A slaves prayer

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    Gabriel a prince of Heavens Devine peace and love. He smiles peacefully as he had relaxed in his home but he soon got up his eyes looking around and noticed something wrong. This young archangel only being 120 years old litter ly being called a child Angel was forced to not leave heaven because he was too young. And of course Jesus was watching him 24/7. Gabriel wanted to go to earth but need to distract Hesus so he did the best he could do, fake cry wailing and crying tears coming down his face. When The Lord Jesus came over he whimpered "I lost my dog he ran outside" pointed out the door. Watching his brother Jesus run off to get the puppy Gabriel flew at sonic speeds and flew down to earth. Being the messenger of god his speed was unmatched.

    He flew down to a church where he sensed pain and hatred. He landed on the balcony and slinks in and blinked seeing Lucifer and some boy fighting. The boy was human and he was getting beat badly. Gabriel got his staff and shot between the blade lucifer was about to cast down into the males chest with his staff.

    Gabriel stood there wings appearing his wings where massive but being young they where fragile to touch and wounds. He stood between Lucifer and the human boy,

    "Hey back off Lucifer before I kick you in the stomach" snapped and as Lucifer laughed at that he took that time to punch the devil in the stomach and did five pressure points and the devil was forced back.



    Meet Venom the snake of sin and deadly attacks, first snake created by Lucifer and most feared animal of realm of hell and heaven. His skin if touched by an angel could kill that angel. Yes he was just that deadly, the snake could grow or shrink and smiling he decided to be large form and slither over to his friend and creator Lucifer. The large venomous snake slithered in and coils ready to attack but awaits its masters order fangs bared and eyes narrowed deeply.
  2. Ronald couldn't see.

    His first instinct is start flailing away at the ground, pawing for something to grab hold of. Yet he doesn't. His body is too stiff to move and his head feels as though he might throw up. His fingers twitch at the sound a voice, far away as it echoes through the recesses of his mind. Hell, he doesn't even know if he can open his eyes. Let alone look at Luci-Satan. He correct himself as he remembers the punishment that was meant for him if he ever says his true name. His body shivers and a wave of pain rolls through him. He hears a choked sound coming from somewhere and is shocked when he releases it's him that groaning. The ground vibrates beneath his fingertips and his finger twitch again, trying to clasp for something to hole on to. He hears voices, distant and loud. Also commanding. He naturally shrinks back and forces his body to shrink within himself despite his pained form.

    "H-help me....."


    "Did you really think that a lowly angel like yourself could defeat me?" He cackled at the threat and stood his ground, Venom beside him. It was amusing, seeing such a weakling like little Gabriel try to fight off him. The Devil himself. He relaxed his shoulders and attained a calm posture. Waving a hand to Venom signalling him to stay behind him and slowly walked towards Gabriel.

    "Didn't daddy teach you not to play with the big kids?" He flicked his finger and sent Gabriel flying into the mosaic high above them. Glass shattering like raindrops and spilling onto the floor and onto his slave. He laughed, cruel and high pitched, dark eyes glinting under the cool moonlight.
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  3. Gabriel cut his hand and smirks and said in Latin a spray and smirks gently as lucifer was banished from earth along with his little snake "yeah learned a lot more then you think" he muses and looks at the slave boy and crawled over one wing was broken and smiles gently and kneeled beside him.

    "Hello young boy please calm down I am going to take you to heaven alright you are dying and I am here to help you. In heaven lucifer can't get you and I will protect you" he whispers as he draws the boys soul out the boy would be a smaller form of maybe a five year old. The boy soul would see a handsome male angel with very pretty golden yellow wings.


    Venom yowled as he was teleported into hell he and lucifer slamming down, lucifer was lucky and landed on the ground but venom was dumped into the lake and yowled angrily aggressive. He slithered to shore and shook it off and yowled angrily"well that didn't go well" grumbled angrily as water fell off his scales and grumbled angrily. He hissed aggressively to demons and they bolted away from the venomous snake. He turned small and curled around lucifer and said mentally Lucifer my friend what should we do? If Gabriel enters a war of the angels and demons very well can turn the balance to heavens side he warned
  4. Ronald gasps as the voice cuts through the pain. It's like gold, charming and sweet, yet holds an undertone of silent authority that he can help, but yield to. His body relaxes and his shoulder slumps against the earth. His breathing slows and a numbness takes hold of his body. It's nothing like the movies, he thinks as he feels the slow pounding of his heart. Suddenly loud admist the pain that captures his body. It's like going to sleep, but quicker. It's feeling your muscles relax and mind wander into foreign places as you drift into unconsciousness. It's the subtle change in breathing that makes smile, the lull of his heartbeat so familiar in his mind makes him want the end. He feels nothing, as his brain shuts down and the energy in his body dissolves into nothing.

    He accepts his fate. All the while smiling as he flies into the unknown


    It's his shriek of rage that sends the demons flying. He's pacing, to and fro, in his throne room. The usual smell of burning flesh sings into his nostrils calming him as he slows down. A smile creeping onto his face as he blinks against the fire that burns around the throne room. Filling the air with a smoke and ash spilling onto the ground.

    "Oh, Venom. We all know Gabriel isn't going to be a threat. Besides I only let him banish me. Give him the false sense of security for his powers and leave him graveling at my feet in the end."
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