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  1. Hello lovlies,

    I am your queen, Vay. You might know me and you might not, but that doesn't matter since I have a little favor to ask all of you.

    Your other queen, @Diana and I were talking, we sit on the seats of power as roughly equal juggernauts, steering the destiny of the forum and we would like art of us as your queens! >=3

    I would like anyone up to the challenge to draw both of us , Diana the moon goddess of light and Vay, the dark queen of lust, equal but opposite relaxing on their thrones next to each other starting sideways as each other. Infatuated love in Diana's eyes and raw lust in Vay's.

    Diana's color has always been TEAL! Vay's is purple...

    If you need any more details let us know! Now I'll hand it over to Diana.
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  2. UM!! O__O *thinks quickly!* I guess appearances would be like on our staff avatars!

    Vay should have a slinky sexy sexy dress. >:3 and big boobies. And my dress should be modest and princessesy. >> Maybe like the Mom's in Brave! And uuum.

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  3. I don't have big boobies ;_____;
  4. ~ starts to sketch ~
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  5. [​IMG]

    just line art, but yea.​
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  6. I - might - have the urge to play around with this. Gonna try it out. :)
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  7. I decided to go a little more anime-esk this time just because it felt the right way to go. but here is the concept.

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  8. Will work on it tonight
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  9. Wait so does Vay have big boobies or not? ?_?
  11. I would take a crack at this but I am pretty sure I'd just end up glaring at the picture asking why it doesn't look as mind-blowingly awesome as Fijo's.
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  12. You should totally try it anyways, practice is super important @Ozzie Chanter , you have your own style to hone <3 don't you think Vay and Diana deserve as many versions of them as possible?!
  13. WE DO! 8D We need lots and lots of art to feed our egos!
  14. Ahahaha

    Try everything and always improve more! yaysketchesbrb.
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  15. I will take on this challenge.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Fiiiine. >__>


    It's not finished because I hate drawing hands, chairs, and hamsters. May fiddle with it more later.
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  18. YAY CHANTER!! :D
  19. I, for one, think this is all beautiful. <3
  20. OWAH, I just finished my sketch of it and I lost my sdcard for my phone somewhere. I CANT USE THE CAMERA ON IT. LFDKsdKFHdklsJ

    I will be back. :c Sometime. SOON hopefully

    Edit: I FOUND IT. Here you go! I don't actually have the time to fully ink and color it immediately. ;_; gotta spend time trying to make monies baww.

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