A Settle Charm (Possible Dark Romance)

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I'm looking for someone willing to do a yuri roleplay however with a twist. . . a lolita complex is added. The story won't be anything sexual or mature. It would be a sweet romance story between a lolita character(preferably twelve) and a woman in her early to mid twenties. They each find something in each other that is lacking in their life and helps them grow closer to the point they develop feelings for one another. The most easiest scenario I can think of is that of a student and teacher. Perhaps a home school tutor and her pupil. However I would like it be set in the early 1900's but I am not picky on the time period. Anyways if you're interest feel free to pm me if you want.
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This is Annabel, the lolita I will be playing. I also kind want to give the story a slight gothic flavor.
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Also, Radclyffe Hall's books The Well of Loneliness and her book The Unlit Lamp are a big influence on this proposed story.
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I don't tend to frequent yuris too often, these days...But it looks like you need a fellow RPer to help you out here.

So from what I can tell you want some a late Victorian or Edwardian era setting. Could you give a little more details about the setting, i.e. where you want to take place, important areas, etc.
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Yes I was thinking late Victorian era perhaps even the tail end of the era. The conflicts happening in Europe are slowly escalating towards The Great War. However where this story takes place is the pastoral scenery of the American South. A small town with a close knitted community along with the fading traditions of southern aristocracy and their code of conduct and behavior. So in that respect, the tone would probably take on the voice of a Southern Gothic story. The tutor I thought could be from the North. I'll get around to posting more specific details and back story when I have more time(currently on my phone). Annabel's last name is Lee but no relation to the famous General Robert E Lee. Also feel free to offer any idess of your own too.

On a side note, thank you for replying. :) I really appreciate it even if it is just to have someone to bounce ideas off of.
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Alright, that'd work for me.
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Been wanting to play a dark story lately and thought that a Southern Gothic with Lolita and yuri elements would be an interesting tale to weave. I don't particular have anything else to add. At this rate though, I guess I'll be willing to compromise. Though in the meantime I'll wait ever so patiently. :)
Annabel Lee is a misanthrope and a reclusive child. Plus her name is an allusion to Edgar Allen Poe's poem "Annabel Lee".
Alright. What sort of characteristics from the traditional American Gothics are you going to try to apply to the over all plot? Since most Southern Gothics deal with all the characters being off kilter in some mannerism, "The genre is riddled with many broken bodies, and even more broken souls." So will you also be considering using elements such as macabre, ironic events to examine the values of the American south?

Since you are using Poe as an influence, does that mean you'll also be adding influences from the Magic realism movement? For example, the story explains potential magical elements as real occurrences, presented in a manner that places the "real" and the "fantastic" in the same stream of thought.
I'm still formulating the precise details however I was thinking that the tutor becomes enthralled by the lolita and basically lose who they are since the tutor desperately wishes to please the little girl so Annabel basically manipulates her amd seduces her into doing her bidding. Something alomg those lines. So probably not a sweet love story after all.