A strange new land

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  1. In this roleplay a wandering knight is shipwrecked and washed ashore on a strange land and taken in by strange and dangerous people and forced to fight for his survival.

  2. (I suck at explaining descriptions so here's a picture of how he looks. [​IMG])

    A lone ship sailed across the oceans towards a land far away. The ship carried mostly cargo but it did hold one passenger. A young knight of about 21 years of age. He had been traveling across the lands for an extremely long time for two years now he had served as a knight of the people and a savior of the innocent. He had fought bands of bandits and saved several towns from attacking thieves. He couldn't claim that he had slain a dragon or anything like that but people sure did try to make the tales of his deeds sound like he had. One story was that he single handedly defeated over 200 bandits that were attacking a town and that with one swing of his sword was enough to cleave 20 men in half. While in truth he had defeated only 10 bandits and he hadn't had to kill a single one of them. But people liked to gossip and spread rumors there was nothing to be done about that.

    He had wanted to go out and explore new lands which was how he had ended up on the ship that was currently sailing to port across the seas. It had been smooth sailing since they set out and he thought that in the end he would make it there without issue. How wrong he was. It was almost like magic had been cast and someone had meant harm for the ship and it's crew. The sky turned black and thunder rumbled across the sky. Then the rain came in large hard drops that when they hit your body the water felt more like tiny pebbles from how hard it fell. The waves grew larger and the sea grew restless as it threatened to capsize the boat. Unfortunately for the Crew and its only passenger. That's exactly what happened. Will was thrown overboard just before the boat capsized and managed to latch onto a piece of cargo that was floating away. He didn't know how long he had remained stuck to that cargo or how long he had been stuck out at sea. It felt like it had been months but it had only been a day when he washed up onto the beach of an unkown land and passed out after crawling away from the ocean so he didn't have to fear being swept away again.
  3. Shortly after the man has washed up to the shore, a group of girls were coming out of the trees to play in the sea water. As soon as they laid eyes on the mysterious stranger, the oldest girl herded the others and they disappeared back into the trees to inform others on the intruder. It wasn't long after they had disappeared that three men dressed in light armor appeared. They kept their wood and steel shields up at first until one completely approached the man. After presuming that the stranger was not dead, the three men roughly picked him up and began to carry him away and back to the village.

    Eventually, they reached the main hall of the small castle. Wood and brick built up strong walls and a long thick wood table adorned the center with benches running across either side and large chairs placed on the ends. At the far end of the hall sat a tall stone throne that stood vacant while the man who should be sitting there sat at one of the large chairs at the table. He turned seeing the approach of the soldiers, brown and graying beard stretching down with his graying hair and tired eyes gazing toward the four men.

    "Who's this? An intruder? Wake him up," the man ordered, handing one of the men his cup to splash on the face of the man who was passed out.
  4. The young knight didn't know how long he had laid passed out on the beach. Nor did he know that he had been found and dragged back to a strange castle in the middle of no where. All he knew was that there was suddenly a cup of water thrown in his face. His eyes immediately snapped open as the cold water woke him up but at the same time he had been breathing in so he had sucked some of the water down his nose and into his lungs which sent him into a fit of coughing.

    He didn't throw up thank god but after he was finished coughing he realized..he wasn't on a beach but on a floor. This didn't bode well for him. Slowly and carefully he raised his head up to look at the large man sitting in front of him. The man was clearly someone of great importance from the way he sat and pronounced himself. He was also clearly gaining many years in age from all the grey in the man's hair and beard he assumed the man was maybe in his late 40's early 50's but he had no way of knowing for sure and the last thing he wanted to do was insult him by asking. Hell he didn't want to insult anyone by saying anything that would throw his head upon the chopping block so..he just stayed silent as he took in the large man in front of him.
  5. The older man looked down at the stranger with a gaze caught between annoyance and questioning. "Who are you? Where do you hail from, man?" he asked roughly toward the man, not getting up from his place. The other two men kept a hold of this stranger while he continued. "Well? Speak! Do you not understand me?"

    There was a scoff from the corner of the room, gaining the attention of the older gentleman as he turned toward the sound. "Do you have something to say, girl?" he asked the person.

    Green-brown eyes turned their attention to the stranger and a slow smirk spread across her face. "If he can't speak now with words, maybe he'll speak later with weapons," she pointed out, keeping a sultry gaze on the captive one.

    He grunted, turning his attention back toward the intruder. "Well... How about it? Will you talk now?"
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  6. The knight would have answered the big man right off the bat but he had hardly given him a chance to answer. Before he knew it they were threatening to loosen his tongue through torture. He didn't know who these people were or what they were capable of but he had a strong feeling that it wasn't going to be anything good. Swallowing hard he calmed his nerves before he lowered his head a bit "My name is William Treaty. I'm a knight heralding from the land of Agora. I was on a passenger ship heading towards one of our ports on the other side of the continent. It was a shorter trip by boat while going on land would have taken me almost a full year to travel by horse."
  7. "Agora!" the man exclaimed before turning his attention to one of his men. "Where's Agora?" he questioned.

    "It matters not, father," the woman murmured, approaching the chair the older man sat in as her dirty blond hair bounced along with her steps. "What matters is that this man is a knight hailing from another place altogether. We don't get many of those in these parts."

    The older man nodded slightly, a hand stroking his beard in thought. "True..." he grumbled.

    "Maybe we should put him on trial... Test his skill. He'll be useful to us," she pointed out, not removing her gaze from the stranger.

    A loud bang erupted when the older man smacked a fist on the table, starting to laugh. "That's true!" he exclaimed, grinning down at the man. "We'll put him on trial and test his skills as a knight!"

    The other men glanced toward each other and William before one asked, "What should we do with him until then?"

    "Put him in the d-" the man started, suddenly interrupted by the woman.

    "Father!" she cried before turning her attention toward the men. "Put him in a spare bedroom. Place guards at his door," she ordered. "Supply him with what he needs to help him in tomorrow's trial." She watched as the men agreed, with her words and started to take the knight away. "Really, father..." she muttered, getting a questionable gaze from the older man. "I'll see that the knight is well acquainted to the space provided to him."
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  8. William was all kinds of confused. These people had never heard of the kingdom of Agora? It was only the biggest kingdom in the known area. And what were they talking about? Trials? What trials? and what use could he be to them? Why would they even want him to go through these trials? "H..Hey! Hold on a second! don't I get a say in all of this?! I don't know who you people are or where I am and your throwing me on trial!? What the heck is going on?!" He knew that he was probably going to get into some serious trouble for speaking out like that. Especially since the old man was probably their equivalence to a king and if they were anything like his kingdom he could be put to the sword for speaking out like that. But they seemed determined to send him to the trials so he figured he would be safe...for now.
  9. The woman paused from the man's outburst, turning a angry gaze toward him. "Don't question the kindness we are offering you," she sneered. "We usually kill strangers that come onto our land, no matter the circumstances. We're giving you a chance to see if you're worth enough to even know about this place you stumbled upon. Also, we're going to need a knight for the upcoming battles, so it's best you show your use now for the sake of your life."

    "Now, now, my daughter," the older man chuckled, amused.

    "Fine..." she muttered, turning her attention back to the man. "Would you prefer to sleep in the dungeon with nothing but the cold floor beneath you?"
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  10. He didn't shrink back in the slightest at the young woman's threat. He had been in worse situations and had nearly lost his life in several occasions. However he was staring at her with an "are you serious?" Look on his face. Kindness? This was kindness? Treating him like a prisoner and forcing him to compete in these trials to prove his worth to a group of people he had no idea who they were or what they wanted with him? On top of that if he failed they would execute him. What part of any of this was kindness?! He just stared her down with an angry look as she addressed him again before he shook his head and he had to bite his tongue to keep a snarky reply from sneaking out. He might be a knight but he had a mouth on him especially when he was upset. He was known for getting into a few arguments with others due to his mouth however he had the skills to back up his talk and that meant he was dangerous. Arrogant and cocky no. But dangerous yes.
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