A three-person adventure

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  1. The story resolves around six unlikely heroes on their path to greatness as they face off against the many evils that stain the land of Avalon. Throughout their ventures they would encounter foes and allies alike, perhaps even making a few friends along the way. Despite the legendary stories and fairy tales, adventuring isn't always fun and games. Death breathes upon the necks of those who venture into the untamed wilds of Avalon unprepared.
    I want to do an epic fantasy with two other people, where our characters will experience hardships and betrayal during their many adventures. There will be intense blood and gore, and will not be very light hearted.

    We will all play multiple characters that have the possible chance of dying on an adventure, so I ask my partners to be open-minded to that. And six characters is not the set limit, we can all play however many characters we want.

    Oh, one more thing. I prefer decent grammar, with correct punctuation and spelling. ^_^
  2. Well, I'm interested, though I'm not sure how far the blood and gore can go with my age >.< however I myself have no problem with such things.
  3. It's going to at least get to guts spilling out of a person, I hope you can handle that. :D

    And awesome! We only need one more person now.
  4. Ah don't worry :P I think I've seen plenty of that sort of thing, anyways I guess I'll be waiting too (I've been desperately starving for an fantasy medieval sort of RP :P)
  5. I'm interested, count me in as well.
  6. Alright then! I'll start a group conversation with both of you. :D
  7. *waits eagerly*
  8. OMG *Hates self for missing this awesome opportunity* I have been really wanting to try a 3 person Rp and this sounded awesome. :C *goes back to looking*
  9. You can still join in, if you want. Four people only makes it better.
  10. 8D *dances* I would love to join if there's room and you don't think adding one more person wouldn't be too many people.
  11. Alright, I invited you to the conversation. ^_^
  12. I am interested in a roleplay where characters die regularly that used correct grammar and punctuation. The longest-lasting roleplay I ever participating had character deaths in it, and I played one or two characters in that one as well. But it might get too crowded if I were to join.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.