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  1. Hello^^

    I'm new on here - not new to rp though.

    Would love to get into some nice rps :) I'm open to pretty much anything, fantasy is my favourite genre though.

    I play characters of any genders and any sexual orientation, I have no preferences really.
    My writing can vary from shorter replies to several paragraphs depending on required.
    I'm usually on quite a lot so can reply at least daily.

    All these are adjustable and just basic ideas for plots. If you're interested in any of these or have any others too please PM me!

    - A witch and demon, two worlds collide:
    A young trainee witch accidentally releases a demon from his glass prison. However when released he unwillingly makes a bond with the witch to use her energy as he was weak from years of imprisonment. The two need to find a way to get along, or not, and find a way to release each other from the bond.

    - Newbie and the researcher at a supernatural agency :
    An experienced researcher who works at a secret facility who deal with the supernatural. Their recent partner has died and after a few weeks they are being paired up with a new comer. A newbie appears at the scene, a fresh scouted talent gets paired up with them. The two couldn't be more different, but can they get along to complete their missions?

    - The dragon lord :
    A powerful and menacing dragon ate the royals and destroyed all who opposed him. Taking the place as a king and making himself referred to as a god, the great dragon has been reaping the benefits of this position for many years. Until one day he receives a beautiful ornate chest as a gift from the nearby kingdom, upon opening it a seal is broken releasing a curse. The dragon is turned into a mere mortal man and transported far away. Confused, lost and still having his all powerful demeanour, can he find a way back to being a dragon or will he be trapped in the body of a lowly man?

    - Warlock and the apprentice :
    A warlock lives on the edge of a simple village. The villagers fear him and avoid him as if he was cursed. Little do they know that this immortal man actually works for the king. Travelling to the castle often to deliver updates and battle advice. Even a few spells to grant safety to the army. He feels his powers are waning so he decides to take on an apprentice to pass his knowledge onto.

    - For the clan :
    Two clans, have been at a feud for as long as they can remember. To finally put it to a rest, a few elders decided to pair together two individuals from their clans and marry them. They hope this will encourage others to forgive and forget so the two families can live in peace with each other.

    - A strange roommate :
    You transferred into the town's college a bit late and as such had to accept the first offer of accommodation you could find. You never had the chance to meet the owner of the apartment but you two talked on the phone for a little, that would have to do. When you get there you find a charming person at the door waiting to greet you, all seems good so far. What you don't know is that your new flatmate is actually a murderer. Will you find out their secret? Will it cost you your life or simply bring you closer in the strangest ways?

    - Demon hunter / Demon
    - Knight / Wanted thief
    - Knight / Prisoner

    Will add more soon.
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  2. Hi, there! The "Newbie and the Researcher at a Supernatural Facility" and "The Dragon Lord" both sound super fun to role-play! I'd love to try one out if you're still looking for a partner ^^

    Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi~!
    I'm really interested in the "A witch and demon" one. :3
  4. PM me :) For some reason it won't let me message you x-x
  5. A strange roommate, A witch and a demon, and Knight/Thief strike my interest! :>
  6. For the clan & two worlds collide sound great!
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