A Surprising Romance

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  1. [​IMG]A new city and a new school means a few things. One: You have to make new friends that you dont want because to you their nothing like your old friends. Two: You have to be the only one looking ta your schedule trying not to get lost and make a complete fool of yourself. Thee: Usually people will try to fuck with you just because your new which means...a fight. Joey wasn't planning on any of it. He didn't even want to move from NewYork all the way to California, it just wasn't him and plus the east coast and west coast music were completly diffrent. Leaning against the seat in the car he was scrolling through old pictures with his friends anad he hated being in Cali even more.

    All his parents were trying to say was that it was a chance to start off new and meet new people and make new friends. Bullshit. Joey knew that he wasn't five when you could make friends with the kid next to you from farting or burping so loud and then everything was okay because it wasn't. As the car pulled into the driveway of their house in some neighboorhood he sighed and climbed out the car. The boxes were already unpacked and put away thanks to his parents and now all he had to do was pick out and outfit for school..the first day of his new shitty school.

    Joey streached his acking muscles and then looked up at the night sky. Walking inside he didn't really care what it looked like. He missed his apartment. After taking a shower and getting into some shorts he cliimbed into be and reluctantly went to sleep. Beep beep beep beep!. " Ugh god Damn!". Joy slammed the alarm clock and then slowly climbed out of bed nad headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and then take a shower. After debating on what to wear he threw on a long sleved polor shirt and cargo pants with some sneakers.

    Grabing his backpack he headed downstairs and then ate a bite of toast that his parents made before heading out and getting into his parents car. Since they didn't have work today they allowed him to use their car to get to school instead of taking the bus. As soon as he arrived Joey almost wanted to drive past the school. Alot of the students were jsut hanging around. Couples making out, jocks bullying nerds...eh typical. Parking his car Joey got out and locked the door before he saw the looks of some students, mostly girls who smiled in his direction. Hmm might turn out to be a good year.

    The only thing he wans't looking forward to was speaking, he hated when people asked him where he was from especially since he had a heavy Brooklyn accent. Taking a deep breath he headed into the school to his first class...History.
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