A Tale of Two Fae

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  1. Enterlude.

    The Two Realms.

    The Universe. A vast and mystical place encompassing all things in space and time and outside of it. There are busy parts of the universe and not so busy, there are "cities" of planets with activity and far off islands. These "islands" may seem barbaric but are just as intelligent and important as the smartest of creatures. This is the story of a planet, in the darkest corner of the universe, far from many planets without living things. Covered in shades of magenta and pale pinks. Water appeared white due to atmosphere, which was a little over 50% of the planet's mass. This orb was far from Earth. In fact, so far out it wasn't even ever a thought in anyone's head that it was even a place teeming with life. Even in the planetary cities most intricate knowledge bases.

    This is the story of that tiny, pink and white planet.

    Looking up at the sky, you would see a bright, bluish moon that faded into the most magnificent shades of green and silver in the sunset and sunrise. The sky, was blue in parts too, but sometimes appeared pinkish through the middle of the day. Really, it depends on where you were. The world is coated in green grasses and the most lush flowers. Deserts, a small tundra, and a vast array of creatures of both sea and land.

    The planet was incredibly small and far from its sun, which was incredibly large. The tiny ball was united but kept separate and dual, like many other places in the entirety of the universe. Seelie and Unseelie "courts" each with their own intricate system of leaders and followers. The two courts fought, and they didn't, though they always kept their planet sacred. The first was the Seelie.

    Seelie was born of a single seed planted in the ground by an unknown force. From it sprang life and energy where all living things were light. Colors were created and so was art, through Seelie. Seelie was beauty in all things, a warm welcome into a stranger's house. Though Seelie was not always so kind. Seelie was also explosive and dangerous to its planet once. The Seelie created the desert and destroyed an entire kind of people, the Yuthoria, a sort of "third" court to the world. Though very few do exist but are in hiding from the Seelie and Unseelie courts themselves. Their kind is shrouded in mystery as little was ever recorded of them. The Seelie were punished for their destruction of the land by a binding contract that forced the Seelie to give half of their land to the Unseelie or destruction would beget the land.

    The second was Unseelie. Born of a root from an unknown plant, death to the sun came. A chaotic change from the Seelie's brightness. Unseelie was mysterious and dark. Unseelie is where predators were first born, a new idea to the Seelie. Unseelie was natural and not sophisticated. However, it was not evil. Unseelie, too, was loving to the planet. And so the two Courts, Seelie and Unseelie, promised to always keep their planet whole, the Seelie created the desert, and on their own lands even. So they were punished so the Unseelie could heal the desert. Though nothing the Unseelie could do worked. And then, one day, a Seelie man was born who was determined to take back the rest of Seelie's land. The Unseelie outlashed, and instead of giving their land back, destroyed a hole called the tundra at the northern most part of the world, classic Unseelie territory. The man was unscathed, and Unseelie was forced to return Seelie their land.

    But instead of taking another half of their land as the contract said, the Seelie offered to rewrite it, to which the Unseelie agreed. It wrote that none shall destroy the planet or his or her heart will stop. The world was bound in the contract, and a oneness fell over the pink and white world. A buzz of harmony radiated from their tiny point in the galaxy. For thousands of years the two Courts lived in harmony.

    (You see, between the two courts, there is a delicate balance of sunrise and moonrise or sunset and moonset. Though the sky is blurred when directly between the two or in the desert or tundra and in mountains, each court carries slightly different overall characteristics. Unseelie Court tend to have purple, violet, indigo, or blue skies while the Seelie court tends to have pink, orange, red, and sometimes pale blue skies, just about anything can cause the skies to shift color, especially weather. Really, just go with whatever colors you think it might be. It's fairy land.)

    However, recently troubles have been plaguing the land. The two courts are on the brink of breaking again. A string of grim murders has happened across the Seelie court and such symbolism in a killing has taken great notice as rituals including the dead were banned from both Courts long ago. Books state that rituals closest with these killings are Unseelie magic. The Unseelie Court has a strict policy on not sharing banned magic to even the other courts but state that it is not Unseelie magic either. Turmoil begins growing between the two Courts and a decision is made to send out their best investigators to find the person behind these murders.
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