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Adventure. Angels and demons. Apocalyptic. Arthurian. Comedy. Dystopian. Fantasy. Historical. Horror. Post-apocalyptic. Romance. Science fiction. Supernatural.

Romance is a big part of life for a lot of people and therefore for a lot of characters. While this often manifests in the form of pairings, there is a lot more to romance than the relationship with a single partner. This is a little prompt to help you explore your characters' relationships with romance.

How does your character feel about love in general? Is it something they are seeking? A hindrance? Something they are fairly neutral about. How do they feel love? This isn't exclusive to romantic love, either.

If your character has a crush on someone, what do they do about it? Have they ever had a crush? Do they develop crushes easily or often? Are they likely to ask a crush out, or else confess their interest? Will the wait forever, even if it means missing out?

Unrequited Love
An unfortunate component of love is unrequited love. Has your character experienced unrequited love? Have they been the target of it? How do they handle it in either case?

Has your character experienced heartbreak? Have they broken any hearts? When it comes to breakups, are they more often the dumped or the dumper?
Writing about Love from Amaris's perspective as a Micco set in the Fall Out realm as run by @rissa

The Pale Mother dictates; love is unconditional. Given to all of the Children of the Fen. It is the Pale Mother's job to guide her children and her presence can be felt through the Micco she has selected. It is hence why the Micco are called 'mothers' when serving the Pale Mother, and why they graduate to become 'dowagers' respected for their experience and wisdom, honoured for their service. Amongst each other the Micco call each other 'sisters', for they still recognise themselves as part of the Children of the Fen, children of the Pale Mother, as much as they are the Pale Mother's medium.

Romantic love isn't encouraged for the Micco. It suggests a bias, an inequality. Romantic love, for a Micco priestess, is considered a harbinger to the sister's connection to the Pale Mother. It is where Amaris stumbled as a priestess. A lesson she never fairly understood, for the love she felt for the Children of the Fen and the love she felt for an individual were so distinctly separate. It would be a lesson to her downfall eventually, but not one she regrets failing.

Amaris dares to admit that she has yearned for men. Yearned, for that's her association and definition of a crush. Men that she feels like compliments her beauty, that matches the infinite existence of the Pale Mother in a human form. Men that she felt like enhanced her appearance. Though the corruption of the fen has made such flawless beauty sparse Amaris has seen it in certain individuals. She has seen it in the way eyes brightens, in a smile that spreads, even in a voice that whispers love poems of the old world to her.

But as a Micco she can only appreciate from a distance, never to engage. Her yearning is the wonderment of what her life would be like if she had been a regular child of the fen instead of a sister. If she was allowed to love freely.

All love that goes beyond the unconditional love from the Pale Mother is a forbidden love, is a love that can never be meant and be reached for. Amaris has been the object of affection as one of the Micco, blessed by the beauty given by the Pale Mother, and refused the temptations. Amaris has also been the subject of the emotion of affection, leading to a yearning to another life, and subdued them in order to maintain her current life, to maintain the blessing as given by the Pale Mother. It is a natural path of life. To give in, that would be unnatural, and it would mean the fall of Amaris herself.

The Pale Mother recognises that with the unconditional love that is spread across the Children of the Fen heartbreak naturally follows. Heartbreak comes where there is love, and the Pale Mother is made out of love. It is her affection that nurtures the fen and the children, but it is the same affection that at times harms them, hurts her children, pains them. It may be deliberate, like a punishment to a child caught red handed. It may be unconsciously inflicted, for the love of the Pale Mother is flawed, but always with the best intention for her children.

With that teaching Amaris knows her own love to be flawed as well. She is aware of her own self-love, her love for her own beauty, and how it leads her in the way she loves and yearns. Yet, some part in her, takes glee in knowing that she is yearned for, in knowing there is a stabbing in the heart of the Children of the Fen she is supposed to lead created by her. It reaffirms her own beauty, she believes, confirming the blessing given by the Pale Mother. It would only be through her own heart break that Amaris would learn how cruel the Pale Mother can be. By then it was already too late for Amaris, however.
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