A Victorian Night: Vampire style/Penny Dreadful/London 1800's style.

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  1. It is June of the year 1837, Queen Victoria has just been crowned, and the majority of London's streets are over run with merchants selling their patriotic wares. The day has been filled with laughter and joy thus far, but there are still those who fight to survive. Millers, chimney sweepers, miracle street doctors and performers, all struggle against the battles of 19th century economy.

    However, there are those in power buying more property. Over-running buildings which once served as homes for the less fortunate. They had been ran out, and forced onto the cobble streets of the city. Men with servant boys walking after them attended the brothels and gambled on the pit fights. Sometimes even sending their young squires into a fist fight!

    Beneath all of this, lays a darkness that is merely rumoured as myth, and story. Beings of the night which consume the lives of the living through absorbing their souls, leaving them as empty vessels open for possession. These beings are known as 'body jumpers', and have been recognised in all kinds of folk lore, even as Vampires as the story has altered over the years. They were immortal, true, but their face would change on how they saw fit, and no blood consuming would occur. They have never been known to reveal their natural form, and are hidden from modern day society. There are those who hunt them, but these, too, are unheard of.

    When a body is open for possession, it is usually clueless of its entire being and life. People put this down to a disease that has been deemed, "alzheimer's" and "dementia".
    OOC Info:

    I would like a vast mix of characters, so feel free to make more than one human character, but only one hunter or body jumper character per player - if you don't want to RP hunter or body-jumper, that'd be so cool too.

    I'm looking for around 2 paragraphs, with pretty intermediate - advance roleplayers. All are welcome, but please be aware that I roleplay quite in-depth.

    Interested: Charlie

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  2. I'm interested in this.
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  3. Wooot! Added you :)
  4. I'm intrigued.

    What would you say the average post speed would be? I warn you now, I'm awfully slow.
  5. Depending on who your roleplaying with. But when roleplaying with me or my characters personally. Atleast a post or two a day.
  6. Hmm, I'm doubtful that I can manage that speed but I'll keep lurking around here just to see if I can fit something in.
  7. Sounds interesting. What would the main conflict be? Diverse characters would need something to bring them onto the same page from the start.
  8. Survival, simply. I don't want to make things too complex. Of course hunters are after the body jumpers.. The rest I'd leave to my roleplayers. Giving them some creative reign too.

    That's fine - as I said, that's me personally. Others may be okay with a post every day, every other day etc..
  9. I am interested
  10. Awesome :D
  11. How many people are you looking for? :o
  12. To start? Atleast 5-6... welcome to more though.
  13. Ok. I'll give it a shot, but the OOC will need to be really active with behind-the-scenes planning to bring characters into each other's business.
  14. I am considering. Will give a definitive answer once I figure out if two other RPs I joined are dead for sure.
  15. I agree :)
    :) Okie cokie.

    Okay guys so I just need atleast another two people to get this rolling ^_^ share around if you like with people you have rp'd with an may wish to RP with again.
  16. I'm interested in this ^_^
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  17. You mean 19th century?
  18. Brilliant! :)
    Would also like to add that this doesn't mean there is a ap at 5-6 people! Welcoming all numbers :) x
  19. Mah baahd.
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