A Vampires Pet

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  1. A few months ago, a transfer student had come to the school. She had kept herself to herself, but had still managed to make quite an impression on her fellow students. The effortlessly graceful young woman was blessed with an almost too pale skin, along with cascades of ebony hair that fell to the small of her back. She bore herself with such pride that many of the younger students tended to dive out of her way, in favour of risking any reprimand. Her eyes were an ordinary green, or so the others thought.

    It just so happened that the arrival of this student and her affluent family had coincided with a spate of murders. Many random people had been found dead, their throats slashed. This tended to happen once a fortnight, like clockwork. They all showed signs of anemia in the haematology report, but that was the only link. So far, the police had drawn a blank and showed no sign of capturing the perpetrators.

    One night, many months after the arrival of young Amelia, her parents and their staff, the girl had celebrated her nineteenth birthday. Her birthday present just so happened to be a boy at the school. The lucky fool had caught Amelia's eye, and so one quiet night, a pair of thralls entered his home silently, having scaled the wall with ease. The thralls only lived a matter of months, but with the number of vagrants about these days, they were easy to replace.

    The two were able to knock out the young man without too much issue, and by the early hours of the morning, he was right where their mistress wanted him. Amelia sat in the basement with her newest acquisition, waiting for him to come round. For the time being he was tied to a chair, just in case he tried to harm the young woman. She was not yet strong enough to claim the super powers vampires were so well associated with, and so precautions had to be taken. This didn't effect her confidence though, her crimson eyes were bright and patient, eager to see what this boy would do.
  2. Ryan was a senior. And a quarter back, an all around ass hole. He thought he could have any girl he pleased and force any one to do as he wished. Even the teachers were at his beck and call. He always got extensions on his homework, which he got someone else to do for him, and he always picked on that nerdy kid in the back of the class. Or in the front, wherever they may sit. Life was good for Ryan. Nobody ever told him no, ever told him what to do or anything. He was the king. Or so he thought.

    At home he ruled too. His father was dead, but his mother very much alive. She spoiled him. If he wanted it, he got it. He always had girls over, and every time his drawer would be filled with condoms. His mother even put a mini fridge in his room. Yes life was excellent At the moment he was dating Stacy the head cheerleader, and he had quite a few experiences with her mom as well. Man that woman was a cougar. He had it all set up, parties every friday night. And saturday too. Spending all day in bed on sunday.

    Today however was thursday. And school was out. His buddies walked by high fiving him girls fawned over him. The king was leaving the building. With little effort he pushed Steve Brickman down. One of the nerds he pushed around. After having done that, he dropped his homework on his chest. "Do it, or I do worse." He snorted and walked off. One woman caught his eye. Amelia. The hottest girl in school. He hadn't quite gotten her yet. But the looks she gave him told him he would soon. But not today. Or so he thought.

    That night as he lay in bed ready for bed, two figures entered his room. Before he could respond everything had went all black. When he awoke his eyes had set upon Amelia. "Well hello, here for a good time?" He thought he was dreaming, but as reality set in he realized he was tied up. He began to squirm trying to get up. "YOU CRAZY FUCKIN BITCH WHAT THE FUCK? UNTIE ME!" He screamed at her, searching in his pocket for his trusted knife, which was not there. "CRAZY FUCKIN BITCH! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!"
  3. The smile she shot him as he awoke was not immediately menacing, it almost appeared genuine for a moment. Unfortunately, the green contact lenses that had once been her eyes had been discarded, and the crimson in them shone with an evil glee that just couldn't be ignored. The amalgamation of expressed emotions made for a sinister look at best, and unfortunately for Ryan, that was the least of his problems. Amelia stood, ignoring his angered cries, instead stalking towards him, her steps light and almost entirely silent. Although she was young, she had picked up the tricks of the trade very quickly, her parents were truly proud.

    Once she was standing above her prisoner, Amelia did speak, not that it was of the conversational variety. "Shut up." She backed this up with a swift backhand across Ryan's face, leaving a distinct red patch, causing the young vampire a little excitement already. She could see the blood vessels so clearly beneath his skin, and couldn't wait to see what this hothead would taste like. But that was for later. She would not kill him yet, not while he was useful. For the time being, he was a toy, and that was it. Amelia had not had her own plaything before, so it was a learning experience for her, as well as the one who would most certainly do well to listen to his new mistress.

    "Do you know why you're here, Ryan?" She asked, slowly stepping behind him, where she proceeded to whisper sultry, teasing words into his ear, "You wanted me, didn't you? You thought you could control me." She chuckled lightly, hardly able to believe the foolishness of human men. "Well, I'll be more than glad to show you why you're wrong. Now, if I untie you, are you going to behave?"

    Her breath was cold, as was her skin. It was not usually enough to notice, as usually she matched the ambient temperature of a room, but under these circumstances - as her true nature came out - her body temperature tended to drop. Amelia removed herself from behind Ryan, procuring a small knife from a stand in the corner, before returning to stand in front of him, waiting for his answer. If he tried to escape, he'd pay for it. And unfortunately for him, the door was well and truly locked. There were no windows. There was no escape.
  4. Ryan was not scared. Andrew was not afraid of anything. Especially this girl. Any girl. Girls were weak and impotent. All while he was assuring himself that he was not afraid he kept screaming at Amelia. She moved so gracefully, but Ryan could tell, this woman was not an ordinary woman. She was something different. Her green eyes were not actually green. A beautiful crimson color however. The slap across his face came as an utter surprise. He did not shut up because of the order, but out of complete shock. She was strong. Too strong for her size.

    He glared at her and opened his mouth to yell at her again, but the words couldn't come out. He could only stare at her beauty. She held him in a captivating stare. As she began to speak he could hear something in her voice. Something. Power? Strength? Something. He felt weak in her gaze. No Ryan was not weak! No way was he weak! This woman couldn't make him weak...Yet she did. He listened carefully to her words. Unsure how to respond. Or even if he wanted to. His neck hairs standing up as she whispered and her breath was against him.

    She was so cold. Her breath. Her touch. Was this what had been killing the others? He had heard whispers, but ignored them. But now, he was starting to see that the whispers may have been true. This was the first time he admitted to himself that he was scared. She was going to untie him. He looked around. He knew he couldn't escape, but maybe he could keep himself alive untill he found a way to escape. So in response to her question he only nodded. His eyes on her, or the knife in her hand to be more precise. Sweat started to drip down his forehead.

    "Listen I'm sorry. I, I know you are strong. I know you are powerful. Please let me go, I will do anything. I would owe you, if you just let me go! I wont even tell anyone about your, um torture chamber basement. No cops! Just please let me go." He began to plead for his life, then a smile crossed his face. He had an idea. "I could do you a favor. You could let me go, and in exchange I could do a little something for you." He knew that he could satisfy a girl. Oh he had left many sated after his experiences with them. A pyscho hottie should be no trouble.

    (By the way, I loved that movie...The last unicorn...Didn't get to tell you! ^^)
  5. At least he had stopped shouting, even if he continued to insist to himself that he had a chance here. However this panned out, he would not ever see his friends and family again. There were only three options open to him, and all of those involved his death in this room. Of course, Amelia had no intention of letting him know this. Humans needed hope to function, and so she did not immediately stamp down on the idea of letting poor Ryan go.

    As the young predator watched a drop of sweat form on her captives forehead, soon sliding down his bewildered face. There wasn't quite enough fear there though, and Amelia intended to rectify that. The first thing to do was to free the young man, as Amelia had learnt early on that the best way to ensure someone was put in their place, was to give them the maximum amount of freedom, and gain so much control that even out in the open with an almost certain chance of escape, that would stand by their captors side without question. There was still a long way to go, but the vampire reckoned she would manage it.

    After just half a second or so of deliberation, Amelia knelt down directly in front of Ryan, allowing herself to be in such a vulnerabloe position only as a tease, let him think he was in control for a while. She shot him a sweet smile, more befitting of an angel, rather than the dark woman that faced him. "Please be good, I don't want to hurt you." Well, maybe not yet. Amelia sliced through the ropes on all four of his limbs, remaining in her prone position, waiting to see if Ryan would attempt to attack her, run, or simply remain where he was. She was making sure to give him some semblance of freedom, to appear reasonable at first, only to crush him like an ant when the time came. Watching him slowly break under her menace was a delight that needed to be savoured.
  6. Ryan stood up after she untied him. All the while several scenario's played out in his head. He thought of many ways to try to escape, but none seemed to pan out, so he went with the only option he had. To go to her side and put his head down and give her exactly as she wished. He looked at her and asked, "What do you want me to do." He tried to hide the reluctance in his voice. His eyes on the floor. Psycho bitch must be eating this shit up. In his mind he called her crazy cunt. Whore. Anything that he could. Trying to avoid what he really thought she was. The whole time able to admire how fucking hot she was.

    He had been with many women, it was sad to think this one would be the hottest and she was psycho. He had been even with a cougar, and she was hot as fuck, but came no where close to Amelia. If he survives this he is going to tell nobody about this. Ever. He could just see what this was going to turn into. Collars and whips and shit. That bondage crap. It was only hot when a girl was tied up, nothing more. He could feel his man hood shrinking at the idea, but all that he had to do was glance towards Amelia and that problem was no problem any more. He remembered all the women he had been with and prayed to whoever that she would not be the last. He had to find a way to stay alive until he could leave. He would have to anything she wanted. If she wasn't happy he could die. And that was not happening. He had his whole life. This was not going to end it for him. He was sure of that. So tonight is the night that he became someone's little bitch. That he was sure of.
  7. Amelia grinned, he was wonderfully obedient. Of course, if he continued like this for too long she might get bored, but for the time being just having the power over this urchin was more than enough to keep her entertained. She stood in one swift movement, taking a step closer to Ryan, pressing her body against his lightly, "You're being such a good boy." She smirked, her lips brushing against his as she spoke, her eyes never once leaving his. "Now, I want you to strip for me. Afterall, you did promise." She chuckled slightly, that falsely innocent smile creeping onto her lips once again.

    After speaking these words, Amelia moved away once more, the knife still in her hand as she reclined once more in the chair, languidly seated much like the exotic barbarian that she was. There was a brutal class about her, along with an unerring will and greed that bore into Ryan without any sign of letting up. Although the ebony haired female was cool and unfeeling in this situation, that didn't mean that she didn't have needs or desires. In truth, they had been denied her up until this point. Being so young, it was not customary for her to be allowed the full pleasures of life until she was deemed old enough to have control over herself in the throes of passion. This would be her first. Of course, Ryan didn't know that, so for the time being, the young woman still held all the cards.
  8. He nodded and turned towards her, first taking his white beater off, that he had worn to bed that night, his eyes on her as his stomach was exposed as well as his chest and now she got the full effect of his body instead of just his muscled arms. He grinned and slid down his pajama pants and kicked them off to the side, right next to his shirt. He looked down and almost groaned but instead grinned at his hard cock. She might be more delighted if she seen the size of his hard cock through his boxers. He looked to her for any sign of emotion, then turned back to his task at hand and dropped his boxers, also having them land right beside his other clothing. He stood before her, completely nude, wondering what she would do next.

    His mind drifted to his old life. No one would believe him anyway, if he ever got back to him. Not that he would tell them exactly what happened. It would ruin his reputation. He would survive this though. He just had to keep her happy. Then he could go back to his girlfriend, and her mom, and whoever else he needed in his life. His friends and family. They would probably be looking for him by now. He had football practice. He never missed that. Ever.

    He didn't even know what time it was really. But he knew that this was a very dangerous situation. Surviving would take a lot of work. At least it's a hottie though instead of an ugly chick. He smiled and walked a little closer. Being sure to tense himself up. Cocking an eyebrow up showing just a little, I' know I'm sexy attitude. "So what do you think?" He only hoped this was what she wanted. If it wasn't, he didn't know how she would react. This was a strong woman, and possibly not human. What a thought. Not human. She almost reminded him of a vampire. A sexy ass vampire, but a vampire. But that is crazy. He didn't believe in that stuff. He did know that this woman could be the end of him.
  9. Amelia watched as he stripped, at last unable to hide behind her previously completely cold, emotionless mask of a face. By the time he was entirely naked, her expression had changed, a light veil of desire had grasped her, though for the time being she did remain in control. She stood once again, offering her usual confident and sly smile as she closed the distance between them, nipping his earlobe with unnaturally sharp teeth. Of course, she was careful not to break the skin, as she had no desire to end the fun this early on in the game.

    "If I let you touch me, will you do everything I say?" She asked, deftly running her slender fingers down from his throat, gliding over his muscles, his abdominals, finally coming to circle slowly over the skin just a breath away from the hardness of his cock. She had not been with a man before, and in truth was far more excited than she was letting on, but for the time being she was able to tease him as she pleased. Later on she would probably lose herself, but of course, she would always regain the upper hand, unless some kind of disaster struck.

    Amelia gazed into Ryan's eyes, her fingers still delicately massaging his skin, though she refused to touch him where his need really was, that would have been far too easy. "If you disobey me, I'll have to punish you. You wouldn't want that, would you?" Amelia smiled biting his ear once again, this time hard enough to hurt him ever so slightly. "I will allow you to do what you want with me, so long as you do not cum until I give you the word." It was a tantalising offer, laced with many traps and lies, but men were usually predictable. Where sex was involved, they rarely thought too far ahead.
  10. He could see the desire in her face, but she looked at him as if he were a piece of meat. He didn't know weather he liked the stare or dreaded it. She was so powerful. She made him feel weak. As if her life were in his hands. But this was because she did hold his life in her hands. When her hands fell upon his body, he could not help but let out a slight groan. When her teeth were on his ear he could feel the sharpness but could not help but draw in a sharp breath. It felt so good. He couldn't help but want to touch her, but he wanted to wait for her permission. With his life dangling in the balance, he couldn't take risks.

    With a smile he eagerly nodded when she asked if he wanted to touch her. Oh god did he. This woman's amazing body. He wanted to feel every curve that he had fantasized about before. When she said she wanted him to do exactly as she said he agreed quickly. He so wanted to reach out and touch her, all he needed was her approval. He was enchanted by her. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. As she spoke again her voice sang throughout his body. He couldn't help but react to her. When he felt her teeth on his ear he let out a slight moan, then a gasp as it almost pierced through. When she gave him permission it didn't take him long to agree no matter what. Holding his cum until she said so? No problem. He could make a girl cum many times before he finally blew his load. All he could think about was reaching out and touching that luscious body. His hands reached out, and ever so slightly he brushed his fingers on her arm. His eyes upon hers. Waiting for any sign of rejection.
  11. He was putty in her hands, which of course had been the object of this entire exercise all along. She enjoyed the small noises of his own desire, smirking as he moaned ever so slightly, though she did not allow this for long. As his hand brushed her arm, Amelia did not reprimand him, she enjoyed the tentative way in which he dared to touch her. It was amusing that she had already managed to get him well and truly under her thumb. As a reward to herself, as well as to him, Amelia gently guided this bold hand lower, pressing his strong hand to the heat building beneath the guarding fabric of mundane jeans.

    His other hand, Amelia also grasped, placing it on one plump breast, though for the time being he was not granted any true access. He would have to be content with feeling her through the fabric. With his hands now where Amelia wished them to be, she delicately began brushing her fingers over the head of his swollen cock, maintaining eye contact with him at all times, her crimsons all the while working on seducing him further. She teased him for a while, actually beginning to stroke his member, alternating pressure with a featherlight touch, until finally she danced away with a smirk. No way was he getting off that easily.

    "Remove my clothes." She wanted to see how he would do this. Whether he would just do it without any feeling, or if he would attempt to take advantage of the closeness, and perhaps seek to turn the tables. She wished him to be daring, if only so she could crush him again later.
  12. Undress her? This would be no problem. He would be glad to view this woman in her most natural state. To feel her body heat more than what she already allowed. He was hard as a rock and ready for her now, but she was in control and he her willing little bitch. He walked to her slowly, first letting his finger tips brush her arms as his hands moved to her waist, tugging her, just a bit closer to him. His fingers slid under the shirt, her soft yet icy cold skin like magic against his fingers. Then with a flick of the wrist he pulled the shirt up over her head. His hands then softly touched her neck as he moved his hands around to her back, unclasping the bra, his hands then sliding around her sides and just missing her two amazing breasts. His eyes gazed down at them for a moment, but moved back up to her eyes after half a second, his hands sliding down her stomach, to her pants. Pushing them down slowly, bending with them as he pushed them down along with her panties. Letting his hands slightly squeeze her long magnificent legs as he did.

    Once they were around her ankles he stared up at her, one hand resting on the back of her leg, the other on on the wetness of the panties. "Anything else beautiful?"
  13. Yes. He would do nicely. Amelia allowed him to bring her closer, letting him strip her of her clothes, admiring his confident manner. He was not overly cocky, but equally he handled her with enough firmness to earn a pinch of her respect. Once free from her all too tight clothes, Amelia gingerly stepped out of the puddle of her jeans, though she managed to maintain contact with Ryan as she did so. She placed a delicate hand on the back of his head, using his position to her advantage as she guided him to the wet heat between her legs.

    "I've heard rumours, why don't you show me if there's any truth to them." If he was so good at satisfying a woman, then he could show her now. She would give him a taste of herself, but not too much. She still desired to tease him further, and had plenty of plans in store for him. By the time she was done with him, he would be a wreck, and perhaps she would be too.
  14. Ryan smiled as his tongue darted out and softly flicked the lips before him. Her mound already slightly dripping with juices. He had to taste. He had never tasted one like this before. She was amazing tasting. He then used two fingers to reach up and part her lips, his tongue finding it's way between them, flicking across her clit. He flicked it a couple times before moving his tongue down to her hole and slide his tongue slightly into it before letting it drag back up to her clit. Then he begins to lick it fast while he moves one of the fingers to the open hole, only teasing it, all the while his tongue lapping at her clit like he had never tasted anything so good.

    He chanced a glance up at her eyes before moving back. "Not that I am complaining. But would you be more comfortable laying down? That way you can spread your legs fully and relax at the same time. If not this is fine. Whatever you want." He smiled and licked her thigh, still looking up at her, one hand on her thigh, the other still holding her lips open.
  15. He had most definitely done this before, and now Amelia reaped the benefits. She let a heady breath fall from her lips as his tongue made contact with her already wet lips, though she was unwilling to show too much enjoyment just yet. As good as he was at this, she had no desire to let him know this just yet. Still, it was difficult not to give him that satisfaction, and as she felt his skilled fingers and tongue working in unison, teasing her entrance and her clit well. She bit back a slight moan, glad that he chose this moment to speak.

    It was a valid point, and although Amelia was loathe to put herself in a vulnerable position, she did eventually decide to take his advice. As much as she enjoyed standing over him, able to do anything she wanted, she took a step away, quickly pulling Ryan to his feet before leading him across the room. In one corner was a primitive but luxurious collection of wonderfully soft blankets and cushions, which Amelia laid herself down on, pulling Ryan down to her as she did so.

    "You are doing well. Maybe I'll keep you." She almost giggled, laying her lips over his, tasting her own juices on them. She kissed him roughly, nipping his lower lip before forcing her tongue into his mouth, exploring him, violating him as she was sure no other girl had dared. As she kissed him, Amelia also granted him a small touch with her fingers, reaching down to stroke his hard cock, though she of course made sure to halt the contact as soon as she knew the tease would leave him in most agony.
  16. He marveled at the woman. No other had ever been so with him. He usually led things. But he was at her disposal here, and she made no qualms about showing him this. Yet he was also sure she had a lot of other tricks up her sleeves. Her mouth tasted so good. Tasting and letting her explore him as she did. He wondered if she had ever been with another before. She seemed to know what she was doing, but there was something else there. He couldn't quite explain it. But all women had a way about them when they were untouched. All that faded away. The thoughts when her fingers touched his hardened cock. He closed his eyes, the touch causing his blood to pump faster, he could hear his own heart beat in his ears. God she was amazing. Every bit of this psychotic woman. He marveled at it. As soon as her hand left his cock he had to bite back a cry of displeasure. His senses coming back to him. A smile crossed his face, yet it was a weary smile. As he was unsure what she wanted next.

    "Would you like me to continue now?" He said, half dazed, half trying to calm himself. She was driving him mad. He wanted to plow his cock into that tight wet pussy of hers. She was ready. He could see that when he tasted her. But he was in no position to tell her that. He would simply be a good boy and do exactly as he was told. His eyes fell to hers, ready for ordering.
  17. The tension in the room was wonderful. Amelia loved the power she had over him, not to mention the fact that Ryan was now at her every beck and call. Although he might still show some resistance at some point, for the time being at least it seemed that he would do anything that was asked of him. He was a very good little pet. She wondered how long she would keep him for, perhaps even if he would be a permanent fixture in her life. She supposed they would see, should he survive the first throes of passion between them.

    "Yes, continue." Amelia smirked, firmly guiding his head downward, her grip not overly tight, though it was certainly obvious what she wanted. "And when I am satisfied, I'm going to fuck you. I'll make you scream for release - but don't think I'll let you off that easily." She fantasised about this future, drunk off just the thought of it.