A Story about Revenge: Judge, Jury...Do we have to add in the Executioner?

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Blood Lightning

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A Rookie Police Officer's younger sister is brutally and inexplicably murdered. Even though the killer is caught, there is no conviction or sentence due to lack of evidence. Despite her attempts to find evidence, the case is closed. However, the Rookie is unable to move on from her Sister's Death. Because the Judge and Jury decided not to help, the Cop decides to reopen the case after more than five years of anguish. The Killer may change his name, dispose of the evidence and continue to run, but taking away a Younger Sister from her Older Sister...Is more than just a death sentence. As her Friends and Teammates, will you attempt to stop her? Or will you aid her in her bid for Revenge? The Line between Justice and Vengeance are about to be blurred...Permanently.
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