A Timed Existence (modern tragedy)

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    If you could know the time of your death, what would you do?

    Would you run from the truth

    or would you try to find more time?

    The people in this world are born knowing exactly how much longer they have to live through a tattoo-like timer embedded into their left forearm. From the moment they take their first breath, the timer starts, and it never stops, not until death. The timer will tell you how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have until you will meet your demise, and there is no way of avoiding it- only delaying the inevitable.

    The timer can change, too, you see- the moment you step onto a plane doomed to fall from the sky, your timer will adjust itself accordingly, chopping off your seventy years to a measly twenty minutes in the blink of an eye. Or, two steps to the right while taking a walk on the street can change it from three months to three years. The people in this world don't believe in luck- they believe in skill, in a person's ability to maneuver through their life and avoid the reaching the end of their timer.

    Of course, it's not always possible. But for many, it's much more desirable to have a chance at a longer life, rather than accepting whatever hand your given.

    On your other arm, is a second, smaller timer. This one, too, brings as much dread as it does fortune- it relays the time you have until you meet the one, the person of your dreams, the love of your life. It counts down until the split second you will meet your soul mate, the person meant for you. Giggling girls prepare themselves for lovely meetings with their lover-to-be, but the timer is quite often finicky, changing, just as the 'death clock' does, as choices in life are made.

    Perhaps if you didn't skip that girls night out, you would have met him sooner.

    These are all just facts in your life, now, although many around you have tried to cheat the system, to avoid the fate foretold by those two, little timers.

    But it's impossible.

    You have a timed existence, and all that you can do is to count the days left.


    This is a modern roleplay based in the fictional city of Merth, a college-town along the coast, bordered by a rather beautiful forest. The town is of a decent size, but consists mostly of college and university students, as the city itself is dominated by Merth Community College and further by Merth University, which has several large schools for nearly every major imaginable.

    The characters of this story are all college students living in Merth, whether they are post-graduates or undergraduates, trying to live their life and get their degree they have so earned for. But there is a twist to this seemingly normal life. In this world, everybody has two timers on their arms. One reads their Time of Death, and the other reads their Soulmate Timer. Both change constantly, but both always hold true. When your Time of Death hits zero, there is no going back.

    This sandbox roleplay is based around the interactions of these interconnected students as they handle their lives with the ever-pressing presence of the timers on their arms.

    Will you meet your soul mate?

    Or will you die before you meet the love of your life?

    Will you die young, or can you dodge the bullet until you live as an old man?

    It's up to you to find out.

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