A vampire and shapeshifter

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    To be honest, Wren had no idea what exactly she was doing here. It was the type of place she normally wouldn't be caught dead in - dark, cold and unnervingly suspicious. So she blamed it on the stupid club her friend had given her. The whole experience had been bizarre and a little too awkward. And to think that she had actually gone along with her. When had any of her friend's ideas worked out? Nope never. They all ended in epic fails - just like this one.

    Wren's teeth chattered as she walked done the road, her heels making distinct clanking noises in the night. She winced as she nearly fell over. Note to self: never ever ever wear heels. Again. She could have shifted if she wanted to, but then it would mean running the risk that someone would see her. And the fact that she would have to drive back did not help the case.

    She took comfort in knowing that her car was ahead. She could just make out the faded red blur that made up her battered car. Yeah, it was old - but she loved it heaps anyway. Her strides lengthened, her mood lightened at the prospect of being able to go home again.

    But then she heard it. The low, slurred ramblings barely audible. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the faint silhouette leaning against the dirty wall. It was a person! she realised with a startle.
  2. “I – I have t..o ge – aw..ay.” Although the words leaving his lips no longer made sense, Aidan kept talking if only to hear the sound and know that even with the colossal hole in his abdomen – he was alive. One hand resting against the wall as he staggered through the alleyway, Aidan wondered briefly if this really was the end. After over a thousand years of existing the grand conclusion he got was next to a dumpster in some shady backstreets with a hole the size of a baseball in his gut, covered in his own blood for once instead of someone else’s.

    He would’ve laughed if he could feel his lungs. “I hav..t…g –” Yes, he had to go somewhere but were was that place again? No longer able to see anything but the black spots that lined his vision, Aidan couldn’t bother thinking about wherever it was he had to go, he just wanted to rest. “I –” The words died on his lips as the teen fell over, and yet even as his mind faded into blackness the teen still stubbornly moved his lips;

    “a-away from he –”
  3. Wren was officially creeped out. It seemed like the boy that had just fallen at her feet was either drunk, homeless or was actually seriously hurt. Wren preferred the latter.

    "Are you okay?" she stupidly asked, completely ignoring the fact that he was trying to get away or run away from something.

    He was nearly unconscious, why would he answer her? Kind of at a loss for words, she looked around helplessly. And in vain, as there was nobody around at this time of the night. It was just her luck. First she had to go to some stupid club, and now there was a random person in need of serious attention or help in front of her.

    She should have been scared, but the whole night was just becoming too bizarre for her. What was next, a pink lion comes jumping out in front of her? She smiled at the thought. Yep, she was absolutely hilarious.

    But looking down at her feet, she let out the first frightened gasp. He was covered in blood. With the hightened senses of her snow leopard, she could almost taste the copper in her mouth. "Oh god, can I help you? Seriously, forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. Like I've never come across some random person in a dumpster. Actually, I've never been to an alley in the middle of the night, much less met someone there. And I'm rambling now aren't I?"

    Wren panicked. "You know what? You need medical treatment. I'm going to call an ambulance. Not even I can treat that wound you've got there."
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