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  1. "Ms. Amerilla, you have nothing to fear about coming to the academy. You will learn from the best of the best and since you are willingly registering under the government, your schooling will also be paid for. We understand that not all gifted are able to afford lessons, and the kingdom is more than willing to help out."

    "To make sure we don't use it against them...Right?" A petite girl said simply as she looked at the robed man in front of his, his smile not faltering even at her very forward words while the carriage moved along.

    "Well, if you wish to think of it that way, Ms. Amerilla...However, there are many here at the academy and in the capital that just want everyone to have a fare chance to learn how to control their gifts." He said before looking out the window of the carriage. "Ah, and there is the school now."

    Turning to glance out the window, leaning over her large bag of personal items, she looked upon a large college, it seeming to stretch for quite a long way. The ground were neat and tidy and all covered in lovely trees and lush grass, nothing like the fields she was used to back in the country. She could see other people walking the grounds as well through the high metal fence, her eyes flickering back and forth over everything. The capital was nothing like home...absolutely nothing like home.

    As they turned onto the college grounds, she sat back and sighed a bit. She wasn't even sure what was going to happen to her now. For all she knew, this was jail...The carriage drove towards a more student filled area of the college, what seemed to be a common lawn right in front of the main doors of the colleges hall. She wanted to shrink away and hide as students started to follow them to see what was up with the carriage of the noble guard at the college. Hopefully this wouldn't cause her to make a bad impression...
  2. "We've arrived Mr. Somnium." The driver of Mortho's carriage announced. Mortho peered out of his window at the academy, he sneered slightly and huffed, "This is supposed to be the "great" academy for mages? It's disappointing... I guess it will have to do." Mortho said as he waited for his driver to open his door. Once it was opened he stepped down and patted and fixed his clothes. His driver had unloaded Mortho's luggage and set it next to him.

    The driver then began to climb back onto his carriage when Mortho coughed loudly to get his attention. "Ahem, do you really expect me to carry all this luggage? Do your damn job properly and carry this up to my room." Mortho said in an annoyed tone.

    The driver got off the carriage with a huff and grumbled as he struggled to carry all 4 of Mortho's bags. Mortho glared at the driver but ignored his quiet grumblings. Mortho then turned around only to spot the other students staring at him and whispering amongst themselves, "What the hell are you all looking at, peasants?" He growled out before spinning on his heel and walking to the academy. Eager to get away from the commoners and to his room.
  3. The carriage slowed, allowing for Amerilla to step out, followed by the teacher. She had her bag hanging over her shoulder and looked at another carriage that had parked right in front of the doors of the college. Students seemed to be chattering over the arrival of another student, all the better then. She'd rather have the focus off on her and on someone else. Walking slowly after the teacher, she followed the man into the large main hall of the building

    It was flourished with banners, each representing a type of magic to study there at the college. It also had many doors and was covered in lush looking carpet. She was silent as she walked further into the college hall, looking around at everything glancing on occasion towards the teacher to make sure that she didn't get lost.

    "This place is amazing." She said as she glanced back towards the teacher.
  4. Mortho walked into the academy with his driver following in tow. Once inside Mortho studied his surroundings with great detail, he sniffed and shook his head, "This place looks worse on the inside. Why I let Father convince me to come to this drab place in the first place I'll never know." He quickened his pace a bit so he could reach his room sooner and then explore the academy more. He had heard it was one of the best and he was determined to figure out why. "This damn place better at least have a decent library." He huffed as he walked under the banners and admired them, specifically the ice banner.

    He was particularly interested in ice magicks and planned to focus his training on it. While he was distracted he bumped into Amerilla accidentally, "Watch where you're going, you commoner." He said with a sneer as he shoved past her and continued walking down the hall.

    After turning down a few halls and taking a few stairs he had reached his room. Mortho opened the door and stepped inside, looking around the room with a frown, "This is it? This place just keeps disappointing me." He grumbled as his driver set down his luggage by the bed. Mortho looked at him and then waved him off, "Good, you may leave now. I no longer have a use for you." His driver shot Mortho a glare as he walked away back to his carriage.

    Mortho walked to a large window on the wall and he looked out towards the garden that his room overlooked, "At least this place has a nice garden." He said with a small nod. He spun on his heel and sat on his bed, wondering what to do next.
  5. Amerilla had been distracted by the halls in her pause, still looking around in awe, so she was startled when someone bumped into her. Stumbling forward a bit, she blinked in surprise as she stared at the young man sneering at her before he shoved past her and made her stumble again. She would have said something if she hadn't been in so much shock, how could capital people be so rude.

    "It seems you are not the only new student, Ms. Amerilla. Well, I have to leave you here but you can find your new quarters in the east tower, the doors over there. The evening meal will be at dusk so head towards the dining hall then...Don't worry, just follow the crowds and they will show you the way." The teacher said before patting her shoulder. "And welcome to the college."

    "Thank you, sir..." She said simply before the man walked away.

    Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, she headed up towards the tower, unknowingly in the same door as the man that hit her had gone through. Walking along, she saw a few students relaxing as she glanced around, many doors closed and having names on them. She seemed a bit lost until she finally found a door without a name, the room open and having the simple furniture of a bedroom. Walking inside, she set down her bags before taking a seat upon the bed tiredly. She had arrived...and now was completely lost on what to do until dusk.
  6. Mortho sat on his bed while reading a particularly thick book. Since he wasn't sure what to do he decided to just stay holed up in his room and read, but he eventually got bored of this decision and found that he was a bit hungry. He stood up and shut his book closed and tossed it on his bed, he stretched out his back and yawned. He was also apparently a bit tired. Once he was done eating he might look for the library and find a few books and then return to his quarters to sleep.

    He ran a hand through his hair and fixed his clothes, making sure he was presentable. He spun on his heel and proceeded to walk out of his room and down multiple halls, following a crowd of students who also looked to be heading to the dining hall.

    Once he reached the dining hall he broke away from the crowd and left on his own, placing a few plates of food on a tray and then scouting the tables for a place to sit. He sneered slightly as he saw most of the tables crowded, he wasn't about to sit down with mere commoners to eat. He kept standing until he finally spied a table left alone by a corner, he nodded to himself, pleased with this. He made his way to the table and placed his food down.

    Mortho picked up a fork and picked up a bit of food, looking at it with narrowed eyes. He hoped at least the food was decent. He ate the small bit of food and slowly chewed it. He nodded again, finding the food to be quite good. He began to dig into his plate of food, occasionally giving a small glare to people who tried to sit at his table.
  7. Amerilla had taken a long nap, tired from the ride out of the country and into the capital. Waking up, she fixed her clothing a bit and combed her hair quickly before heading out the door and looking around. She say a group of students moving along the halls and started to walk after them, glancing around the school here and there until they led her right to the dining hall. It was a massive place and tables of food along one wall and many tables scattered about. It was terribly crowded at this hour though and it made her wonder if she would be able to sit anyway at all.

    First though, she needed to get some food. Heading over to the table, she gather up a decent amount of food onto a tray and headed out into the tables. For a moment she just stood there looking around, finding that many tables were full. Wandering a bit, she finally say an open table with only one person and quickly moved to it. Certainly they wouldn't mind sharing it with her.

    Wordlessly she set down her food before taking a seat, relaxing there before she grabbed her fork and started to eat quietly.
  8. Mortho stared down at his plate as he absentmindedly ate chewed his food. And it didn't look like any other people of his social class were here, or at least he had yet to spot them. Then again that wasn't uncommon, typically mages from noble families had their private tutors. So the chances of him seeing a fellow noble was slim, but this didn't bother him. He turned down the chance to have a tutor since he felt there would be no challenge in that.

    A challenge was what he wanted, and also the chance to prove his own superiority. He wouldn't get that chance by being taught by a tutor.

    Mortho looked up from his food as he heard a tray being set down on his table and someone taking a seat. He narrowed his eyes at this girl who so callously sat down at his table without asking him, the nerve! "Excuse me. But I do not remember letting you sit at my table." He said with a raised eyebrow.

    He opened his mouth to say something more but stopped as he looked more closely at her, "Wait a minute. You're that rude girl who bumped into me in the hall. How rude of you to not apologize for it, I demand an apology." He said in a huff.
  9. Amerilla blinked a bit as he spoke to her, in the middle of her bite. It seemed she had taken a seat at the same table as the man who bumped into her in the hall. He didn't seem to want her at the table and he even wanted to have her apologize for him bumping into her. She wasn't sure how to respond to him really but if just saying sorry would fix it then she would do it.

    "I'm sorry then, I didn't mean to." She said simply before she went back to eating her food, looking down at her tray in silence. She wasn't sure what was up with him, it wasn't like he was better than any once else. Then again she really didn't know who he was at all. However, he didn't seem like the type to talk to her and introduce himself.

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  10. Mortho stared at the girl for a second, she had apologized so easily. He was completely expecting her to blow up at him and then walk away from the table. He sat stunned for a few seconds before he decided to let her sit at his table. It looked like she wanted to stay quiet anyways so she wouldn't bother him. "Well... good. You better be. Unless you couldn't tell I'm the son of a great noble family." He said as he puffed out his chest.

    "I will do you a kindness and let you know who exactly I am. My name is Mortho Somnium. And you. What is your name?" He said as he pointed a fork at her before sticking it into another bite of food and eating it. He wanted to at least talk for a bit, if she was going to be sitting there, eating in silence would feel awkward. So he thought he'd get her name at least, with any luck she'd at least be able to entertain him until he's finished with his food and can go hunt down the library.

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  11. Amerilla looked up from her food again as she took a bite, listening to him talking to her. He seemed slightly stunned by her simply doing what he wanted. It was probablu the best way to act around people like him. Just give him what he wanted and he would be pleased. Blinking a bit as he puffed out his chest, she was slightly surprised him demand for her name. Well, that was something she didn't expected from a man of a noble family, he wanted to know a commoner?

    "My name is Amerilla Grant." She said simply as she looked at him a moment longer. "I'm not from a noble family, but I suppose its and honor to meet you...forgive me plain reply, I suppose I'm not too familiar with noble ways." She added before she looked back down at her plate.
  12. Again Mortho was surprised at how she just answered his question. He was used to people blowing up at him when he talked to them the way he did just now. He actually enjoyed seeing those reactions. While Mortho didn't consider himself arrogant he did on occasion acts high and mighty to get a rile out of people.

    But this girl kept shrugging off his attempts, it was a bit infuriating Mortho would admit if he were to be honest with himself. "That's... that's perfectly alright. And yes, it is indeed an honor for you. There aren't many people who can be graced with my presence. It almost breaks my heart to think of them not knowing me." He said with a fake sigh.

    If that didn't make her lose her cool and storm off Mortho would be completely surprised. He might even be the one to walk away, or talk to her more to find out what was wrong with her. Any other person would have stormed off in a huff.
  13. "Hmm...I see." She said simply as she picked at her food yet again. "So you are from a very noble family? Do you have lots of power then?" She asked, as if she hadn't noticed his snotty words at all.

    In truth, Amerilla just did not care. Living on a farm and working the majority of her life in the fields made her a strong woman, and silly comments were hardly something to make someone like her upset. Yes, his attitude was hardly polite or kind but it wasn't something she couldn't just brush off. She was more surprised he was still speaking to someone like her if he was of such noble birth. Maybe he was just someone who liked to chatter away, but most people left before he got his fill of gloating.

    If that was the case she was fine with listening, she didn't talk to many other people outside her family and figured it wouldn't hurt to make some friends...or at least know people. And if he was going to talk to her, she might as well talk back and get to know him. That, and this table was pretty nice.
  14. Mortho sighed as Amerilla yet again shrugged off his comments. "Yes of course I do. What kind of question is that?" He said with an annoyed tone. He turned over what was left of his food with his fork. It simply was no fun to act rude on purpose and have the other person ignore it all, at least this meant she might be a person he could talk to regularly if she was interesting enough.

    "And you? From where do you come from? If you don't mind my asking of course." He said with a raised eyebrow, he decided to drop his act and just act like he normally would. If his rude acting wasn't going to get a reaction he had no reason to keep it up. Amerilla looked like a calm enough person so he doubted there was much he could do that would annoy her.

    Unless he were to get physical, but a person of his status wouldn't sully himself by going to those lengths, especially for just a laugh. He looked at Amerilla out of the corner of his eyes and noticed she seemed to be... strong. Most women he's met were delicate and had a soft aura about them. Amerilla on the other hand had a strong presence that Mortho was surprised to just notice.
  15. "I come from the country, my family owns a farm out there. I've been working the fields all my life...Until now that is." She said softly as she looked at him.

    It seemed that he was dropping the act for now. All the better then in her opinion. It would be much easier to speak with him normally than giving small comments as he kept up with that tone. Looking to him, she sat up a bit and took another bite of her food, wondering what he would think of her commoner background. She was hardly a lady, let along a noble woman. She was used to drinking ale since it was cleaner than the water and working long early days in the field while barefoot since shoes could possibly ruin the young plants.

    "So, are you new to the college? I am, I only just arrived earlier today. I have to say though it isn't anything like I thought it would be, much bigger and more open. I also pictures a tower, more than a large area of land with many buildings." She commented as she looked over the dining hall.
  16. Mortho raised an eyebrow, "From a farm? Hm... how quaint. I've been out to the country before. Beautiful place, wouldn't mind going back sometime. Not to work of course. Definitely not to do that." He said with a laugh.

    This was actually a first for him, meeting someone from such a simple background. He looked at her, she did seem to have the features of someone who worked the fields. Although not for a very long time, he's seen people who worked the fields for their whole lives and thought they looked... well they didn't exactly look attractive. Not to say Amerilla wasn't as well, but he mused that if she spent 40 or so years in the fields then she'd don the same appearance.

    Although since she was becoming a mage the chances of her returning to that life style permanently were slim, or so he assumed at least. He perked his head up as she spoke again, "Hm? Oh yes, I'm new as well. Although the college was... underwhelming. I was really expecting more. I expected only the best for me, but I've heard that the teachers here are some of the best. So at least there is that. Well that and the nice garden this college has."
  17. "Then I suppose my education shall be a good one then if they are the best. I have to say I find this place really interesting though. I'm not used to such large spaces, the largest thing back home was the church." She said with a laugh of her own before she set her fork down.

    She wasn't hungry anymore, and most of her food was gone. Still, she wasn't quite sure what to do now with herself since she was done. Did she get up and leave to return to her room or was she allowed to stay longer? Also, she wasn't sure what she would be doing the next day either, she had not been given any information on her classes, books or even who she could seek out for help. She was just sent on her merry little way.

    "Well...I wish I knew more about this place. I don't even know what I'm suppose to do with myself now." She admitted as she looked to him. "Has anyone spoken to you about the school?"
  18. Mortho raised an eyebrow and looked to the side, "Now that you mention it, they haven't. I am assuming they'll have instructions delivered to our dorms. Along with out class schedules and a map of the school. Why else would we have been left to our own devices as soon as we got here?" He said with a grumble, it annoyed him that no one had come out to greet him. And to also give him his list of courses he'd be taking. It was all very unprofessional he thought to himself.

    "Well, I was planning to go look for the library, if this college even has one. You are welcome to join me. Just... try to not be rowdy in there. It's a place meant to be quiet." He said as he stood up and picked up his tray, leaving it by a pile of used trays which he assumed would be later picked up and washed.

    He spun on his heel and started walking out of the dining room and down the hall, wondering where exactly a library would be in this old school.
  19. "I hope so, I would not want to be late on my first day of classes just because I was ill informed." She said as she looked up at him.

    At his invitation to join him in the library, she stood up as well and put her tray with his. It sounded interesting, going to the library. She knew what one was but had never been in one before. In such a small farm village, they had very small book shop that also rented out books, much like a library. However, you still had to pay to borrow, while libraries seemed to be free, according to what she had been told. Walking just behind him, she continued to glance around the halls curiously, her eyes wandering as they tried to find the library.

    "Where do you think it could be?" She asked him as they started to walk down a hall lined with book shelves every few meters, some were empty and others had books. "Do you think we are close?"
  20. "From the looks of this hall we must be. Unless this hall is the library, in which case I am sorely disappointed." Mortho said with an annoyed tone. He was expecting much more from a school that was supposed to be so prestigious. Or at least he was until he spotted a large wooden door, he approached it and grasped the handle and opened it. He peeked his head in and smiled slightly as his eyes fell on rows of book shelves.

    He opened it wider and stepped inside, leaving the door open for Amerilla, "Looks like we found it. And it looks impressive." He said in a soft voice, not wanting to disturb the quiet atmosphere of the library.

    He walked down a row of shelves, running his finger tips along the spines of the books, pleased with the size of the library. "I'm curious, what school of magic are you interested in taking?" He said in his same soft voice to Amerilla.