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  1. So, the world must be ending because I have an actual plot bunny (versus my usual character bunnies lol)

    So Taliesin here is somewhat estranged from all of his family and friends. Due to issues with his family he turned his back on becoming a Knight or anything boring like that and became a world famous assassin. Now where do you come in you ask? Well I would like to see if anyone would like to play an old friend of his (doesn't matter what gender) who has had enough of him sulking around the world killing people for exorbitant amounts of money and perhaps even more particularly to stop being a cold bastard on the rare occasions they meet. So they track him down and refuse to leave him alone until he comes home. Or he metaphorically eats them alive, whatever comes first lol Feel free to ask any questions I may not have answered on here or PM me!
  2. Sounds interesting, what kind of setting is it in? Fantasy, medieval or other?
  3. Ah historical fantasy I would say, I guess I forgot to mention that Tal is at least part demon (though no one is supposed to actually know that) and it's mostly midevil tech
  4. Ok, sounds awesome. I would like to do this rp ^^
    Want to have character bios, or shall we just introduce our characters in the first post and then let the story tell about the past and their personalities etc. ?
  5. Hmmm I prefer introducing in the first post and revealing things as time goes on if that is okay with you? We can always collaborate the mixed pasts via PM as things go on.
  6. Ok, I also prefer to do it that way :)

    Shall you or I do the first post?
    Anything you think we have to discuss (here or in PM) before the rp starts, or should we just start and see what happens and talk about stuff as it goes on.
  7. I will go ahead and start it. I can't think of anything big we need to discuss at the moment, I'll go ahead and sent you the link via PM once I've got it up and then you can ask any questions that might raise.
  8. Ok, it's midnight here so I might not answer before I wake up tomorrow. My brain feels a bit drowsy right now. But I might also answer already tonight before I go to bed, it depends on how awake I am at the point when I'm reading your post
  9. We shall see lol my intro posts can get fairly lengthy. Either way I look forward to RPing with you ^^
  10. Haha I'm the same, intro posts are hard to make short for some reason :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.