A Soundless Song [Saren & upscalerat]

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  1. Vampires weren't exactly special. Superhuman senses or strength or speed were not commonplace to them; in fact, they were very much akin to humans, except for the whole undead thing. Oh, and the blood thing. But other than that, and some other, minor details, vampires were very similar to humans. There was, perhaps, one other major difference between the two; humans were so often blind to the world around them. They blamed bugs and pets and strangers for things that were the fault of the supernatural, and were content to live like that.

    Ameline, on the other hand, did not have such a luxury any more. A few centuries ago, sure, she too could blame the unknown on the mundane, but she later became the unknown. And she had to admit, immortality wasn't all too bad. Her eyes had been opened to a darker world around her. Never aging was also nice, particularly when coupled with an infinite potential of knowledge.

    She'd learned so much since she died- several languages, and read so many books, and experienced so many cultures. Ameline learned how to farm, how to imprint ink into one's skin, how to drive a boat. Skills like that could come to surprising use. For instance, winning the favor of a drug dealing werewolf pack by smuggling their goods in for them. Ameline would just have to return the boat to the renter, and then she would be clean of this whole deal, but for the favor she now held.

    Except, oh, damn, there was a sound. Ameline stopped the boat. "If this is a damned siren, I'm going to scream loud enough for them to hear me from shore," she muttered, and walked to the edge of the boat. She grabbed the handrails and listened. Well, it didn't sound like a song; or at least, no song that Ameline had ever heard. So it probably wasn't a siren. The blonde vampire ran a hand through her short hair and looked down into the dark water. A half moon wiggled in the reflection, and stars spied down on her with some glee.

    "What's it, then?" she asked the water. It lapped against her boat, but gave no response. Ameline, in her jeans and a sweater that was admittedly too thin, drew the grey fabric closer over her green blouse, and looked down at her black boots. Well, she didn't have any other obligations, and safety got people nowhere. So the vampire returned to the front and steered the boat to the sound. A human might have written it off as a bird, or a different animal, but Ameline knew better.

    She could see a small lump of sand up ahead. It had some driftwood on it, but seemed otherwise empty. Ameline drove the boat to it, anchored it, and got off. She could still hear the sound, but enough was enough. "Hey! Anyone here?" If the source wasn't here, or close enough to come to her, the vampire would leave, and return the boat, and not think of the incident again.
  2. Projecting a sound with no voice was by far one of the most difficult things she might have ever done in her long life. She had swam against the world's strongest currents, turned the tides of the ocean, and seduced the most powerful, conquering men.

    With no voice, however, those things were all impossible. Her song was her greatest weapon, and in the blink of an eye, it had been ripped from her throat. She wouldn't forget the pain, especially not when she exacted her revenge on the witch who had cursed her.

    Vibrenta internally swore, flicking her scaly, spiked tail through the water. The human mind was too weak to comprehend such a complex request. The sound was too quiet, too... unnatural, she supposed, for a dumb human to pick up on. Rolling her bright eyes in disgust at the thought of such stupid creatures, the siren mermaid propelled herself through the endless expanse of water.

    She was beginning to lose hope, but that dreaded feeling had started long before that very moment. From the second the witch had cursed her, Vibrenta knew she couldn't trust humans to hear her. Those who had the keen sense to pick her up were far and few between, and none were willing to help.

    Perhaps it was for the supposed wrong she'd done in the past, or perhaps it was because any other mythical, supernatural being was too focused on saving themselves like the self centered bastards they were.

    "Hmph," Vibrenta huffed to herself before she resumed what song she could form. It was a deep hum, one that tickled the ears of those who could hear. The song was weak and had little enchantment to the notes, but it was the lack of her normal voice that caused such a disjointed noise.

    This time was different, however, for Vibrenta sensed another presence among the ripples. Someone was nearby, and the sheer aura of this being was enough for most creatures to sense if they were close. This entity was greater than a human.

    Vibrenta's tail cut through the vast sea, coming up on a pitiful excuse for an island. It was hardly more than a coagulation of sand with rotting wood dotting the tiny bank. It was enough for this being to stand on, and Vibrenta found herself moving to it anyway. Her head breached the surface, bright, pupil-less, white eyes staring up at the figure. The moon peeked among the clouds, making Vibrenta's iridescently purple hair shine. Pointed ears twitched at the tips as she studied the newcomer. She exuded power beyond any human Vibrenta had ever seen.

    "You can hear my call? You would not stand on this poor piece of land if you could not," she stated. Her voice, though lacking the teasing sing-song tone it normally held, was smooth and deep despite being feminine.
  3. "You can hear my call? You would not stand on this poor piece of land if you could not." Ameline turned around, and she saw the source of the sound approaching the forming island. Horns, pointed ears, purple hair... The vampire gasped, and threw her hands to her mouth, then to her ears. They stopped midway as realization dawned on her. This may be a siren, but that was no song she was singing. Surprise turned into a suspicious frown as Ameline watched the siren come closer.

    "Why aren't you singing?" was the first thing that she asked. Surely, the girl wasn't lonely. Sirens were known for not keeping companions for long; this one wasn't here to break the stereotype, was she? No, there had to be some other reason that she wasn't singing. Perhaps it was a new type of lure- one only for the supernatural, such as herself. Ameline glowered down at the siren with that thought. She had walked this earth and evaded hunters for centuries! How dare such a petty trick be what did her in?

    But she was a vampire, and it wasn't often told of a vampire becoming a victim to a siren. There was a rumor that they didn't like the taste of recylced blood. Perhaps now she would be able to test that theory. "I won't be your pet," she warned. No, Ameline had better things to do that be a sea toy- but escape, here? That would be difficult. Impressive if she could do it, yes, but... She could only start the boat so fast, and the sea was still the siren's domain.
  4. "If I could, I certainly would," Vibrenta answered, though her words curved her lips into a frown. This wasn't a being of kindness, or at least not as far as Vibrenta could tell. Then again, she had been labeled as a poor, selfish creature, so maybe she wouldn't know what kindness was. What she did know was that the newcomer's tone suggested that she wasn't playing around. Well, two could play at that game.

    "I won't be your pet." Vibrenta rolled her eyes before they narrowed slightly at the prospect. It wasn't that she didn't want a new pet, because she certainly did. It was the jab at her lack of a song that bothered her.

    "Tch," she said with the click of her tongue, "you smell strange. I wouldn't want you as a pet." A lie, but the strange woman didn't need to know that. Vibrenta's head slid under the water again, but she only swam to one side before she popped up again. The water rejuvenated her senses and allowed her to continue the humming noise. She might not have needed it, but if this woman refused to help her, she would have to look elsewhere.

    "It is my turn for questions. What has caused you to stand all the way out here? Most humans don't like being in such darkness, but... I suppose you aren't exactly human, are you?" It had been far too long since Vibrenta had encountered any other beings outside of her own dwindling race. This person looked human, but she was something more. The smell of old and new blood mixing was a different scent, one she hadn't smelled in centuries. Werewolves had a similar smell, but if they had swam out this far, their hairy, wet dog smell would muddle her senses. No, this person wasn't a werewolf.

    Vampire, perhaps, though Vibrenta had never liked them. She'd met many who prattled on about how their immortality granted them knowledge beyond what any normal creature would gain, or something stupid like that. She again studied the newcomer, but it was hard to tell what the siren was trying to ascertain. She always had a perpetual, disdainful expression, and this time was no exception.
  5. Ameline's mouth opened at the comment on her smell, and the vampire bristled with annoyance. She smelled fine! Then the siren dipped down below the waves again. Ameline tried to follow her with her eyes, but the water was too dark for her to see. A moment later, the sound that had called her there in the first place resumed on the other side of the islet, and Ameline turned around.

    At least she managed to determine that Ameline wasn't human. The vampire crossed her arms and matched the siren's distasteful expression. The thing had answered her own question, but still looked at Ameline expectantly.

    "Would a human have heard you?" she remarked, then shook her head. "No matter. You called me here; I should be the one asking questions. Who are you? What do you need? And you never answered my first question- why aren't you singing, siren?" Ameline looked down at her, waiting for an answer. She should have been leaving. Let the siren do whatever it was she was doing; clearly, she had no need for a vampire, and Ameline had no need for a siren, either.

    It was becoming more and more clear that Ameline had the upper hand in this situation, but perhaps that was presumptuous. After all, creatures of the sea weren't exactly Ameline's specialty of knowledge, and sirens were still a rather unknown species. They were't social, and more often than not who they met became their next meal. Rather like a vampire of the water, Ameline would admit, but her kind were more social than the sirens.
  6. Vibrenta mused over the questions, though trusting this humanoid creature wasn't smart. Then again, she had been the one to push the humming call to the minds of whoever could hear it. Some level of trust had to be granted to this creature in order for anything to work. Bubbles popped on the water's surface as Vibrenta sighed. "I am called Vibrenta, and as you so correctly have guessed, I am a siren. Or was, I suppose." She paused, a slender, claw-like hand puncturing the surface. She twirled a small whirlpool before she continued.

    "Most humans do not hear my call, because I am incapable of singing. A land-walking witch stole my song several decades ago, and she refuses to return it to me. I have been searching for a way to get it back, to no avail." She clicked her tongue in disgust upon thinking of the witch, but if she was to garner any help from the humanoid, she would have to be honest.

    "I have gone too long without a song, and so I have tried to call someone to my aid. The humans have weak minds and could not pick up on it. You have, and now you stand here." The white gaze turned back up to the two-legged creature on the pitiful shore. "I believe those answers will satisfy your questions. Though, to come upon a siren with no song often raises more questions."
  7. The siren had an intriguing story. It could be a trap, of course, to lure in the unsuspecting wise, Ameline supposed, but the Siren's- Vibrenta's- attitude wasn't exactly congruous with such a plan. Perhaps she was telling the truth, cautious of such a possibility as Ameline was. She looked down at the dark figure, curiously. "Have you tried asking what she would like in exchange for it? After all, you can speak perfectly fine, I see," she remarked. She had always assumed that sirens were just naturally greedy, and not ones much for the way of bartering.

    Though perhaps this Vibrenta did bring up a fair point in remarking that Ameline's presence raised questions. The vampire wrinkled her nose at the suggestion, and chose her words carefully. "I heard a strange noise. Curiosity got the better of me." Simple, but honest, and drected her away from how much responsibility she had about helping the creature.

    None, technically, but she retained enough humanity that altruism was still a consideration. She looked up, and to the horizon. "What makes you think that the first creature to find you would help you, though? Can you offer any sort of reward for the aid you need?" Ameline looked back at Vibrenta, curious.
  8. "I would, if I could find her. She disappeared after cursing me. As I cannot leave the water, she escaped from me soon after the curse was planted," Vibrenta explained, her voice quickly turning sour. "It was not my real voice she wanted. She stole my greatest power." Her blank, white eyes closed as she dipped below the surface again to keep her blue skin hydrated. When she came back up, Ameline had explained why she had showed up. Vibrenta should have been pleased that her call for aid had attracted someone, but this being was asking too many questions. The siren had no idea who she was even dealing with, and she had already spilled her story.

    Her eyes narrowed, but she tried to lose the angry thought. When all was said and done, Ameline was the only person to have shown up in decades, and to lose her potential help now would mean another life time of searching. A few bubbles floated and popped as Vibrenta released air through her mouth. "Wishful thinking, I suppose," she answered, giving Ameline another studious look. She had a far better fashion sense than most other land-walkers, which was a refreshing change. Most humans trying to tame the ocean waters were always dressed in horrible smelling, stretchy clothing that only served to muddle with her senses.

    "As for a reward... I gave that little thought. I did not expect to find someone after many years of searching." Whether or not she wanted to give any sort of plea for sympathy, the words were still spoken. While she might have seemed sad, underneath that heavy emotion was only bitterness toward the ancient witch. Vibrenta had taken one small thing, and the witch had almost killed her with that curse. Huffing, Vibrenta cast a glance at the pale moonlight glimmering on the ocean's surface. Her home was beautiful, but she couldn't function the same way as before without her songs.

    "If you assist me, I will do what I can to help you in return with... whatever you need, provided that I can," she offered. Without the ability to walk on land, Vibrenta's choices were limited, but she knew what went on on top of and under the water. Land-walkers always wanted the unknown, and the bottom of the ocean was littered with the mysterious.
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  9. As Ameline spoke, Vibrenta dipped back down beneath the waves. Indignantly, Ameline spoke on; it wasn't her fault if the siren missed what she was saying because she needed a bath. Of course, once she was up again, she wasted no time in speaking. But- confronted with a way out of her situation, Ameline had to admit that Vibrenta did seem in a better mood. Or perhaps it had been her time beneath the waves again. Either way, the idea of helping the siren was at least a tangible one now. The vampire uncrossed her arms, and put her hands on her hips. She was really considering it, she realized; she was really considering helping this siren.

    It felt as though they were both studying each other, both trying to out-maneuver one another. Why? What was the point? Ameline had nothing to guard from Vibrenta, and it was becoming more and more clear that the siren wasn't going to eat her; and since she hadn't come hunting sirens, Vibrenta had nothing to lose, either. Well, at least, she had nothing to lose that she hadn't already lost; she did have to gain, though. But Ameline? Nothing was at stake for her. She inhaled; if she would just relax, she could at least find some sort of exit to this- either she helped Vibrenta, or she didn't.

    She exhaled, and stood in silence, considering the siren's offer. Nothing concrete, which could go either way. On one hand, there was no being saved to be had if Ameline was suddenly in danger. On the other, she had no idea what a siren's favor could involve. There was always, at the very least, precious items from long-sunken ships yet to be found. Perhaps there were other secrets that only Vibrenta and her kind knew about. Or the siren could be bluffing, and had nothing of value to offer her. But years of being careful lead to some pent up energy. Ameline wanted adventure.

    "Do you know anything about the witch?" she finally asked. She wanted adventure, and here was one. "At all? Or- the friend of hers that your turned into whatever, is that one still around, by any chance, or can you recall anything about her? It'll be hard to find this witch otherwise."
  10. Vibrenta could have smiled, but decades of unfulfilled desire and disregard for life had her only nodding at the prospect of being helped. Ameline hadn't actually agreed to anything yet, but Vibrenta was holding on to a thin shred of hope. It was the first time anyone had actually answered her summons, so the experience was rather new to her. As such, she had no idea how to answer the questions. Not only that, but it had been such a long time since the Siren had even had any contact with the voice-stealing witch.

    "I remember her being tall, especially for a female land-walker. She had pale hair and strange colored skin. I don't know if this is because of her magic or her heritage, but that is not my concern," she said, huffing at the thought of remembering the witch. It had been a prank, but the witch had taken it so much farther than that. At the mention of the object, Vibrenta glanced down at the water. It was something she should have rid herself of a long time ago, but she'd kept the object, almost like a reminder of what she had been.

    "...Yes, I still possess the item," she started, reluctance winding itself into her tone, "but only I can undo what has been done. The witch may not see fit to return my voice to me to do so." Really, Vibrenta couldn't even be sure if the witch was still alive after all these years, but given the way magic was, the Siren could hope the witch used it to extend her life. To tell Ameline that would only lose the only ally she'd come across, so Vibrenta kept her mouth closed.
  11. ((Sooooo sorry for how long I'v taken! My APs are coming up and I've kind of just been cramming and sleeping lately.))

    Tall, with pale hair and strange colored skin? What sort of a description was that? Had she really been alone so long? Ameline repressed a sigh. Pale hair could mean an old witch, or just a very blonde one, like herself. "It is your concern, if you expect someone to find her. A tall witch, with pale hair and strange skin! What color was her skin? Was it wrinkled? Don't you know anything that could help me find her?" A witch with pale hair and oh, green skin, well, that might have been a faerie, and Ameline could learn how to summon them, but going off of that? She'd find nothing.

    But, at least Vibrenta still had what she'd taken. It seemed foolish, to Ameline, that she not simply release the witch's special one; do it soon enough after and perhaps this whole mess could have been avoided. It didn't make much of a difference now, though. "Good. Perhaps she will trade you and undo the offence."

    Witches! Perhaps this was more than Ameline was ready to take on. But a favor? It wouldn't hurt to take on the deal, Ameline reflected. After all, if things went poorly, she could always opt out. What harm could a siren with no voice do her, anyways? On land, nothing. On water perhaps something, but unless Vibrenta was actively searching for her, and happened to be close enough to her when Ameline was on the water, she would be safe.
  12. ((That's totally okay! You take all the time you need. :D I've had AP stuff in the past so I feel the pain.))

    Ameline seemed to have no idea just how much time had passed between the loss of her voice and that very second. She'd held onto the object out of some poor attempt at bringing the witch back, but that had never occurred. Now, she kept it because it was fun. It didn't stop the irritation that blossomed through her expression. "It has been many years, but I do recall that her skin was a bluish-green... or gray. It was not the dark brown of your southern land-walker fellows." Voodoo wasn't out of the question, but Vibrenta was sure that no practitioner of voodoo magics was at fault for stealing her voice. "It was another of the.... how do you say... supernatural race." If her memory had been better, or if she'd cared to remember the appearance of her offender, Vibrenta might have known more. Alas, the Siren had figured that she would be without a song for the rest of her long life, but now, there was the chance to return what was lost.

    At least Ameline seemed a little more willing than before. After all, Vibrenta was (mostly) harmless in her current state, but she still had the physical, deadly allure of a Siren. She was not without power, but she hardly believed that any sort of seduction would work on the female land-walker in front of her. That, and flaunting herself wouldn't have helped her case anyway.

    "Do we have a deal? Your help in exchange for whatever favor you wish that is within my power to grant you," Vibrenta said. One blue, clawed hand raised from the water as an offering to seal the deal. Vibrenta's skin was naturally smooth but with that came some sliminess, much like a fish. It was one thing she didn't care too much about herself.