A story with wolf, werewolf and ghost.

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  1. This story about a human teenager and teenager wolf girl. The human teenager discover into a forest a hurt wolf and decide saved it. But discover this wolf is not normal wolf. The wolf is antrhropomorphic wolf girl with specials power. A old legend says exist a magic tablet with magic formula who can transform a wolf in a girl in few situations but this the wolf must find a partener and must prove the curage.
    This story are: fantasy/horror. In this story apear spirits/ghosts and werewolfs.
  2. I think this sounds interesting, definately something I'd be interested in
  3. What kinda ghost would you need? And any other werewolves?
  4. uhh whatever kind of ghost you want
  5. The werewolf must be strong, stronger like ordinary wolf and they can be a human form and can be a guardians of some places and they must try stop the wolf girl arrive at the tablet and catch it.

    The ghost can be a whatever kind of ghost. The ghost have role scarry and put they on false track.
  6. I'll make a ghost or werewolf! Which ever is needed more!
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Thread Status:
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