A Step In Time (For Red & Horus)

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  1. Clouds cover the night sky in Chicago, as the moon tries to peek though. A shadowy figure emerges from the ally way. As the figure gets closer it becomes more and more visible.....

    It was a nice evening to hit the night clubs. I was anticipating a glorious night. As I approached the entrance to the "Ice Box" the line was very long so it had to be packed in the club. The bouncer greeted me... "Hello Mr. Roseboro. How are we this evening?" "Fine, thank you. Isn't it a nice night to party?" I expressed. He nodded and let me in. While passing through the archway of the doors, I could sense the sweet smell of a gorgeous creature. I walked toward her direction and caught her eye. She was looking at a six foot two inch light brown skin male. Dressed in an all black suite with red pin stripes, dawned with a black duster with red silk inlay inside of it. I also had a cobra headed gripped black cane with half carat ruby eyes.

    With a smirk on my face, I looked her in those deep hazel eyes and said “My name is Darren and I would love the pleasure of your company this evening." She looked at me and replied... “I would be glad to be but you have to answer one question for me." I nodded to tell her to continue. “If you can guess my favorite color I will be your guest for this evening." Looking at her she was wearing a tight little black dress with spaghetti straps and the back was opened. Also wearing black stiletto knee high boots. Her accessories consist of white pearl earrings, a nice platinum bracelet and watch to match. But what stood out was the pink hue diamond lace choker she had around her neck. After thinking for a few she speaks up and says... “Well Darren what is your answer?" I grab her hand and look at her and say... “You don't have a favorite color. You are the type of woman who enjoys life because you can. I would say you favorite color is that of money and it comes in all colors." With a surprised look on her face she looks at me in my eyes. "But the color that you were thinking of is powder pink." I answered. “Very impressive, I have to say you are a very intriguing individual." she expressed. “I try to be more than most. Now that the test of wits is over; how about testing my memory by gracing my ears with your name." I retorted with a smile on my face. She replied with... “Carmen S. Williams."

    I moved my hand in a gesture to lead the way to the nearest booth for some spirits and conversation. We reached the VIP section and had some drinks brought to the table. Hours pasted as we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. With the way it was going all I had to do was pay the bill and she would be mine for the evening. I raised my hand to ask for the bill, while whispering my intentions in her ear. With a giggle and a girlish nod she accepted. Being the gentleman that I am, I excused myself from the table to call for my car. I told Carmen to meet me by the door and I will be there shortly. We left out of the club and my car was waiting for us. I opened the door for her and we got in. “I have something to take care of in the city, do you mind a little drive?" I said. "Not at all, you are worth the wait as much as I am." Carmen expressed.

    We pulled up to my home. “How do you like it?" I said. When she looked up what Carmen saw.... was a sixty story building with the penthouse being on top. The building was out fitted with two way black windows. From the surface it looked like a regular apartment complex. Underneath it was so much more. “So this is all yours? Nice, this is very nice." Carmen expressed with excitement. We head inside and take the elevator up to the penthouse. The doors to the elevator opened and the lights come on. “Would you like a drink?" I asked. Carmen nodded as she step down into the sucking in living room area. The living room had tan marbled floors surrounding the creamy tanned couches. In the center of the sucking in part of the living area was a circular fire place pit surrounded with the same shade of marble the flooring had. Basically the penthouse was, let's just say my little haven from the outside world.

    "So what is that you do for all the pretty stuff you have." she asked. I replied by saying that... "I work for the world changers. I am a consultant for them and they are one of few who can afford me." I handed her a drink, and proceeded to indulge myself in her physic. As I was about to enjoy my meal, my private line went off. “Great it’s the Job. Gotta take this; I am sorry Carmen you have to leave. Delta could you take her home for me?” as I finished that sentence a gentleman the size of a brick wall comes through the doorway. He is standing about seven feet two inches, of Native American decent with his shadowy black hair in a pony tail. Delta says "Excuse me Ms. Williams you have to go; if you would not mind following me, a car is waiting downstairs." Confused to no end Carmen follows and is stuttering something awful; asking questions to herself and to Delta to get no response. With great hast I dawned my clothing. Fully dressed the secret service elevator opens from underneath my fire place. Exiting from it was Franklin Jones the Secretary of Defense and a three star General by the name of Diggs. "Well hello gentlemen. How are we this evening?" I said, patiently waiting for what they had in plan for me this time. Mr. Jones replied “We have an issue in the mid-west at one of our non public bases. Its seems that there is something in the surrounding area causing an abnormal signature. We can detect it but can’t pinpoint it." "So at which one, Area 41?" I ask. The General nods head no, and replies “Its Area 24." With a surprised look on my face; I say “So what have you boys been playing with, that would cause this issue?” General Diggs interrupts by saying “We really don't know. We haven't had any attacks; it was just during exercises and drills. Will you please help us?" Looking squarely in his face I respond by saying... "I will not be a part of this. You humans mess with things you barely understand, in search of your “Holy Grail”. I will not help you. I suggest you quarantine the areas where shit has happened and move out of there A SAP. Other then that I have no further assistance to give you. Please leave my home." "So after everything it ends like this? I thought you loved your freedoms...." Cutting the General off ... “I have work for you guys a very long time and I have more than enough where with all to handle myself. So think twice before you threaten me or my freedoms. I prefer to stay a gentleman don't presume to know me EVER!!!" Delta shows up behind me and gestures his hand to the exit. "See yourselves out. I am going back to bed." saying while I walked away. As entered my bedroom I touched the panel on the wall by the window turning it to a twelve camera monitor. I watched them leave and was able to read General Diggs' lips he says “He needs to be taken out." So it seems they don't want to heed my warning. It looks like I am headed to Colorado.
  2. "How can you do this to me, to us?" Her yelling had gotten higher and higher ever since they started to fight. Angelica looked at her mother and sighted, she was so tired of these constant fights. Of course she would want to get out of the house if her mother always were going to yell at her and force her to do stuff she didn't want. The latest desire her mother had was for Angelica to get married to a gentleman that was chosen for her. An arranged marriage? She understood that her parents just were worried that she would hook up with the wrong guy, but a marriage without love? No way would she do that.

    "Mother, listen to me." Angelica tried to be louder than her mother but her voice failed her once again. She had never been good at speaking up, not even when it was about something she really wanted and needed. Her mother just kept shouting. "No, you listen to me. I have taken care of you for seventeen years, almost eighteen. I have always done what's best for you and now you are just going to leave because you think that it isn't fair? He's a nice guy you should.." Angelica couldn't take any more of her mothers screaming so for once she actually made her voice higher than her mom.

    "I don't love him." She shouted with all her might. "You don't need to love him, it will come with time. I don't want you to make the mistake I did." Her mother Elizabeth looked sadly at Angelica. "If I don't make my own mistakes I will never learn." Angelica told her mother, saddened that she weren't able to make her mother understand. "I'm sorry." That was her last words before she turned around and left her crying mother. She simply took her packed bag and walked out, not even glancing at the pictures of her and her mother that were hanging on the wall. Forcing herself to not remember those happy days when they both still could smile happily at each other without a care in the world. Remembering would be painful, suppressing those memories were all she could do. At least for now she couldn't cry. Not with her mother right behind her.

    As she sat on the bus that would take her away from her home in Arizona she suddenly felt the tears pouring out. She knew that it would happen sooner or later, that's why she took a seat in the back of the bus where no one would see her and just in case she had also hidden her face a bit with help of a cap. There was few people on the bus, and most of them sat in the front. No one would notice the crying girl in the back before they arrived in Colorado. Hopefully she would be able to get a new future there.

    Angelica had a friend in Colorado, he had been kind enough to make sure that there were a job waiting for her when she arrived, and he had also helped her get an apartment. It wouldn't be easy to change her lifestyle, but she had to do it. Going from being a rich spoiled kid in Arizona to being a poor waitress that just barely would make it threw the month on the money she earned in Colorado, that wasn't a small step. But her friend had promised to help her the best he could. She couldn't be more thankful towards him, without him she wouldn't have had the courage to break free from the chains her mother had put on her. Without help she would never have dared to leave the safe house her mother had put her in.

    It was midnight when they arrived in Colorado at the place she were getting off on, people had left the bus on the way and new people had taken their places. Only Angelica and one other man had traveled the whole way to Colorado. He had already been on the bus when she went on it. How far had he traveled and for what? She weren't certain why she thought about it, but she weren't going to ask him anyways.

    She noticed immediately when she got off the bus that no one was there waiting for her. "That's weird, Stefan said he would meet me here." She mumbled to herself and dialed his number on her cellphone. After some beeps he picked it up. Instead of letting her ask him were he were, Stefan immediately started to talk. "I'm sorry that I'm late. I got delayed with work and couldn't get off. I'm on my way, I will be there in half an hour. I'm so sorry." He kept apologizing and she could hear that he were running on the way he breathed. "Just walk normally or else you will be dead when you get here. Don't worry about it, I just wait here. Don't stress too much." Angelica didn't really like the thought about being outside in the middle of the night when she didn't know what kind of place it was, but for now it couldn't be helped since she didn't know her way around at all. She started to hum to herself on a happy little melody just to calm her nerves when she had ended her phone call with Stefan.
  3. As the bus pulled in to the late night bus station, next to the abandon airfield; that stood just right outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Angelica would hear the sound of a plane landing just outside of her vision. The lone man on the bus steps off. His appearance was that of a vagabond; his clothes hung on him like wet clothing on a wash line. His face was not in view due to the hoodie he was wearing. With a back pack slung over one shoulder he slowly makes his way to the bench; next to the young lady that was to be his prey.

    (Meanwhile At the Air Strip)
    As I exited my private jet; I noticed the scent of another brethren in the area. He was hunting outside of the designated area, he was about to break the law. “Delta, would you finish loading up the car, I have a newborn to take care of.” I exclaimed with frustration. He nods and as quickly as he nodded I was off. As I flexed to the bus depot to find one of my kind about to feed; I was stop by a melody that was carried upon the winds. The melody being hummed was that of my childhood; that I have not heard in some time.

    As I drifted to the past, time slowed and I began to remember myself as I was. The sweet smell of baking bread coming from the kitchen, that started your taste buds to tingle. The sweet sound of laughter and the wind chimes on the front porch. Feeling the waves of heat from the sunshine; that peeked through the curtain less windows. Hearing the trot of the horses pulling wagons; that towed building supplies. All in sync with the melody my mother would hum; as she poured her soul into the meals she prepared.

    Long has been that time of happiness for me, before I was blessed to live as an immortal. I knew that warmth and felt it so deep inside, that it stuttered my steps to be this young lady’s savior. I snapped back into reality and quickly grasped the neck of the vagrant; pulling him behind the bus out of sight and I spoke in a harsh tone… “How dare you perform a hunt outside of the hunting grounds? If I was a lesser creature I would have slaughtered you for your misdeeds.” The blood speaks more truth than any words that could be uttered. I take displeasure in finding out this despicable excuse for a kindred’s truth. I find that he hails from Vegas; where the rules are less strict then it is here. I give him one choice and it is to be my squire; to be raised the right way and have the rules know. I let him know that if ever you try to hunt outside again, I will not hesitate to give you the “True Death”. I tell him that there is a man on the air strip waiting for you, he will feed you and take you to the hotel. I will see you soon “Henry”, be gone with you.

    As I approached the young lady at the bus depot, I am sure she was not aware of what was happening behind her back. She noticed me and I was wearing a grey three piece suit with crimson pin stripes; covered by a grey long coat with an onyx silk inlay. Upon my feet were black leather shoes with grey suede tops. “So are you waiting for a ride?” I asked. Answering my own question I reply…. “Of course you are; mind if I wait with you?” The look in my hazel eyes was nonthreatening and the look upon my face coincided with that fact.
  4. Angelica was a bit uncomfortable with the man sitting beside her, but she was certain that the bus or the person he were waiting for would come fast and then she would be alone. Something felt a bit threatening but she couldn't understand what. It was probably only the dark that made her mind ghosts haunt her a bit. She closed her eyes as she kept humming on the melody, the same lullaby her own mother had singed to her so many times when she were a child. Those times were far away now. Now there was only fighting between them. Why was it so impossible for them to go back to how they used to be?

    As Angelica opened her eyes again the man was gone. "That's weird. I didn't hear him leave." She mumbled to herself, unknowing about what was happening just a bit away from her. She took a fast look at her phone to see how much longer she would have to wait, it had only been a couple of minutes since she went off the bus. "Don't worry Angelica, you are just a bit worried because it's dark. Nothing will happen." The small words of encourage didn't help her much. Instead she almost felt more certain that something bad would happen before Stefan arrived.

    As the anxiety rose within her she tried to calm herself with the simplest of methods. She started to brush her blond hair with her fingers and once again she hummed on the melody she remembered from her childhood. At some point she caught herself wishing that her mother would be there and brush her hair while singing the lullaby, just like she used to when Angelica were a kid. She could still remember how her mothers blue eyes sometimes got teary when she sang the lullaby. At the time when Angelica had been a kid she hadn't understood why, but later she knew that it was because it reminded her mother about her first husband. He had left them shortly after Angelicas birth, her mother had been heartbroken for years. Then she married into a rich family, just to make sure that Angelica would be able to grow up happy. That didn't work so well though.

    Suddenly Angelica got woken up from her thoughts, a voice seemed to be talking to her. She turned her head and saw a man, he seemed to have pretty expensive clothes. She could almost hear her mother trying to convince her to marry him just because he had money and seemed like a gentleman. But who knew, beneath that gentleman face a wolf may lay hidden.

    "I don't mind." She replied. It felt better to be there with someone than to be totally alone. But being there with a stranger also seemed a bit scary, he could as well be a murderer who hasn't been caught by the police yet. Maybe Stefan would only come to meet her dead body once he arrived. She took a look at the man again. He didn't seem to be the kind of person that took a bus in the middle of the night. "Where are you going so late at night?" Angelica asked the stranger, mostly to try and start a conversation instead of sitting there silently.
  5. She need not know what this world has to offer in the strange and ultra unique. I watch as Henry runs off to Delta. I can still hear the voices from my childhood in the hummed lullaby echoing in my ears. She is special and worth my protection. She probably has only heard of Vampires as what the media puts out. I have not walked the earth for centuries to be brought to my knees by a memory. I have to know more about whom she is and where she hails from.

    The crisp breeze swipes across the plain and her scent graces my senses. Her hair takes flight in playing with the air and she begins to brush it back into place. (I hear her still humming the lullaby; to more than likely come her nerves in this strange new place. I wonder what she is running from or to; could it be something I could help her with… Darren what are you doing you have business to attend too. Sit with her until whoever is here to get comes. Just make sure you do not show you true self. That’s it that’s all.)

    (Meanwhile At Area 24)
    “His plane has landed just outside Colorado Springs; should we send an intercept?” General Diggs asked. “No we want him to come to us, so that we can utilize his specific abilities. Leave him be and let the fly come to the spider’s parlor. We will keep him and use his knowledge to get what we want. He cannot stand with us while defining us. He will fall in line or he will die.” Jones replied in a viciously stern tone.

    As I took my seat next to her I could not help but notice her golden hair; she intrigued me for some reason. She was simply a gorgeous young lady and seemed so alone. She asked me where I was going so late at night; I simply replied… “I am just out for a walk.” Trying to further the conversation I say… “We just landed here and before a meeting I like to take walks to clear my head. By the way my name is Darren; Darren Roseboro and you are?”
  6. A meeting, well that explained his clothes. If her mother had been there then she would have tried to hook them up immediately. She wasn't certain if it was good or bad that she had broken free from the cage her mother had put her in. It may have been safer inside the cage, and her future would have been secured, but at the same time she had a higher chance of being happy in freedom.

    "I'm Angelica, Angelica Carlton. It's a bit funny, just some months ago I were completely obsessed with a book series. It was named the saga of Darren Shan. Your name just reminded me off it."
    She giggled a bit on the end of the sentence but then stopped when she realized what she were talking about with whom, and a small blush appeared on her cheeks. "Sorry, sometimes I talk about childish things. For someone my age to read such fantasy stories are pretty ridiculous I guess. My mother always tells me to stop reading that sort of stuff and concentrate on my homework instead."

    She noticed again that she were talking more than she should, at least her mother would have told her so if she had been there. Even though she had broken free from her mother she were still under her influence. Her phone vibrated and she took it up, it was a text saying that Stefan would be there in fifteen minutes. If she knew him right though it would probably only take ten, he often said a time and came earlier than expected.

    "My friend will pick me up in fifteen minutes, you don't have to wait with me all that time. You had a meeting, right? You shouldn't be late." Angelica said as she gave him a polite smile. Even though she didn't want to sit there alone in the dark she couldn't make someone else late for his meeting. It wasn't like she were a kid anymore, she had to learn to take care of herself anyways. Just being alone for fifteen minutes would not get her killed, probably, hopefully. She started to doubt her own thoughts.
  7. There was such an innocents in her eyes that was proven so through her speech. She had such fantastic joyfulness that was oppressed but it would give its settle hints ever now and then. “Darren Shan, Oh yes the Irish author; never read any of his stuff but I have heard of him. And there is nothing wrong with reading fantasy; it helps us deal with the reality that we have no choice but to face.” I expressed with sincerity. As Angelica continued, it was clear that she had left her ruling mother to strike out on her own. Being able to stand on her own two feet and make her life her own.

    I listened attentively to the words that parted her lips and responded in simply nods and verbally when necessary. She seemed as if she was weak but the fire in her eyes is what made it clear that she was not happy where she was and being here she is better for it. She was still applying the checks and balances her mother had instilled in her but Angelica still wanted to escape that mother like hold on her.

    Our conversation was interrupted by the sending of a text message for her ride. She expressed to me that her friend would be here in about fifteen minutes. She said that I didn't have to wait but her eyes spoke differently; I replied by saying… “I don’t mind waiting a little longer, it’s my meeting and they can wait for me. Besides they are just a bunch boring councilmen; they can wait.” I ended it with a smirk.

    “So why Colorado of all places; I mean there are so many other places? Like California or Illinois; hell even North Carolina.” As I waited for her response I could see her ride bearing down the road; he would be here shortly. Before she could answer me I handed her my business card and said “Here take this. If ever you need anything, no matter how crazy it may seem, give me a call. Your friend is here for you. It was nice meeting you; hope to hear from you.” As she turned her head to look I vanished…
  8. Angelica couldn't help but laugh a bit at Darrens response. Her mother would have gotten tricked by the nice clothes and his manners, but if she would hear him talk about letting people wait for a meeting then she would have pulled Angelica out right away. That man weren't like most business men, and she had met many of them because of her mother.

    "So why Colorado of all places?"
    He asked her, she thought about it for a moment. It was mostly because she had a friend there that could help her and were willing to help her. She knew people from other states too, and they would probably help her if she asked. But still she chose Stefan. Maybe because she was a hundred percent certain with him, she could always trust him if she needed him. He were like a brother to her. Being a pain in the ass sometimes but serious when needed and always reaching out a hand to help her.

    Before she had been able to answer him Darren had already started talking again. She took the business card that he handed over to her. She turned her head to see where Stefan were, why hadn't she noticed? But he still weren't there. "What are you talking about, he's not..." She stopped in her sentence when she noticed that Darren were gone. Just then she heard a voice shouting.

    "I'm here now." Stefan shouted as he run towards her. "Sorry for being late." He apologized when he came closer to her. He had been running for quite some time, she noticed it on the way he was breathing. "Don't worry about it, a man gave me some company while I waited." She told him and Stefan got anxious immediately. He told her to not talk to strangers in the middle of the night and told her that just because people looked good didn't mean they were. He really sounded like a big brother, always lecturing her for every little thing. She put the business card in her pocket, she wondered if it would be okay to give him a call the next day just to say thanks for the night. It wasn't really anything she needed but he had said that he hoped to hear from her. It would be rude not to thank him, since she didn't have the chance during the evening she simply had to do it over the phone some other time. Even though her mother always told her to properly thank people face to face.

    Stefan took her to the apartment he had gotten for her, it had a small kitchen, a bathroom and a living room/bedroom. It was so small, her old house were a castle if compared to that tiny place. But she liked it anyways. It was empty in the small apartment for the moment, only a bed that Stefan had gotten there before she arrived and some kitchen stuff. Even without looking she had already guessed that he had filled the small fridge with food. He were always like that.

    She kissed him on the cheek before telling him goodnight and he left her there. It was a bit lonely, she had never slept anywhere alone before. It felt a bit scary. But she would make it threw the night somehow.

    Angelica didn't sleep much her first night but she were still up early to get ready for her new job. She had never worked before so she thought she would screw up big times, but it wasn't that hard during the morning in the small cafe. She had some problems during lunch because the amount of customers, but somehow she were able to get threw it. As the day ended she were totally exhausted, but also proud over that she had been able to make it threw her first workday. Hopefully she would get used to it soon. At least she met a lot of nice people, but there had also been some jerks that had tried to hit on her. Luckily the owner had kept an eye on her and always just 'happened to walk by' just when something seemed to be about to happen. The owner looked scary but were a really nice person.

    As Angelica walked towards her apartment she decided to call Darren, she had to thank him for the other day. Hopefully she wouldn't disturb him in a meeting or something like that. She took up the business card and called the number, then she waited for an answer. Her heart were racing like crazy, she always got nervous when she called people she barely knew. But somehow it seemed a bit different this time.
  9. After arriving back at the car where, Henry and Delta waited for me, I called ahead to make sure the "Council" was ready to meet. I was told that Akasha hadn't arrived yet and that the food was getting restless. I said okay I will be there soon. Delta started the car and we headed to the meeting. The whole way there I could think of nothing but Angelica and the melody she was humming.

    We pulled up to the office building downtown, and Delta opens my door to let me out. “Henry you stay here with Delta; he will make sure you stay out of trouble. I have some important matters to take care of with the “Council”.” I expressed to them both. Delta nodded his head and I was on my way up to the top floor. I was greeted at the main elevator by a gentleman dressed in an all black suit; with the crest of the “All Seeing Eye” on his lapel. No words just a gesture to the doors of the elevator. I respond in kind with a head nod and I walk into the elevator. Playing on the speakers was Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor, they have such a flare for the dramatic.

    I step off of the elevator to a hall filled with elders with an array of differences. I pass through the archway and pass by two more guards in all black suits; as I do I am greeted by Mohtis. He is the clan head of the Ventrue in Europe… “Hello Darren it seems as if you’ve arrived before Akasha. She has not shown up yet and we need to start the meeting.” In response to his worries I say… “Then we start without her, but send a group to find her and to make sure she is in good health. I will be starting shortly, and this is just an interruption I cannot nor will deal with.” He rushes off to send a tactical group to find where she could be. I then address the hall… “Well it seems that everyone is here minus Akasha, but this matter cannot wait for her to make her presence known.” I continue walking to the head of the table and place my disrobed duster upon the head chair. “I am Darren Roseboro also known as the “Councilman Sheriff”; this position was bestowed upon me by the “Crest Keepers of Karth”. I am calling us to action against the humans Jones and Diggs; they are threatening our very existence as immortals. They have cause a rift to open up to “Elsewhere”, and trying to make plans to control it with the help of our blood.” The hall is filled with gasps at the knowledge of “Elsewhere”. “I was there during the war of the outer plains and the shit that came through those rifts was not pretty.” General Detric responds with his Irish accent.

    The meeting goes back and forth with what should be done with the information the “Council” received from me. The ultimate decision was given to me and I had the full backing of the “Council”. As we adjourned the council members came up to me one by one; asking what would I do and I just told them that the future of our lives as immortals is at stake. I will make sure all is taken care of, I promise. The hall quickly cleared out and I was the last to follow; with the thought of war on the tips of the immortals’ lips. I could not let them down. I knew if this rift was opened and stable that our food source would be null in void. And that would mean the end of us all; human and immortals.

    As I made my way out of the building I was met by Delta and Henry; Delta was standing in the same spot he was in when I entered the building, Henry was leaning on the car having a smoke. “So where to now boss?” Henry pipes up to say. I say… “Now we get you cleaned up and we had to an after spot in town.” After the shops we headed out and enjoyed the rest of the night. We got in right before the sun came up; literally right before it peaked. As we entered the sun blocked window filled building; we were escorted to our room. We entered and the look on Henry’s face was priceless and expected at the same time. “I have not slept on a non roach infested bed in years; this is going to be awesome.” He was still young and needed to sleep during the day; unlike myself who had to keep daylight hours.

    I was just wondering how Angelica’s first day on her owe went, when my phone rang. It was her; surprising that she would have called this soon. I answered and said “Well hello Angelica; how was your first day in Colorado; good I hope?”
  10. Angelica felt her heart beat faster and faster, what if he were in a meeting and she disturbed him? No, if he were in a meeting then he would turn off his phone. But after seeing his behavior about the last meeting it didn't really seem like he cared that much about the meetings so maybe he wouldn't turn his phone off anyways. In that case she may not disturb him but the other people that were on the meeting.

    It had just been a couple of signals before he picked up the phone, his voice was a bit different, of course, all peoples voices sounded a bit different on the phone. "That depends on how you define good. I am exhausted and it feels like I will pass out as fast as I get home. But I have met new people and learnt a lot of new things. So I guess it was pretty good in the end." She told him before realizing that she hadn't just said good. It felt so easy to talk to him for some reason, maybe because it had seemed like he wanted to listen the day before. No one had shown her such an interest in what she said except for Stefan. Her mother always told her to always say everything as short as possible. If they asked about the day just say good, it doesn't matter if it had been good or not. As long as it is possible, only say yes or no. A lady shouldn't say more than necessary to a gentleman.

    "I just called to say thanks, for keeping me company yesterday."
    She continued. "It was really scary to be out there alone even if nothing happened." Angelica then confessed a bit embarrassed. She was glad that he weren't there since then he would have notice that she started to blush a bit. Lucky her that it had been so dark the night before that no human would have been able to see her blushing then too. So he couldn't have seen the blush on her cheeks when she thought that she had done something childish, well he wouldn't have seen it if he had been human at least.
  11. As she told me about her day I could not help but feel so intrigued by the words uttered from her lips. I was glad that she had a good first

    day; even if it was a little exhausting. As she continued on about her day, I felt compiled to ask if he had any dinner plans and if she wanted

    to join me. (What am I thinking; this world of ours is in trouble and I am crushing on her big time and I have no idea why?) As she finished

    the events of the day; I told it was my pleasure to have accompanied her the other night.

    Pausing a second before I spoke… “Angelica, would you like to join me for dinner sometime this week when you are free? I would really like

    to have you as my guest. I have been relocated to this area and will be here for some time and I was thinking we could get to know each

    other a little better. Maybe you can bring some of your sagas so that I may read them, and also we could just hangout and talk.”
    As I

    finished that last sentence my other line started to beep… “You think about it and get back to me; I have to take this other line. You can call

    me at any hour I will answer.”
  12. Angelica could barely believe that Darren was asking her out for dinner. Mostly since they barely knew each other. But she really felt like saying yes immediately, but if she just said yes immediately then she may seem a bit clingy. Maybe she should pretend that she were thinking about it for some seconds before answering just so she didn't seem desperate. It weren't like he were asking her out on a date, it were two people going out and eating as friends, why couldn't she just say yes right away for that?

    Her mind was in total chaos for a second or two before Darren told her to think about it and call back later. "Okay, I'll think about it and call you later then. Bye." She told him and ended the call.

    Now she just had to think about when it would be a good time to call him, if she called to early she would seem very into him, if she called too late then he might think she weren't interested at all and just said yes out of courtesy. Just then she realized that her mother must have really brainwashed her for her to care that much about what that guy thought about her. If he hadn't been a business man then she would probably not have thought like that at all. After all, her mother had always told her to make sure to behave her best with business people.

    Then she decided to just call him after she had rested a bit. She walked home and almost jumped into the bed. Even though she should go out shopping for things to her apartment, she knew that it probably wouldn't happen before Saturday when she wouldn't be working. When the clock got closer to nine in the evening she remembered that she were supposed to call Darren. She was pretty surprised that she had been able to forget about it. Even if he had said that she could call him any time at any hour she was still glad that she remembered before it became too late. She wouldn't have dared to call him if it would have been in the middle of the night, she wouldn't want to wake him up.

    She dialed the number and waited for him to answer, as he did she said "Hey Darren. About the dinner, I would love to join you. Maybe this Friday if you are free?"
  13. After I switched over to my second line it was General Diggs on it; he was telling me that he would like to meet me tonight to talk about what had just transpired. I agreed to the meet and give him a neutral and public location; but I setup the day for Thursday instead of tonight. He agreed and I hung up the phone. I was interrupted by a very hungry youngling; who was getting on my nerves. We called for room service from a nearby supplier and dined but not to the point that we had bodies everywhere just enough to sustain us.

    The rest of the youngling’s night was filled with learning where he came from and the rules that apply to our clan and people. I give him his own laptop and told him to get start on the power point. What did you think he would have a dusty old book that smelled of blood? No we convert over from the words of the first kindred decades ago. The laptops we use are blood specific and the hard drive has a virus that starts destroying the information on it in less than seconds. So as times have evolved so have we.

    I was sitting next to Henry guiding him through the prompts and my phone rang; it was Angelica. She asked me if Friday would be a nice night to have dinner. “I would love to enjoy your company Friday evening. Let’s say about 7:30 pm and I will swing by and pick you up?” I replied with a smile in my voice.
  14. Angelica got happy when he said that he was available on Friday evening. She hoped that she would have gotten used to her job enough to then so that she wouldn't be a half dead zombie when they were going out. Not because it was a date or anything like that, just two people, going out to eat together. Nothing more. Why did she have to remind herself of that all the time?

    "Sounds good" She replied, since she only would work until three in the afternoon on Friday it would give her plenty of time to get ready for the evening. She continued with telling him which street she lived on. "I'll wait outside my apartment building 7:30 then, see you on Friday." She then said. She didn't really feel comfortable to tell a stranger exactly which apartment she lived in so it felt easier just to wait outside. It wasn't like she thought that he were a suspicious person, but it still felt a bit risky. Though if he were such a person then it wouldn't be hard for him to find her as fast as he knew the street she lived on. It was just to realize it, just by knowing someones name it wouldn't be hard to find them just by knowing the country they lived in. Internet has helped stalker for years now.
  15. After getting off the phone with Angelica; I continued to educate my new youngling, when Delta came in and told me that we have company. I could only guess who it could be, for I am a marked man of sorts. It so happen to be my ally in Area 24. He shows up in tattered and singed uniform, holding a briefcase with scorch marks on it. “My Lord I have some bad news and it is involving your clan and its affiliates. There was an explosion in Area 24 just an hour ago and I barely made it out with my life. The Rifts have imploded in the dead center of the compound and has destroyed over 75% of Area 24. After the explosion these creatures came through being lead by some humanoid in a shoddy lab coat with horns on his head.” My mind starts to wonder and everything fades to black; I awaken for my day dream to Henry asking me if I was alright. I tell him I am fine and summon Delta to my side. “I need you to get in contact with Mosbee and tell him to shut it down now; he will know what orders he must follow." Delta’s eyes turn to a ghostly grey; as the lights flicker. It takes about two minutes for the connection to be made and it is done.

    It might have been a rash move but I have no choice from the vision I just had. I was never able to dream as a human and as Kindred I have had several visions. These visions have given me a heads up on everything; even the rituals that have caused lives to be erased from this earth. Now we just wait and try to keep things going as normal; well as normal as it could be. I have a meeting with the General and whatever lackeys he has to try and subdue me. I make reservation at the Broadmoor Hotel for Friday at 8’ o’clock in a VIP room. They confirm my reservation through email and I have Delta and Henry escort me to my meeting. I tell Henry to wait just outside of the area because I know he can get to me quickly. Although he is not very intellectually smart; his veracity is unmatched as a youngling.

    We pull up and General Diggs is waiting for me, I have only been working for the government for the last century so have no idea how old I really am, so they are trying to hide their scent using a masking agent I created. I play as if I have no clue where they are until I need not pretend any further. “I thought we said alone over the phone we set this meet. I am here by myself and you bring your brick wall of an enforcer.” The General expresses as Delta smirks. I reply by saying “We were out shopping for some new toys. And besides he has been my driver for some time now; that’s what he gets paid for and other things but I digress. What is it you want Diggs, I have things to do.” As Diggs approaches me I hear the radio chatter about the target being in sight. I am playing it cool on the outside but inside I have killed all of these useless sacks of blood. He tells me that the rifts are getting crazier and crazier to predict and he would like it if I talked some sense into the “Secretary”. I agree to do so but he has to come and see me sometime this Saturday. He agrees to get him here and I will only agree if he has a drink with me right now. I gesture to Delta to grab my unopened bottle of malt scotch and pour two glasses; in front of the General of course. Delta hands me the glasses and I prick my finger so fast that a high speed tracking camera could not catch what I just did. I hand Diggs his glass and I say… “I hope you are telling me the truth.” He smirks a nervously and takes a sip of his drink and says… “Of course I only brought backup so I wouldn’t have to fight you alone if things didn't turn out well.” I finish my drink and he does the same; as he stands there I say go on about your way as if this conversation never happened. He turns and walks back into the tree line and I go on about my evening after we pick up our young kindred.

    As we drive off all I can think of is tomorrow night I get to have a somewhat normal life like evening. So excited….