A Tale of the Fae

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    Pytioses Leyneure:
    # Styriarch Maeyorucci, Chevalier Head Knight of the Seelie Court

    I am Seelie. My name is Styriarch Maeyorucci ("steer-ee-ahr-k~") ("may-yoh-roo-kee"), sometimes I'm called Styr, for short. My body is tough and weathered from many fights. I am the head of the Seelie Knights, also known as Chevaliers. My black mane falls long against my pearlescent hide. A large, flat, golden horn protrudes from my head appearing as a sharp knife. In human form, my skin is just as pearlescent and my hair just as dark and far shorter.

    # Kanjo Andalion, Engineer of the Unseelie Court

    I'm Unseelie and a Gnome, I work as an engineer for my Court and I'm proud to be one, I consider myself smart yet clumsy at times. I am small even for my kind and I enjoy reading about the magic in this world. The name is Kanjo Andalion ("kahn-jo") ("ahn-dah-lee-ohn") I have short, rather blue hair, but it is rather black now from all my work. My skin as such is just as colored. Besides my rather dirty appearance during or after work, I'm a clean person and I enjoy using magic for my work.

    # Barthett, Guild General of neither Court

    Ahoy! I am Barthett the Guild General. I am a Dragonfly, or sometimes called a Bugman, though I really hate that term. I am tall and slender with incredibly large wings. Unlike Fairies, I never change my appearance. Though my body and legs resemble a Fairy's, my arms, neck, and head resemble a Dragonfly. I am responsible for taking total third-party opininon in the Guild. Us Insects, a proper term for Bugmen, often lack emotions that the majority tend to use, which makes us perfect for the job. I use no magic as it poses no use for me, I guess you could say I'm more like a Mantis in that retrospect, but that does not say that I do not have power.

    # Ajin and Pailo, Lordly Representatives, Ajin - Seelie, Pailo - Unseelie

    We are the Seelie (Ajin) and Unseelie (Pailo) Court representatives. We each represent our leaders opinions as a whole. The Kings and Queens of either Court themselves are not a part of Guild due to the immense amount of respect they command. To keep the Guild fair, we were brought in and taught their opinions on each matter. Which ones were most important and which ones are not. We are bound by a Magical contract from the moment of entering the Guild meetings. Ajin being a Pixie and Pailo, a Troll, we seem to make a strange pair that works well together.

    # Mekk, Historian of both Courts

    I am the Historian representing both Courts as a whole. I was born an Unseelie Elf but now represent more a Troll these days. I am often found being entirely covered in my work, either papers or dirt. I am responsible for being the absolute word on translating findings into magic representations of themselves. Though my skills hold no ability in defense nor attack, I am able to pull the essence from artifacts which existed prior to the establishing of the two
Thread Status:
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