A Tale Of Two Pillars

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  1. This is not something someone else created. This has nothing to do with religion or politics this is just something i whipped up.

    A Tale Of Two Pillars.

    At the beginning of time the world was created, and soon life came after that.
    As the world began to develop and humans speckled the plains and woods all around there was a revelation.
    The burdens of emotion and turmoil quickly spread across the land as the humans spread.
    One day a building was constructed and along with it a single pillar tasked with the job of carrying all the world's burdens.
    For a long time the pillar held fine, but as the years crept by small cracks and signs of wear could be seen as the burdens grew and grew.
    Soon the pillar began to crumble and become weak.
    Just as the pillar was about to break a sad cry could be heard across the land, a cry of desperation and a cry for companionship.
    The people heard this cry but carried on with their own lives, they believed the pillar was impossible to break and that it would last forever.
    One day the pillar was found with a large crack splitting the middle, it was clear it was near its ends as the burdens began to fall over the edge.
    The next day as the pillar was about to completely break, a second pillar appeared beside it to share the burdens.
    With the second pillar now protecting the first they held all the burdens and lived together in harmony, and as time went on the cracks slowly vanished.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.