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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in rping about this idea?

    It's the not too distant future, archaeologists find a secret tunnel that leads to some kind of room filled with all sorts of things- including a stone tablet that says that the world would end, by fire and flame, but that was the only thing that was uncovered, the rest of the tablet was covered with thick layers of dirt. Just as they were uncovering the rest of the tablet, there is what seems like an earthquake and buries them all alive... Three weeks later, strange occurrences start happening, obviously scientists don't know how to explain it. Then it happens... from out of no where, literally dragons of all kinds are swarming the skies...blocking out the sun...

    10 years later, dragons have complete control of the entire planet. And it seems all hope for the human race is dwindling, that is until a small group of them got up enough guts to fight back...
  2. There's a film like this I think...
  3. Yes there is, that is where I got the idea, the movie is called Reign of Fire...
  4. Ah! Ok,Ijust thought it popped into your head.
    I'm in a few too many RPs, but I would join if I could.
  5. ok, that's ok.
  6. So a bunch of dragon hunter badasses?
  7. Yep, a bunch of dragon hunter bad asses
  8. I would totally join this! Different species of dragons or just one? If multiple, I can volunteer myself to make fact files of the various dragons - that's my sort of thing. c:
  9. Different species of dragons, definitely. It would make it more fun xD
  10. It definitely would. (:
  11. hopefully more people will join in on the fun
  13. Cool! Alright, I hope one more person joins if not, then it's just us.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.