A song for the reminant

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  1. Time: 1:13 am GMT on the 24 of August 2013
    Ryu sat on the bed with a tired sigh, he lay back with a smile, kicking his trainers off. He sat up again, pulling a bottle of water from his trench coat and taking long dring, his throat felt like he had just swallowed razor blades, all the perks of being in a band.
    Kiyra walks into his room smiling, "my fingers wreck."
    "I bet they do, my throat does." Ryu smiles reaching for his sister to hug her, "you did well, some cock busted your nose and you still continued."
    "I couldn't just stop in the middle of a breakdown." She smiles "thank you for giving me a chance in your band and letting meet Hacktivist." She coughs and rubs her eyes, "I'm um...I'm going to bed now."
    "Ok see you in the morning." His sister leaves and Ryu lies back once again, pluging his headphones into his ears and turning his music up.
    Ryu must have fell asleep because when he wakes up there is a red tinge shining through the window, the entire house is shaking. The glass smashes and a second later the walls crack, there is and explosion fromthe front of the house. He can hear his sister screaming for help.
    The shaking stops, there is dust and rubble everywhere, care alarms ring from outside. Ryu walks to his window, fixed on the view over three miles out he can see something that he had only read about. a mushroom cloud looms over the city towards the centre buildings are burning, he looks directly down into his own street a steep hill declining into a deep vally. Cars have been overturned and other houses have been leveled.
    He races into his sisters room to find the entire wall has been destroyed. Kiyra is curled in a ball, covered in dust and rubble.
  2. Ikki steps into his house, bruised and bloodied followed by his friend Kahn who is in the same state. "You fucking idiot!" Kahn was pissed. "You could have gotten us killed!" Ikki just sighs and goes to the sink and throws a first aid kit at Kahn. "Bandages in there." He puts his head in his hands on the counter, still holding the gun. Kahn is still freaking out. "Calm down, Kahn. You are not the one who got shot." Kahn sighs. shaking his head. "I know, man. How is that doing?" Ikki looks at his side. "Just grazed. I'm fine. Now go home and get some rest. We'll talk about it tomorrow." Kahn leaves, taking the gun with him. Ikki lays back against the wall and passes out from exhaustion. Only to be wakened some hours later to a blast.... and darkness.

    After some time, Ikki pulls himself out of the rubble and looks around. Mass panic, Houses leveled. Cars in some fuckers house. Dazed and disoriented, Ikki goes to the nearest house that is still standing with someone he knows in it. He steps through a hole punched in the wall and yells out, hoarsely "Ryu!" He coughs "Kiyra. Ryu. Someone!"