A Third of American 8th Graders believe Canada a Dictatorship

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    Article: According to the U.S. government's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 33 per cent of American eighth graders currently believe that Canada is a dictatorship.

    This finding was one of many revealed by the NCES in its 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress report when it was released late last month.


    This makes me hella laugh!

    Article found HERE
  2. American youth is stupid.

    American adults purposefully ignorant.

    More at 11, back to you, Gwazi.
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  3. As a Canadian, I thought we were a dictatorship until I was about eight. I mean, what's the point of ruling if you don't have absolute power?
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  4. Yeah! That's my country! Woo!

    *walks off to die in a hole.*
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  5. The conclusion drawn is also blatantly phrased in a sensationalistic and misleading way, given the data it was drawn from. The question doesn't mention the word "dictatorship", and is also asking about the similarities between different countries rather than for facts about one. If the question had been "Is Canada a dictatorship?" the conclusion would be much more valid.

    Of course, this doesn't make it any less worrying. It's just a shame that for shoddy education to be taken seriously, one has to exaggerate and mislead so much.
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  6. Are you sure this isn't a hoax? I find this rather hard to believe.
  7. Oh dear God. I have no hope for the kids of America.
  8. If by dictator you mean Poutine, then you're 100% correct.
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  9. Are you telling me that it isn't a dictatorship ran by Maple Syrup company CEO's....?
  10. I love every tasty bit of what you did there.
  11. Oh please, the only ruler of absolute power we have is the cold, bipolar bitch that is mother nature.


    Where is your God now, American youths?
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  12. The Moose Lord demands sacrifices. The Snow Lord demands painful labor. The Maple God demands absolute worship.

    Dictators, not a dictator.
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  13. Which one demands a firstborn child? The French?
  14. We all know the true ruler of Canada is Tim Hortons.

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  15. It shows how ineptitude of our oh-so beloved public education system is here in Eagleland.

    "Oh yeah let's just throw more money at it instead of actually fixing the problem then soon we'll have everyone believe Peurto Rico is North Korea."

    [insert the Picard facepalm meme of choice here]

    Canada is far from a dictatorship. Hell, I consider my own nation to be more dictatorial than Canada because Canada does not have the IRS, NSA and other Fascist-style surveillance and overreach coming out of the rotten corruption of DC.

    Two of my strongest subjects in school were History and Geography which runs contrary to most kids in school these days. I will admit, however, math was not my strong suite. You throw letters and numbers into one and I'll freak out (ala Algebra). It seems to me the education system is more interested in indoctrinating the youth to be good little communists, worshiping Che Guevara and Karl Marx and shoving the progressive thought down everyone's throats than teaching proper curriculum of science, law, literature, math, health and history.
  16. Oh, so that's why my family went missing after they spoke out against our beaver overlords.
  17. The beaver happens to be Illuminati.
  18. I always wondered if that 'home of the free' bit ever led to misconceptions about the state of other countries
  19. Absolutely. There are definitely people (not sure how many, but I've met a few in my life) who think the US is the only place that has freedom. They can't really define what that means and why we're the only ones that have it, but they're pretty convinced of the idea. -_-
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  20. That's... Really quite sad
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