A Skype-run DnD Campaign (3.5 ed)

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  1. Ah, so. I've been mulling over this idea for a while and I think I can do it. I need to see who all is interested while making the campaign so I know what sort of shit to throw in. I always accept people who don't know how to play, and I can provide PDFs of all the core 3.5 rulebooks if anyone needs them.

    So this would be how it runs. We get on Skype, we make a massive conference and we play DnD. It'll take a lot of trust, guys, because I won't be able to see your rolls. I could just roll for you but I really don't think there's much fun in that. But we do the campaign like a normal tabletop from the comforts of our homes and we laugh like derps into headsets. Sounds fun, no?

    I have a horror campaign already made, but I understand some people have preferred genres. So if you throw in an interest I'd also like to know your preferred class, alignment and genre to play. If you have anything else you'd like to suggest or throw at me, that's cool too.

    I would suggest someone else make the Skype campaign but I seriously hate being a player. I'm one of those DM-only types so. :l We'll see how this goes.
  2. I'M IN.

    Edit: I play melee-types. I don't have a preference for the setting, or plot. I'd like a game to start at level 2 or 3, just because I hate feeling like a weakass level 1 punk.
  3. I'll have to see what Frost thinks, but I'd be in, potentially.
    If Frost and I play, we'd probably be sharing a computer.
  4. I'll play.
  5. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

    Bard up in this bitch!
  6. I could probably jump in if the game's run on a weekend. Don't have a lot of experience with D&D (played a bit of 3.5, but mostly Pathfinder), but I would be interested.

    Maybe now I'll finally be able to roll out my Half-Orc Luchador Monk...