A Small Piece Of Me

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  1. It was a hot night in my city that never sleeps Vegas. I just got back from handling some business outside of town. Stopped over at Caesar's Palace and casino to check in, you know I haven't had a real place to stay in a long while. As I check in the receptionist said I had some messages. "Let's see here one from Tasha, one from Candice, oh and one from Junell." Oh okay here is the one that put a wrench in my night back. It was from the "Council". I wonder what is going on now. I thank the receptionist and grab my key. As I walked away I opened the message from the Council, "Meeting at the Eastside bar in hour." Great I don't even have time to have any fun tonight. "Bastards" I said to myself. I walked up to my room and put my bag away. Took off my suit jacket along with my holster, placing them on the bed, I walked into the bathroom. I freshened up a little and place my holster and jacket back on.

    Walking the halls of this great hotel casino, I passed a couple who just got married, saying to myself, "That will never be me, Ever!!!" I continued on towards the bar. When I arrived I was stopped by a six foot nine gorilla in a black suit, "Private party. Do you have an invitation?" I pulled my black card out that had the Council's symbol. "You my pass." he says. "Thanks Grape Ape" I said sarcastically. With a mean look on his face, he pulled back the black velvet rope. To my surprise it was an actual party going on. I was greeted by a beautiful young woman, she pointed to the private room, like she was expecting me. Gotta love the Council and there secret meetings. As I walked through the crowd, I could see nothing but lust and disappointment. It was a sad sight to see. I opened the door and there sat a man I have never met with before.

    "Who the hell are you?" I expressed with a stern voice. The gentleman seating at the other end of the table looked up at me. "Take a seat Lakar or do you have another name." he says. This man was dressed in a dark blue black pin striped suit. He was of Chinese descent I could tell by his very strong accent. His hair was white and cut close with a white mustache to match his hair. I close the door and the noise from the outside stop. I take a seat, still on guard. "Well it seems that I am at a disadvantage because I have no idea who you are." I said. "Well, who do want me to be?" he says. I looked at him with a confused look. "I am everyone and no one. I have been very happy with your work and I wanted to see you in person." he said. I looked at him trying to find a clue as to who he was. And then I remembered that everyone that I met before him had a silver or gold Council symbol, his was diamond. With a clue I say..."You must be the boss who always hires me to do their dirty work."

    He smirks and says..."Well it looks like you're observant. I knew we spent our money right. You are the best there is and I came to see if you wanted to work exclusively for me. There is little known about you and I know everything that goes on in my little organization. Nobody knows where you're from, what your real name is, or if you work for a government. Well I can answer that you don't. It’s like you just showed up and acquired a rep for yourself. Getting jobs done to the specs of your client." "I'll put it this way. Just like you like your secrets, I like mine. As for me working for only you, I would have to respectfully decline. I make more money when I freelance." I say looking at my attire, "And I love money." He sits back in his seat and lights a cigar. He offers me one and I decline by saying "I don't smoke, it keeps me healthy." He laughs and says... "Well I can see why. After some of the jobs we have put you on. You would need to be in tip top shape." He ashes the cigar in the ashtray on the table, pointing it at me "I have a job for you but it is different from what you are normally use to. I would like to see how well you work on your toes." He smiles. "What I want you to do is take out several people for me." "That's not anything new." I said. Smiling still... "Yes but you will not know who they are until an hour before." I said..."Okay that's not bad either." "Ah but it gets better you have to finished the job within an hour and half. If you decide to do this, I will triple the normal for all three targets."

    Placing my hand on my chin I say "Sure, I can do that. There is one issue why would I need to work with someone from Alaska, but not the one in Boston or the one in New York?" With a look of surprised on his face... "How did you know that?" Looking him in his eyes "I always know the jobs before I do them. That’s what makes me the best at what I do." Baffled by what I said he replies "Ok so you know who your targets are?" "Yes" I replied. "Now answer my question, “Why the contact in Alaska?" No longer smiling he says... "He is very good at what he does as well. I would like him to shadow you, to see how you do what you do." He places an envelope on the table with a package. Knowing one is money and the other my contact in Alaska. I take the two items and say it will be done. I stood up and open the door as the sound of the club ensued I said... "Have good evening Mr. Taka.", then walked out. I headed back to my room. When I arrived I got comfortable. As I sat on the edge of the bed in my "A" shirt and slacks, I opened up the package that had a flight schedule in it for Monday at six in the morning.

    Looks like I have some time to myself. I locked up all that I received in the wall safe, and then I laid on the bed and called up Candice. When she answered I told her I was back in town and I would like to see her. Needless to say the night was wonderful and the morning was too. I said goodbye to my late night visitor. The following morning, headed towards the hotel gym to do my regiment. Did this for the rest of the time I was here only Saturday was Tasha, and Sunday afternoon was Junell, because she worked late nights at the casino at the MGM. So Sunday night I rest up so that I can head out on Monday. On Monday I boarded a private jet. Full run of the jet for all three jobs. The jobs in Boston and New York went flawlessly. Now I am headed to the Alaskan job, can't wait to meet this mystery guy. So wheels up and flight plan set, UP, UP AND AWAY............