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  1. It's been a while since I've used a well loved character of mine, Giavanni, and her best friend, Bruno, in a roleplay and I've been missing them as of late. With that said, I have a couple of ideas in mind that I believe would be great fun to play out with someone and, mind you, these ideas are great for expanding into a wonderfully fun, adventurous and long story. First, though, facts and expectations!

    • Giavanni is a woman of color. Meaning she has dark skin. Do what you will with that information.
    • Considering that I am a product of a biracial marriage, I like to incorporate that into my rps. Again, do what you will with that information.
    • The story will be packed with adventure, action, fantasy, lots of romance and sex. Romance is the most important to me, though.
    • I write, at the very least, two to three paragraphs each post. If I have a great partner that gives me a lot to work with, I can reach well up to ten posts.
    • I do not expect my partners to write ten posts to match me, but I also do not appreciate partners who write only the bare minimum without adding much thought to it.
    • One-liners are the bane of my existence.
    • I'm looking for someone to play the male in these stories.
    • Just because the character is male, does not necessarily mean that the person behind the screen has to be male as well. If a woman feels comfortable playing a male and can do so convincingly, please, by all means.
    • Don't let my facts and expectations scare you. I'm actually a pretty lax person who giggles a lot.
    • I expect for my partner to post at least once a day. I'm not a monster; if something comes up in real life that needs your attention, I will understand, but if your posts start to take three or four days to come up, then I will lose interest very quickly and drop you as a partner.
    • I need a partner who can contribute creatively to the story. Being the leader is only fun for about five minutes and then it gets boring when I have to call the shots all the time.
    • At least two paragraphs each post. Even if it's dialogue, you can still come up with something close to two paragraphs.
    • No god-modding.
    • Communicate with me. I'm not saying we have to be best friends, but it's fun to bounce ideas off of each other every now and then so that way we don't cause unneeded conflict or tension if it can be avoided.
    • For the love of God, if I write a post that unintentionally controls your character too much and you don't like it, just tell me please.
    And that's about it in terms of what I'm looking for. Now, on to the story plots!

    Desert Sands: A female traveler who wanders the world to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and adventure has just spent the last several days trekking through the desert. The trip was long and boiling hot; she has reached the end of her water supply when she stumbles across a rather large, desert kingdom. Figuring she could at least rest a little bit and stock up on more supplies before shoving out again, she enters the kingdom with eyes filled with wonder. She is there for barely half a day when trouble strikes and this time, it's hard for her to get out of it. A trio of thieves are fleeing from the royal guards, their arms packed with golden items, and out of instinct, she assists the guards in apprehending the crooks. During the scuffle, though, a strange bracelet latches itself on to her wrist and no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get it off. Turns out its a magic bracelet that was supposed to be used in a ceremony meant to find the prince's bride; whoever the bracelet chose was the destined woman to become queen of the kingdom. Needless to say, she did not want to be tied down to some prince she was only meeting for the first time and the royal advisers did not want their future king marrying an outsider, a peasant. In between trying to escape the palace and find a way to get the bracelet off of her wrist, she ends up spending more and more time with the somewhat spoiled, naive prince, taking him out into her world of adventure and showing him the beauty of his own kingdom all while falling in love which conflicted heavily with the prince's royal duty and her own call for adventure.

    Desert Sands 2: The same plot up until the bracelet lands on her wrist. She is kept in the palace, for the most part, while the advisers try to find a way to get the bracelet off. The woman meets the prince a few times to at least know who she's dealing with should worst comes to worst. However, she finds her attention drawn to a servant in the palace, of slave of sorts, whom she finds herself falling in love with the longer she's there and the more time she spends with him. That, of course, is a conflict in itself since there's a chance she could become the queen of the kingdom and thus, could become solely the prince's woman.

    Desert Sands 3: Instead of there being a prince involved in the beginning, or even a slave boy, Giavanni runs into a local troublemaker, a kindred spirit of sorts, something of a street rat, who offers her a place to stay while she's in the kingdom. They get into all sorts of fun adventures together and he teaches her all about the kingdom while she tells him stories of her own adventures. They grow closer the more time they spend together, feelings of love stoking within them...until that bracelet lands on Giavanni's wrists and she is whisked away to be held inside the palace.

    Ninja Village: It has been quite some time since Giavanni and Bruno have seen any sign of civilization on their travels and the girl couldn't consider herself any more lucky that the next town they come upon just so happens to be a ninja village. Her original plan was to keep to herself for a little while until she was able to get a full layout of the village and know her way around, like any traveler would, but that plan was soon foiled when she witnessed something of a kidnapping/robbery of a beautiful young woman taking place down a dark alleyway. She intervenes and saves the woman, finding out later that she is a young priestess/ninja princess of a powerful clan. Giavanni is then taken to the woman's compound where she meets a handsome warrior. Her interest and infatuation with him is shallow at first- he is quite handsome and quite strong- but soon, as they grow closer and even train together, their feelings start to grow deeper, reaching past shallow appearances. Their relationship is tested, though, with the rise of a new evil as well as countless roadblocks put in place to try and break them apart.

    That about sums it all up. As stated before, there will be lots of romance in these stories as well as sex, adventure, fantasy and action. Anything to keep it interesting and fun, really. If you are interested, please send me a PM and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    DO NOT reply here. Especially not to ask me to send YOU a PM. I won't see it.
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  2. Still open.
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