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  1. Warning this is a mature thread and will incude grauphic content, scenes of extreme survival and some language.

    References: I got this idea from reading Brother in the land by Robbert Swindol as well as watching The Road
    It was the hight of the summer holidays and it was the hottest it had been for twenty five years, everyone was outside, soacking up the sun. No one cared about tomorrow or what it would bring. Water fights, barbiques; it's all now and no one cares about then.

    No one cared about tomorrow... until they were asleep and the bombes torched their flesh... and thousends died...

    Now there is nothing. Nothing but the empty streets, the radiation and the fallen who wait in the dark to feast on your flesh.

    Character types- People chanced after the bomb, some small few changed for the better but most for the worst. (If there are no character types that fit your character feel free to leave it blanck or create your own)

    The broken- The new world is nothing short of a hell on earth and some just can't take it, this new life breaks their hearts and minds, they become petrified wrecks with no choice but to move on and get used to it. They often have an almost dead expresin, empty eyes and rarely talk.

    Wanderers- When the bomb first fell they were like the broken, they wandered the streets, looking for loved ones who no longer exist. Some become bandits others just kill themselves.

    Collectors- bandits of the most extreme type, they take what ever they can carry with no exeptions.

    Psychos- Canibbals and saddists, they stick to camps and take prisoners for the fun of it, their sometimes playful atitudes make them all the more disturbing.

    Character sheet-
    Character type-
    Additional informatio-

    -This roleplay is set in the UK which has strict gun laws, therefore if you have a gun there must be a reason, this does not mean your character can not use a gun before finding one.
    -Your opening post should be about living through the bomb allowing for character development.
    -Due to the last note character types will not take effect until a little way in. (this excludes the first two character types)
    -Feel free to change your character type as much as you want so long as you can give an in character reason.
    -The IC thread will be up streight away.

    My characters-
    Name- Ryu Silvers
    Age- 17
    Appearance- Short black hair, dark eyes and slightly tanned skin. He wears a vest, black cargo trousers and a trench coat with fingerless gloves and black Vans. He is slim and slightly muscular.
    Attitude- Calm and collected, Ryu keeps himself to himself. He is very protective of his younger sister.
    Character Type- survivor (none)
    Skills- Ryu is in the cadets and is regional under 18's champion in rifle shootin. He also knows kendo and is a practiced free runner.
    Weaknesses- He is known to snap when his sister is threatened.
    Fears- hights

    Name- Kiyra Silvers
    age-- 13
    Appearance- Short, thin and frail, she has sky blue eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair. She wears red Hello Kitty pyjamas.
    Atitude- Kiyra is a quiet shy girl Who'd rather stay out of a conflict but that doesnt meana she won't.
    Character type- the broken
    Skills- Like her brother she is a free runner and a junior cadet.
    Weaknesses- Can't swim, asthmatic.
    Fears- Scared of the dark and hights.
  2. Cures you for making it Agust thats my brith day month I am happy its not the 10 or maybe i just read it wrong and it is -.- well anyways im join becuse there are no zombise or are you going to shock us with zobise if you are and the zomibse come out im makig to bit her and then she a zombise talking to much im shuting uppppppp in about now

    i still need to make the charatr sheet

    name- Water Lavender
    age- 17
    atitude- Water is a soft kind caring person in very big problems she stays calm all thoght she freaking out
    Character- broken and not giving up. Its that your wouded (for her she lost eye site ) and your not giving up on your life but theink of a better side of this.
    Skills- She plays paino, knows how to throw knifes. nows how to hold a gun but not shot it (Fathers a cop)
    Weaknesses- she blind and she weak
    Fear- hate Zombise and Vampires

    (the creters in the dark thing reminds me of I Am Laguned or something cant what to play and will finish the Chara later)
  3. No there will not be zombies, I did think about Crossed coz Garth Ennis is a god. I'm 18 in July so the world ending in August would suck but as I said no zombies though saying that I cant promis that people wont be eating people...
  4. ok goood i hate thoughts mother fugers they scare the shit out of me
  5. Name- John Grey
    Age- 16
    Appearance- Short dark brown hair with light skin. Wears a dark hooded jacket with faded jeans and beat up Converse. He is pretty average for a guy his age in both height and build and he has a deep scar running down his neck.
    Attitude- John is very lively guy who always says what he has in his mind. He does his best for the people he cares about in hope that they do the same for him. However, he gets seclusive once people start talking about his past.
    Character Type- Survivor
    Skills- John was taught by his dad how to use a hunting rifle and how to cook. (His father wanted John to become a hunter like him when he grows up.
    Weaknesses- He is at times cocky and stubborn
    Fears- Being alone and ghosts