A Travel RP? {Plan to be a small group.}

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  1. Firstly thank you for clicking this, I’ve had this idea bugging me for about a month now, and I decided to cave in and put up an interest check. I know I’m pretty new to this site, but I’m no stranger to RPing or running my own RP. I’ve just been taking a little break to concentrate on my classes, but I can’t resist this idea anymore.So anyways to get on topic a bit, my idea, as the title suggests, is a travel RP I’m still torn between it being like a travel around the world/through Europe. The other Idea is a road trip. They both revolve around the simple idea of four young adults; Like ages 17-19 maybe twenty go on a trip, a one last big trip before summer ends and they all have to start their own lives, some going off to college/university/ tec college, start in the work force/family business, or face some cruel realities of their futures, possibly even decided by their parents. So they all go on this trip a sort of classic discover themselves, have fun, and confront the feeling they have for one another. So it’s going to be a twist of drama, romance, and of course a little humor.Now for the twists, now I can never seem to leave it alone at just that it seems. =D And this is one of the things I need help deciding if you’re interested.
    • 1) Road trip/Serial killers following: Now this sort of popped up when I was watching a horror/thriller movies like the Honey Mooners, and that one with the hitchhiker. It’s sort of an underlining thing that sort of snowballs as we go on with the RP, people seem to die everywhere they go, not exactly too notable in their first few stops, and as the story progress they start to notice that they are being followed, running into the same couple over and over~ Before….Well ;D
    • 2) Road trip/Supernatural power: Like each of them has a supernatural/Psyci power~ This is sort of either witch and wizards or a Psychic idea that includes the government. Sort of being hunted in a new way then the last idea, but it’s a more supernatural and or fantasy idea.
    • 3) Road trip/Sort of a race: A Race with some other group they know and whoever wins gets the prize.
    • 4) Road Trip Or Foreign Travel/…MAFIA!!!: Now one or two of the characters are from a mafia family~ This idea includes escaping police, and all sorts of mishaps including the “family(s)”~
    • 5) Foreign Travel/Finds an underlying secret world affecting plot~: That one sort of hit me after a comedy spy movie. Sort of mistaken identities and or accidently getting involved unknowingly~
    • 6) Road or Foreign/Normal: Also if anyone doesn’t like any of the above then I can go with just a normal travel RP.
    So that’s It until I get some interest for this, it is going to be a group of four, I’ll be one of the payers. {God I miss playing my human alarm clock~} If you have any questions please feel free to ask, or PM me even. Please and thank you~ Also if anyone wants a sample from me to see if I can write since I will have a paragraph if not two minimum for post in this, please don’t hesitate to ask me I’ll be glad to PM you one.
  2. Cool idea. I think I would be most interested in #1, road trip while being stalked by a serial killer? Hell yeah! I could help develop the killer, too, if you want. I am great at playing creepy weirdos....I wonder what that says about me? lolol

    I know that majority rules, so whatever other players are interested in I am more than happy to play : )

    I'm In!
  3. Im interested in the 1st idea too, oh and October you will be a great serial killer :P
    Im in.
  4. I don't know about actually playing the serial killer, unless Angel wants that as a role to be filled? I would like to play one of the people on the trip.

    I was thinking more along the lines of developing and then the serial killer would be important NPC? Just my thoughts.
  5. Yay some actual interest in the first day I have this up~ =D Who doesn’t love an RP with serial killer(s)I'd appreciate the help developing the killer or Killers, I'm good with sadist to a point but, yeah I would need some help if you’re sure you would like to help Octobre they would be big NPC's, I don't think that's a role I would want someone to play, those are the sort of characters you have poof for a bit then bring back in when the moment is just right. =D
  6. I agree. The slow build up will be great! And once our characters start to piece together the fact that the killer(s) seem to be folowing them on thier trip....this is gonna be awesome!

    I'll start working on something once you deliver a setting.

    So I guess we are only waiting on one more player then?
  7. I know right it is the build up is what's going to really make the plot really stitch together~Okay, thank you so much!Yup it seems so, though I'll start working on the thread tomorrow after I get done with my classes.