A Traitor's Heart

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Dim lights filled the castle corridior as a group of guards surrounding a young male dressed in rich clothes moved cautiously down the hall. The young man was dressed in the colors of royalty with dark hair and bright blue eyes. He moved as if scared staying close to his protectors. They could here the sounds of battle in the lower level of the castle it was coming closer. The leader of the group turned to the prince to reassure him but before he could speak he fell to the ground an arrow sticking out the side of his neck. It happened fast to fast. The enemy came at the from the front causing the soldier to rush forard to defend their prince. One by one they fell and as the last knight hit the ground the young royal turned on his heel and fled fearing he would be next. He raced down the halls seeing bodies and blood everywhere. By the time he reached the throne room he was out of breath and panicked. He glanced around the room it was empty except for...a single body. He moved forward fear gripping him he knew those clothes that crown. He knelt beside what used to be his father his king. As he glanced down at him he felt tears threaten to fall. He fought them back standing and grabbing his fathers discarded sword.

Throwing open the throne room door he moved through the corridor looking for a way out he made it to the stairs before he encoutered anyone. There where two of them blocking his exit. The memory of his father and freinds filled him with rage as he charged them fighting for all he was worth. The first fell easy the second was a bit harder but he too hit the ground, dead. It was then the anger faded to shock and Prince Valen realized what he had done. His face paled and he dropped the sword in shock. Though he had been trianed to fight he had never killed. It was a hard truth for him to face. He did not move even as he though he heard something behind him. He kept staring at the bodies, the men he had killed.
Lydia heard the clash of metal as she wove through the battle. Her two swords slashing at every enemy that tried to get within five feet of her. The art of the way she used the swords looked like a kind of dance, of course it wasn't orthodox, she was trained in the secret organization of elite fighters. The rest of her companions were off fighting the other corners of the war. She didn't even fully understand the motive for the start of the war. It was rumored that the prince refused to be betrothed to the princess of the neighboring kingdom, sending the hysterical father into rage which has caused...this. She looked over head, finally reaching the castle. Hearing the shouts and screams of death, she raged in slashing once again.

Lydia ducked under quick slashes only to send her sword towards the abdomen at an angle and quickly moving on to the next. Twisting and turning around, using her two swords, she defeated enemy after enemy. Her armor was unlike every other. It was made with leather, rather than the usual chain, it helped the fighters move quickly and swiftly without the extra weight, the swords were also lighter--but sharper. Sharp enough to cut off a limb clean. Her face was covered except for her eyes and forehead, keeping the dirt and dust out of her nose and mouth.

She jogged in front of her and looked at the individual in front of her, knowing who exactly it was. The king was dead and the city was in peril. It was the prince. She pulled down her mask and caught her breath,
"Your Serene Highness, we must leave. The men are closing in on the castle and it won't be long before it is completely overthrown--Your Highness!"
The words seemed to bring the prince back to reality. He slowly nodded turning to face her. It was no use to dwell on it now they had to escape. "Your right we should..." His words were cut short when he saw exactly who stood before him. He raised an eyebrow looking confused. "Lydia? Why are you here? I thought you left the kingdoms service?" He took a step back looking down at the discarded sword. He was more than a little suspcious. She had been one of the best knights they had but she had left and the Prince had never found the reason. "Why are you here now?" The sounds of battle where close and the prince jumped slightly as a door was knocked in further down the hall. He glanced at the former knight and shook his head. He did not know why she was here but he would give her the benifit of the doubt. He picked up the sword he had discarded earlier. "We don't have time but when we do I expect answers...good ones. Now come on if we hurry we can get to the ground floor before more of them find us. There is a secret exit down there close to the stairs" He opened the door to the stairway moving to the side. "Laides first." He guestured for her to move. Normally he would go first but as he was not sure why Lydia was here he was taking no chances. A blade in the back was not a pleasant experinece.
Lydia rolled her eyes as she cautiously walked through. She felt the ground for any suspicious footsteps and when there was none, she briskly walked down the stairs. Of course her ears were much better than her eyes and the banging was getting louder and closer. Putting the mask back on, she took out one of her swords and held it out in front of her, ready for action. There was a loud banging in front of them and she stopped, holding out a hand behind her to stop Prince Valen. As the door burst open she rushed into action. Five of the warriors from the warring kingdom had found a way in through the other side of the castle.

"This isn't good." She muttered. Taking out her other sword in her hand, she got to work. She spun around a sword that swung at her and sliced the man's torso. Her other sword went straight into the heart of another. One by one, each of the warriors were falling and in less than ten minutes the small band was defeated. Lydia caught her breath as she turned to the prince.

"Let's go, and stop gawking. It's not that unusual to see a girl fighting."