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  1. Hello the name is Jay, I have been craving some new roleplays but I am in a small predicament. My computer is broken so I am stuck using my phone and my tablet, both not optimal for roleplaying. So my responses will not be as literate as I am use to. Also I will be gone the 29th through the 7th because I am going on a mission trip to a Orphanage in Jinotega, Nicaragua. But by then my computer should be fixed an I'll be back in the game and responding more often and with more detail. Now with all that said here are some of the things that interest me.

    The Avengers

    Plot interests:
    Dark Romance
    MxM (occasional MxF)
    One sided love
    Abusive love
    Forbidden love
    Lots of plot twists

    Stripper x Customer
    Stripper x Strip Club owner
    Stalker x Stalked
    All boy Academy (I have a plot in mind)
    College Room mates
    One night stand (Mpreg plot)
    Supernatural pairing
    Anything you have been wanting to do feel free to mention, I have a open mind. ​
  2. What about the Avengers gone Mpreg? Or at least the one night stand idea with superheros or something supernatural
  3. That sounds like it could really be interesting. How about we combine the two and make it a one night stand (with two avengers) and one ends up pregnant? I feel like that could be a lot of fun.
  4. LETS DO IT! I almost think though it should be Hulky boy Bruce Banner with someone
  5. I'm thinking Iron man or Captain America.

    And would you like to play the sub or dom? I honestly have no preference but this is important to this plot since it decides who gets pregnant lol xD
  6. Oh its gotta be the science bros as the couple Stark dominant and Bruce would be sub as a human
  7. Most definitely. Should this be before or after the Events of the avengers? Or do you not want that being a factor at all?
  8. I'd say after. In the Marvel movie version there's that moment in the end of the Marvel avengers movie where Stark and Bruce get in the same car they end up having some fun in the back of a car somewhere, and Peppers still there and all that in Starks life unless you wanna make him gay in the first place.
  9. I like that idea! And I like the idea of Pepper still being in his life. Who would you like to be?
  10. Can I claim hulk?
  11. Yes you can, want to rp through threads or private messages?
  12. Ok could you perhaps post it? I feel bad for asking. ><
  13. Once I get home I shall
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