A Spirit's Last Gift

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    "Ride to the East towards The Ember Sea, where our kingdom ends and the free lands begins. That is where you will be placed, Ricard. That is where you will teach your apprentice the Art and our way of life. Understood?"

    The Elven Magistrate did not lay his eyes on the young Mage. He was above him, and he always showed that when he was seen. Ricard had only met with the magistrate once, and that was a couple years ago when he was anointed. Now he was taking someone under his protection, as his master did. It was not his nervousness that turned his stomach, but he was afraid to venture out. The only town Ricard had traveled to was a village only a league from the Monastery. Instead, the hamlet he was traveling to was at least a week away in distance. So, he would pack heavy and hope he would not encounter anyone on the way.

    The Letter:
    To Miss Syndaren,
    Your destination is the hamlet of Saint Evangeline, and your master will meet you in the marketplace by sunset. If you leave your master or disobey his order, you will be dismissed from our school. Remember that magic is meant only for protection, not for enabling evil acts.
    The Magistrate

    Day 6

    The sun broke the edge of the sea as it began it's ascent. He looked over the town of Saint Angeline with a dismal disposition. The hamlet overlooked the sea with wooded housing peering at the sea. It was Sunday and most of the townspeople had not awaken from their beds. Ricard halted his horse at the front gates gazing at dirt path leading inward. He frowned not sure how to feel about this new environment. Ricard leaned forward on his horse and with a swift turn he hopped off of his horse. The young wizard pulled his white cowl over his head as he walked into his new home.

  2. The day Elena had received her letter from the magistrate she didn't speak a word all day, she was speechless, unable to form words, let alone sentances in her head. She wasn't hungry, thirsty or tired until she had her mother tightly wrapped around her, a look of pride filling her rosy cheeks. The magistrate had recognized her, saw her as a young mage worth of their attention, or at least there notice. She was going to have a master! That... That meant it would be a guy right? Or did they just call all of the higher mages master? So many questions... So little answers.

    Taking the small horse the family owned, that her father would probably pick up when he next traveled, she head off to this ' hamlet of Saint Evangeline ' the letter had spoke of, her bags bouncing lightly on the side of the horse as it trod, her friends and family all there to say goodbye, pride within them all, happy to see that her messings with magic were going to pay off.

    It was a short trip but one she had to make quickly to make it within the deadline, if she hadn't been gawking for half a day she would have been there by now but after placing her horse in the stabled, pulling her brown cowl close, she made her way to the markets. She was early for sure but... She couldn't help the butterflies in her stomach, the shine in her eyes that pushed her forward. She wanted to see her master, learn new things! With her book clasped in one had and her prestigious letter in the other she waited, watched, her eyes glancing over every passer by that looked like even half a mage! She wanted this so badly... And now... Finally... She would get it.

    She just wanted to know what her master was like. 'please be nice...' she repeated to herself over and over.

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    The path was shadowy since the trees hung over it. This path had been traveled by many looking for passage to the next city. Saint Evangeline was quaint, it was quiet, and it's doors were always open to visitors. Of the people who resided there, there were laborers, farmers, and smiths. They provided for themselves and only for themselves. Other than a festival they host once a year, then it was back to planning for the harvest. Ricard raised a brow at the hamlet as he got off of his horse. He did not know where the last mage was, or where his home would be. The only information he had received about the previous mage was that he was reclusive and only helped during harvest. This of course was unsatisfactory, and resulted in his replacement. Oddly, he was not supposed to be replaced until he reported to the Monastary but he has not shown his face. Ricard's job was to find him, question his whereabouts, and then take his place. From then it would be a simple life until his apprentice was trained.

    Ricard tied his horse off to a small post outside of a pair of connected houses that looked like a small barracks. He surveyed the area around him looking for signs of waking citizens. The silence of the town answered his question quickly as he unpacked his bags. With his pack over his shoulder, he walked the dirt path farther inward to see what they had. The fires of the smith were still smoldering from the last night's work, and there were many plows piled up by the fence leading to the farms. Ricard breathed in the air noticing the hint of the sea. Farther past the farms he could see the glint of the sun shining off the sea. He had never been so close to water before. The only sea he had ever seen was the paintings in his textbooks. It was breathtaking, but nothing worth staring at for hours.

    Ricard wandered around until he found a small hut with a Enchantment marking on it. This marking in particular was meant for protection, but Ricard could feel that the magic that once imbued it had left. After a heave the door swung open to dusty shelves and unfinished work. This was his home. Ricard felt that someone of magic was here. What ever reason he had, he left early. With a brow raised he pulled the letter the Magistrate had given him with instructions for where Ricard was supposed to meet his apprentice. He skimmed the letter quickly seeing that he was supposed to meet at the marketplace. Ricard crumpled the letter then shoved it back into his pocket. He moved out of the small hut closing the door behind him and leaving his bag in there for sage keeping. Even if someone were to come, he doubted that they would go in. With a quickened pace he traveled back to the square to locate the market. A small sign read "To Mark" with the rest of the word scratched out lead him to the docks. Like the town itself there was no one there, just an eerie silence only broken by the sound of the ocean. Ricard picked small post and laid against it waiting for his apprentice's arrival.​

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