents debt was affecting her now. Each loss wasn't helping the relationship in fact...it was making it worse. Drugs got involved when they got to stressed and alcohol came to help when they were both irritated with each other, before they knew it...they had to be on one or the other just to deal with the each other.

Now I know what you're thinking, why the hell are they still together if they can't stand each other. Well I'll answer that question with another, Would you seperate from your soulmate even if the road got a little bumpy? Muse A and Muse B can't leave each other because they're too far in, they dug the hole too deep and they've fallen for each other to hard. Sometimes...when you really love that person you'll try to change. Will these two make that sacrifice?

• Okay so if you read all of that yay God for you! Now I'm not going to write out this whole long list of rules and regulations but I will tell you what I want to this roleplay.

1. First off this will be a FxF pairing so that means I'm looking for a female counterpart. I would love it if my partner played Muse B but it really doesn't matter since neither character is dominant nor submissive.

2. I'm looking for an intermediate/Adept partner who can at least post once a day (or once every few days) and can tell me when they'll be gone for long periods of time. I also want someone I can talk to, roleplay long is no fun in less you make a connection with your partner >_<

3. Now this won't be a walk in a park with daisies and unicorns, this topic is pretty dark ranging from scenes with drug and alcohol abuse to abuse verbally (and maybe even physically if we decide) so if any of that offends you please don't replay to this thread or send me a pm.

4. If you're younger then 18 we could roleplay some of the bumping and grinding, but if you aren't and I repeat IF YOU ARENT 18 YOU CAN STILL PM ME (or reply below) about your interest (if you are). But if your younger then 18 and don't want to we can time skip I'm fine with that ^_^

5. Eh I don't think there's a five but if I come up with something I'll tell you.

So if you're interested pm me or reply below and I hope to see some of you soon, my little lovelies! ^3^


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