A Single Wish

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    "You answered my song."

    A smooth, cold voice echos throughout the graveyard during the stormy daylight. Charcoal clouds attach loosely with each other, letting the gentle sunlight escape through. The light illuminates the dewy, plush grass, creating a soft aura of white light.

    "Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. I sang it for you and a few others."

    Resting on top of the tallest, oldest, and algae covered tombstone, is a lanky figure with extremely long limbs. He turns only his head to look at you with crooked smile. Everything about him gives off an unfortunate, tragic feeling as if at any moment you will die of an unknown cause.

    "Did you look around here? Aren't you wondering why I brought you to this graveyard you've never noticed before?" he turns his entire nude body to face you and whips his head back, letting his raven black hair fall loosely on his face. "Of course you are. I can tell by your eyes. Let me tell you, come closer."

    Extending a single finger, he motions you to approach closer. His translucent skin twitches and shivers, displaying the blurry views of his muscles, veins and arteries.

    "I'm here to grant those that heard me one wish. Any wish they want to come true no matter how innocent or evil it is," he says. "This is a once in a lifetime deal. How about it?"

    He waits patiently as his eyes scan the horizon for the others that heard him.​
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    Hannah happened to be browsing around the graveyard when she saw the creature. He was a tall creature noted to be roaming that piece of ground for years. She walked closer to it and asked, "What do you wish for?". Somehow, she felt she could use the creature to her benefit.
  3. Thomas was slowly roaming around the old graveyard. He lived just about a mile up to road from here for about ten years now, but he never seen this graveyard before. For the past three days he's been searching for something, the person that's been signing that old grim song. His search had taking him here. He tried to look at the tombstones that are scattered all over the area, this graveyard seem it can go on forever. And a lot of these names are either unrecognizable because of how weathered the stones are, or they're just unfamiliar looking names.

    At the corner of his eyes he saw something move. He dared himself slowly turned his head over and he saw some tall figure. He instantly felt a sense of dread and fear. What is that figure that stood in front of some young woman, she didn't seem familiar to him at all.

    Just what in the hell is going on here?
    He thought to himself as he slowly forced himself to move towards the figure. He heard the figure mention a wish. What kind of mind game is this?! First this goddamn graveyard that just appeared out of nowhere, and now this figure just standing there offering a wish. This just seems like a really bad dream.
  4. The lanky man smiled at the girl who approached him. He liked her boldness.

    "Is your wish asking me what I wish for?" he asked the girl. "Is it?"

    Walking back, he leaned himself against another tombstone. His abnormally long arms rested quietly against his body, his head tilting just slightly as he stared down the girl with his blank eyes. He had a feeling someone would ask this, but didn't figure so soon.

    "You best hurry. Someone else has arrived," he told the girl.

    His gaze shot towards the young man who entered the area. That same crooked smile appeared on his face, the heart visible through his transparent skin beating rapidly. The more who arrived, the more ecstatic he got. Ohh, how he hoped more would arrive.

    The charcoal clouds shifted, making the sunlight peeking through dance in several directions. The graveyard was washed over with a temporary grim shadow with the only light pointing over the man and the young woman in front.
  5. Hannah looked stunned. After all, wasn't he excited that more people arrived? Hannah felt nervous, but stated her wish anyway. "Creature, I wish for your freedom." She said. As soon as she made the wish, a fierce wind blew from nowhere, causing Hannah's messy hair to fly in front of her face. Somehow she knew her wish was granted.
  6. Thomas froze in fear when he felt a breeze blew by the back of his neck. He couldn't help but to just shiver in fear. She didn't just spoke to the creature that stood in front of her.

    "What are you doing?" Thomas asked the girl nervously as he walked over to the girl cautiously. He didn't want the creature do anything violent to him.
  7. His hair flew back with the sudden wind as the girl made her wish. He nodded to the girl, raising a single hand, his boney fingers sprawled out before closing it into a very tight fist.

    A low rumble echoed throughout the graveyard. The ground rolled ever so softly as if small waves, pushing up the tombstones around them a few inches. His eyes looked over at the girl.

    "I like your assumption as if I'm not free. Do I look like a genie needing to grant three wishes in hopes of someone wishing me free?" he asked the girl. "No, I'm doing this because I can. I'm feeling generous! But, now I have to figure out what to do with your wish."

    Ripping through the root covered soil, a pair of decaying, gray, tight-skinned dead hands wrapped around the girl's ankles, the yellow nails digging into her skin. No matter what she did, the hands would hold on, keeping her in place.

    "You have put me in a tight spot, girl. I have to grant a wish of freeing me though I am already free.." his eyes scanned over to the side to look at the boy beside her. "And you, what is your wish?"
  8. Thomas looked around the graveyard with fear in his eyes. What is this thing? He thought to himself. He wasn't liking this situation, not one bit. He knew he had to do something now. He didn't want to anger the creature, and he couldn't just leave the young woman trapped. He sighed softly before he built some courage. "I wish you to free this woman here." He told the creature. "I don't care if that's my one and only wish, but I don't want anyone to be stuck here with you." He said while he pointed at the creature in front of him.
  9. Hannah felt the undead hands that once held her captive release her from their grasp. She was truly shaken, but happy that someone had wished her free. She glanced at him and asked, "What are you doing here?"
  10. Thomas looked over at the young woman that asked him the question. "I should ask the same to you." He said to her slightly nervous about the creature still in front of them.
  11. Hannah explained her business. She brushed some of her dark hair off of her face. She told him about the creature. "It's mighty dangerous." She said. "Are you new here?" Hannah asked curiously.
  12. Thomas looked over at her for a moment before he looked back at the creature. "Considering that I've been living in the are for the past ten plus years, and I've just discovered this graveyard today. You can say I'm pretty new to this spot."
  13. Hannah felt happy knowing that she wasn't the only one new to this graveyard. "You wanna go out sometime?" She asked as the sky started clearing up. Hannah was relieved that the horror had ended.
  14. Thomas chuckled softly at the woman. "Oh really? We don't even know each other's names yet." He looked over at her. "But my name is Thomas. What's your name?"
  15. "Hannah" she said. She tucked her hair behind her shoulder and asked him if he knew about any creature that had roamed that graveyard in particular.
  16. Thomas chuckle softly at her. "The name is Thomas. A pleasure to meet you." He said as he held out his hand for a handshake. "And I don't know of any graveyard exploring wish making creatures."
  17. Hannah chuckled herself a bit at the joke. She never heard about genies roaming dreary places like graveyards before, but that was an entirely different topic. "We should do some more research about these kind of creatures." Hannah finally replied, "Meet me at the library Wednesday at 5." She said hurrying off.
  18. Chris Brown was walking home after a long day of school. As he turned the corner onto his street, he heard a strange sound coming from behind. He turned around and saw, to his disbelief, a graveyard. "What magic is this?!" Chris shouted.
    Walking into the graveyard, he spotted three figures, one of which had a pair of skeletal hands around her ankle. The second figure, a male, yelled at third figure, who (or what, rather) reminded him somewhat of a character from a certain creepypasta.
    Chris heard the boy say something about a wish, and the girl was freed from her restraints. "Awesome!" Chris said! "A genie!" Chris started running toward the figures, when the tall one disappeared. "Dang it!" Chris yelled. "Only with my luck..."
    He began to walk away, when he overheard the two remaining mention that they were going to the library the next day. "Perfect! I'll meet them there tomorrow and figure out just what the hell is going on."
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